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A Story of a Girl and a Horse, Broken Without Each Other

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    06-17-2013, 06:20 PM
Thank You!! It's going to start picking up into the climax pretty soon, sorry it's taken a little bit to get this far. I like to put lots of character development in, though sometimes it's the death of my own stories, because I get bored... lol. I'm liking this one though.

I'm thinking of writing another either right after this one or during it. It's more of a fantasy, involving Pegasi. If I post a prolouge here, could y'all let me know if you think you'd like it? I'll make sure there's a clear seperation if I ask. If it gets good feedback, I'll make a seperate thread for it, of course.
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    06-17-2013, 07:48 PM
Love it waiting for the next chapter!
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    06-17-2013, 07:51 PM
Chapter 15

Posting the next two in a row :)

After a bit of a lecture from my mother, the homework did get done, and school went by pretty smoothly. Me and Jared discussed movies to watch after school, and finally decided on The Breakfast Club and Hidalgo, two of our absolute favorites. After school, I dropped Navy off at the house before heading over to Jared’s barn. We had decided to chill out in the loft above the arena. It was pretty secluded, and few of the parents used it, surprisingly. Mostly just the children of parents, and the lessons that were going on today didn’t involve those families. Just in case, Jared decided to just lock the entrance to the extra area. If anyone asked, it could just be under renovation or something. It was really an awesome view, with a small balcony that actually hung over the arena. We figured it would be fun to watch some lessons, since we both loved it. We ended up killing 3 hours doing just that.

“Today is when the advanced riders take their lessons. I went ahead and told them I didn’t need the arena for our reserved time today, so that’s why there is someone down there now. I like the way they ride, super giving to the horse. Some of the boarders here just suck.” I chuckled a bit as Jared talked a bit more, and we quietly judged the riders, as if we were at a show.

"Speaking of judging,” Jared brought up, “you and Kiro have come a long way in these past weeks, and I think you’re ready for a small event. Me and NG are going to a small local event next week to support the arena. It could use some help. Not too many people should be there, and you’ll be good to go in the 2’6” division and do pretty well on Kiro. What do you say?” I pondered it for a second before asking, “So we would take our four lessons this week and next preparing?” I asked, “Yup! I’ll get you going over the Cross Country course, we will talk about some stamina strategy … you will be more than ready for this. I’d love to bring you along. I’ll trailer you guys there.” It seemed way too good to pass up. I had to take the leap sometime … “Deal! I’d love to go! Pretty sure Trina is busy this week anyway, and she’s not having me teach lessons yet. Sounds perfect!” He was clearly ecstatic to hear this. “Awesome! Yes! I would love to have someone show with me again. Melissa used to, but she bought a new horse and decided to switch to Hunters. She’s in your world now, so I gave up on her,” He chuckled teasingly.

I was really happy to get the opportunity to event, finally. I knew I’d have to make up something to tell Trina, but it wouldn’t be a big deal. Right after I had time to think about that, the callbox rang. “Pizza’s here!” Jared exclaimed. We quickly walked down to eat, and got the movies set up.

At the end of the day, when it was eventually time to go home, I found Jared waking me up. I had ended up falling asleep at the end of Breakfast Club (we watched Hidalgo first), laying my head upon his shoulder. I felt my face turn a shade of red, but he just smiled and hugged me quickly before we hopped up off the couch and got the movies out. We chatted a bit more about the films while Jared put the movies in their cases and stuck them under the TV where they belonged.

He walked me out to the truck, as we said our goodbyes. “I’d love to do this again, Kat, I had an awesome time.” I smiled, “You and me both! We will have the whole weekend to ourselves, you’ll probably be sick of me by then.” He laughed, “never, never! And even before that, I’ll have to come to your house and bother the crap out of you and your relatives this weekend,” I looked to him puzzled, to which he laughed and replied, “You’re kidding? Your birthday, Kat! You are turning 18 this Saturday! How could you forget your jump to adulthood!” I thought about it for a second, then laughed out loud, “Wow! Talk about blonde moments!” I hopped in the truck and buckled my seatbelt, “Yea, Kat, smooth.” He laughed with me for a while before I drove to the end of the drive, pausing to make sure he got back in the barn. “Don’t know what I’d do without you, buddy,” I said to myself as I saw him shut the barn door behind him and I stuck the truck in drive, “No idea.”
    06-17-2013, 07:57 PM
Chapter 16

Saturday was amazing. I sat at the table, covered in a colored cloth and dusted with confetti, a large cake with 18 candles, all lit, sitting along the perimeter of the delicious desert. It was my favorite – Ice cream cake with whipped frosting. My closest friends and family all sang in unison, “Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Krista…” Trina stood on my left with her hand on my shoulder, Jared sitting at the floor bobbing back and forth, making me laugh hysterically, poking my side playfully as he sang. Once the familiar tune was finished, the delicious cake was divided and dispersed. “Ya know Krista,” I heard Trina’s voice call for me, “You are a big kid now. I’m thinking about keeping you at the barn a little longer, get some more hours on that big pony. Make those hours count, and you’ll have a nice present next year,” She winked at me, and flashed a sly smile. It took all I had in me not to scream and jump around like a two year old. I gave a huge smile to my trainer, “Really?? You mean …?!” She simply smiled, pat me on the back, and walked off to converse with others at the party. I was on the edge of fan-girling before Jared came up behind me and gave me the biggest hug ever, picking me up off my feet, “how’s that for some birthday news? Go Kat!” I laughed again at the crazy boy’s tactics, hugging him back tightly after he put me down. “More like the best! Imagine Kiro being all mine! Oh it would be the best, taking him wherever, riding at all times, doing whatever with him, having him be all mine …”

I rambled on about the possibilities for a while longer. The idea was almost too much for me to even bear, it almost exploded inside me with happiness. After the party was over, I was still beaming with joy. My whole family was in a great mood, but Navy had been left very tired. Mom went in to tuck him in as I head to my room, and immediately went to the sketch on my desk. I went straight to improving it, finishing the whole base layer and started the shading. He was really starting to pull together. I just had to finish the shading, details, and background before the drawing would be complete. Before I was finished shading, my mom came in to wish me a good night. “Happy birthday love, I hope it was your best yet,” she said sweetly, kissing the top of my head. I gave her a hug and kissed her forehead gently before turning back to what I was doing. She stayed with me for a moment, resting her hands on the edge of my chair. “Goodness, Kristene. That drawing is beautiful. Did you do it from scratch?” I nodded, “Yep, completely from memory. Have to give it to Kiro, he’s pretty gorgeous. You should come with me to the farm some time and see him for yourself. He’s even more beautiful than Ghost, if you can believe it.” I still loved Ghost dearly, and thought of him as the second most beautiful horse in the barn; but Kiro was incomparable to any horse I’d ever known. He was magical.

She smiled and hummed a gentle laugh, “As soon as you get him to a show, I’ll see him in all his glory. It will be so good to see you riding again, too. Jumping those big obstacles, I’m so glad to hear that you are getting better and stronger again. Trina told me all about it tonight. She’s a very good trainer, she loves you even. I like her very much, you should have told me about her much sooner.” I shook my head so tightly, it was nearly invisible, “I have, mom. You just don’t remember.” I turned to face her, “It’s alright though. I’m glad you guys got to talk.” I smiled warmly, and hugged her once more before she head to bed, wishing me happy birthday once more before she left. I thanked her, then continued to completely finish the shading before calling it quits for the night, heading to bed. Tomorrow I had plans to head back to the barn for the whole day, riding a few horses along with Kiro, and watching a few lessons that Trina taught. She had wanted me to pick up a few of the intermediate lessons when I could, so that she could get a few more hours into her day job. I obliged, as I liked the kids that took lessons. Plus, one of the girls, Ashley, rode Ghost in lessons. It would be so nice to see the big gray in his new element. I fell asleep to the thought of tomorrow with a smile upon my face.


I walked into the barn just as Ashley was tacking up Ghost. Trina met me in front of the crossties after I said hello to the girl, and we spoke a bit. Ashley was only 13, but a great rider. She was jumping now, but every other week did a strict flat lesson, as was required for all riders. It was something Trina was a huge stickler about, and I was glad. She was really a great instructor. “Alright Krista, you’ll be observing this lesson. You are more than welcome to back-seat drive though, if you know what I mean. If you see things that could be improved, say them aloud to me. I might give you tips on how I would tell a student that, or whatever I think of your opinion. Good? So Ashley, you’ll have double the eyes on you. I figured with your assessment coming up, it would be valuable to you.” Ashley smiled and nodded, happy to hear about it.

Assessments were tests on horseback. They were what separated you from beginner, novice, intermediate, intermediate-advanced, and advanced lesson groups. Your first lesson with Trina is an assessment. She will simply give commands – walk, trot, canter, cross the diagonal, jump this line, do this course, etc. Much like a spoken dressage test, but halfway through the lesson you do jumps as well, if you are at that point in your riding. However Trina sees you fit, that’s what group you go in. Ashley was currently an intermediate, so she would likely test up to intermediate-advanced, if she did well. Intermediate riders jumped a max of 2’3”, with good flatwork. Intermediate-advanced jumped a max of 2’9”, with impeccable flatwork. Advanced riders jumped 3’ and up, also with impeccable flatwork. Beginners didn’t jump. Novice riders were over poles and cross-rails.

Ashley’s lesson went extremely well. She was a great rider, and I made few notes. When I did, Trina would tell me how to say that to her, or inform me why she wouldn’t say anything about it – “Correct, Krista, she is rounding her shoulders a bit, but that’s not a typical issue with Ashley. We are really trying hard to keep that leg steady, so I’m willing to overlook that right now if she can just focus on that leg. I won’t ignore it for too long, but for now I don’t want to overwhelm her.” Everything she told me made perfect sense, and I was really enjoying the lesson. Getting to see Ghost ride was certaintly a plus. He moved great for the girl, and looked amazing. He did everything she asked, but if she asked incorrectly, he was sure to inform her and correct her as much as he could. He was the perfect lesson horse. It made me miss riding him, but I could tell he was in good hands. Trina never let beginners ride him, only the intermediates and up. He was just a fantastic horse, and she didn’t want him spoiled. She had horses for the beginners that she had purchased as school ponies, that were broke as dirt, but just didn’t have the potential to be any good in any competition.

After the lesson, I informed Trina that I would be gone over the weekend, and that Kiro was coming with me, if it was alright with her. I told her that I was going to be camping with Jared, that he was picking us up, and that we would both be returned safely. After a bit of hesitation, she obliged. “Fine, Jared seems like a really good guy, and I can tell he will take good care of you, and I know you will take good care of that horse. So that’s fine. Does he have a living quarters trailer?” She asked, with a surprised tone, “Actually, sort of. It belongs to his barn that he boards his horse at, but he is allowed to borrow it for events-” Oh crap. That just slipped. I quickly recovered, and explained, digging myself out of the possible hole- “like camping, camping events. Like this weekend.” She nodded, “I understand that, silly. That’s fine, but that’s crazy … bet that barn is something special, huh?” I nodded, and proceeded to tell her about it, careful not to tell too much about the courses. “Well that’s awesome! Got yourself a pretty good, ahem, ‘friend’ don’t you?” She nudged me, winking and laughing to herself. I rolled my eyes, “Yes! A good friend I have!” I laughed and proceeded to get Kiro out for our ride today, trying to keep Trina’s comments out of my mind.
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    06-18-2013, 08:20 AM
Green Broke
Originally Posted by xJumperx    
Thank You!! It's going to start picking up into the climax pretty soon, sorry it's taken a little bit to get this far. I like to put lots of character development in, though sometimes it's the death of my own stories, because I get bored... lol. I'm liking this one though.

I'm thinking of writing another either right after this one or during it. It's more of a fantasy, involving Pegasi. If I post a prolouge here, could y'all let me know if you think you'd like it? I'll make sure there's a clear seperation if I ask. If it gets good feedback, I'll make a seperate thread for it, of course.

I would be glad to read over it and give a like or dislike. You have a great story telling ability that draws the reader in. I'm glad you are doing this for us.
    06-18-2013, 05:10 PM
Originally Posted by Roadyy    
I would be glad to read over it and give a like or dislike. You have a great story telling ability that draws the reader in. I'm glad you are doing this for us.
No, thank you! I'm so happy to have feedback, I really love it :) Thank you for the lovely compliments, you have no idea how much I love them! I'll post the prolouge of the other story right here, in italics -


Ending the Beginning (Prolouge title, not the name of the story.)

"Get in the air and fly to the northern most peak of the Calamine Mountains! There willbe less ash there, we can ready for battle before they overtake the rest of our lands!" Raiz slammed his powerful hooves into the loose ash-covered ground before spreading his blaze red wings and taking flight. His coal black body was all but swallowed by the shadow of dust that hung in the air like a nasty plague.

The rest of the Auras joined him, a frenzy of colored horses sprouting their wings from their backs as quickly as one could bat an eye. You could hear the whistling of balled flame as it flew toward the winged horses, and it took everything you had in you not to cringe when you heard the blazing balls slam into contact with an Aura, bringing the beautiful animal to the ground in defeat.

Dancing through the air, multicolored and speeding, humans would normally see them as the Northern Lights, watching in awe as the horses would play in the stars. But this was no dance, and even the humans didn't care to look to the skies. This was war, and for once, the Voltans that lived beneath the exploding mountains were getting the upperhand.

"Mirage! Mirage! Come to the front! We are losing many, you cannot be one of them!" The ice blue stallion heard the leader's commands clearly as possible in the choking smoke, and flew reluctantly in front of the others. "My deputy," said the black and red Aura more quietly, "I fear we may not battle this time. Fleeing this will be more than enough," Raiz scoffed, "starting and continuing this very species, that will be enough."

The grave tone of the leader's voice brought the understanding of fear even closer to Mirage. But it was nothing compared to the sight of the firey red ball, aligned straight for the two Auras.

It was that fear, that moment, that would be eternally unmatched.

    06-18-2013, 06:24 PM
Green Broke
It's not exactly my kind of fiction, but it looks like it will be an interesting read.

The rest of the Auras joined him, a frenzy of colored horses sprouting their wings from their backs as quickly as one could bat an eye. You could hear the whistling of balled flame as it flew toward the winged horses, and it took everything you had in you not to cringe when you heard the blazing balls slam into contact with an Aura, bringing the beautiful animal to the ground in defeat.

Maybe change the bold part to something like this..remember I am no writer and took me awhile to think this up..lol

You could hear the whistling of balled flames as it flew toward them, taking everything you had not to cringe from the sound of them slamming into contact with an Aura. Seeing the beautiful animals spiraling descent of defeat to the ground below kept the eyes looking up.

I have come to expect better writing from you so hope you accept my critique with honesty
    06-18-2013, 07:57 PM
No, thank you *very* much for honest critique! There were a few spots, one of which you mentioned, which I really didn't like how they were written, but I couldn't think of anything else. That helps a bunch, thank you!! I might continue it, I'm pretty emersed in this story at the moment. Much like you, I don't typically get into fantasy type reads, but after planning out the plot of that story, I like how it could go. Can't thank you enough for your input!! Chapter 17 is below vv
    06-18-2013, 07:59 PM
Chapter 17

The four days I was with Jared, he taught me quite a bit about the actual events. He took me to the XC course on Tuesday, and we worked on stadium on Thursday. He said the Dressage I could do easily on my own, at home. We worked on courses mainly on Thursday, making up the hardest courses we could think of. Kiro had gotten increasingly more fit, and was able to handle everything pretty easily. In fact, he was starting to look almost as buffed up as NG, which I was proud of. I had gotten lots of praise on my horse from Jared, which I was of course very happy about. After the two days of work during the week, it was obvious that we were ready to take our skills to the judges.

The trailer Jared pulled up in was beautiful. It was quite sizable, and though I had pulled trailers that size, they had never been this fancy. It was a 4 Star trailer, one of the best in the business. He allowed me to glance around the living quarter after loading Kiro. The whole thing was beautiful. I was happy to put Kiro in the area next to NG, as the trailer itself was beautifully padded, with some very nice hay in the manger. “You didn’t have to do that, I could have put in my own hay,” I noted to Jared. He said it was no problem, that he was happy to give Kiro some nice quality hay to keep him happy all weekend. I thanked him very, very graciously. The living quarter was splendid. Television, surround sound system, kitchenette, bathroom with shower … I really wanted to spend my time in it.

After tearing myself away and saying goodbye to Trina, I was awed at the truck itself as well. It was a huge dually, super nice. I had seen the truck before, though – Jared owned this truck. I was always super jealous, and I told him that. “You can use it anytime Kat, I don’t care.” He laughed at my expression, “You are the best freaking friend I’ve ever had in my life! I’d bear-hug you if you weren’t driving!” We laughed, and continued the drive. It was a few hours north, and I spent a bit of the time sleeping, playing on my phone, talking to Jared, various things to keep my mind busy. It was Friday – we would get to the event, get set up and the horses comfy, and show in the morning. Dressage and Cross would be tomorrow, Stadium on Sunday. We would drive back after Stadium. I was very excited. I had recently purchased the items specific to eventing (safety vest, arm card, plus boots and such for Kiro, etc.) and was more than ready to use them. Not to mention the fun of showing again! With my best friend none the less!

We got to the grounds at about 12:00 PM, we had left at 9:00 AM. Jared ended up waking me up again, and I proceeded to help him unload the horses and the tack. I was in charge of getting the horses out of the trailer, and into their designated stalls. After making a run to the barn office to get our stall numbers, I got Kiro and Northgate settled. We had nice spots, along the corner. We had gotten three stalls – two for the horses, one for the tack. After the horses were in their stalls, I ran back to the trailer to get their shavings and hay before taking off their shipping gear. Once the horses were 100% cared for, I helped Jared unload the tack into the tack stall. There wasn’t too much stuff, since it was just me and him, but it was enough to be a job. I offered to finish organizing while he went off and hooked the trailer up.

By the time he was back, I was finished and sitting outside the stalls on some of the chairs we had brought along. “Dang, Kat, I need to bring you all the time! Fans are hooked up and running, chairs are set out, tack is organized better than I could ever dream of … I think I’ll keep you around!” I laughed, pleased at his reaction to the work I’d done, “Oh really?” I began, with a teasingly sarcastic tone, “You will? Oh thank you, kind sir! You are ever so sweet for embracing my presence! However will I repay you?” Jared picked up the tone and decided to play along, “Hmm, I suppose there is one thing…” He said, stroking his chin and standing tall, “You could offer me a ride on your fantastic steed!” My face turned instantly from playful to very serious. Under normal circumstances, I would have no problems with Jared riding my horse. He was an excellent rider, and I knew he would never do any harm to any horse. The issue was if Kiro would do harm to him. “You know Jared, I told you about Kiro’s track record … I mean, I’m the only one he’s let on his back for more than two seconds so far. I don’t want him to hurt you…” I was bashful, I hated turning Jared down, I didn’t want to hurt his feelings in any way, make him think I thought he was incapable. He simply smiled, per normal, “Such a shame, I would love to take a spin on him. He’s fantastic. What if I promised you I would get off as soon as I felt something, as soon as you said the word?” I still wasn’t fond of the idea. What if neither of us saw him flip? But I could tell he really wanted to ride him, and Kiro had been okay with Jared in the past … “Fine, but there is one condition!”

We walked into the smaller practice arena with our mounts in-hand, fully tacked in their respective gear. Jared called back to me as he unlatched the gate, “It’s a good thing we are the same saddle size, because these two have majorly different builds! No way my saddle would fit on this guy! I really like him though, he’s built just about perfectly for Stadium.” I simply laughed and nodded, watching Kiro closely for any sign of disapproval. He let Jared lead him almost as calmly as he let me, which I was very happy about. Kiro did continuously look backwards to make sure I was there, but it wasn’t as bad as it could have been, that’s for sure. He looked back to me now, watching me as I held Northgate. The big bay was just about the same size as Kiro, but didn’t have the same power as I felt in my big black. Maybe it was the coat, maybe it was what I saw in Kiro… who knows?

I wanted to get on Northgate first, so that if Kiro took off with Jared, I could grab him. I was hoping for the best, expecting an average amount, but prepared for the worst. It’s how I had always been taught to look at just about everything, and it had gotten me along pretty well. I mounted NG, and immediately noticed two things – one, how much thicker Northgate was than Kiro, and two, how comfy Jared’s saddle was. I cued NG to a walk, and he listened immediately. His stride was pretty normal, not powerful and eating as Kiro’s. I’m sure if I asked more of him, he’d provide. I would test it out later, but for now I paced easily to grab Kiro’s reins to keep him steady as Jared mounted. After he was on, he had to remind me, “Now Kat, I do know how to ride. You can let go now,” He smiled jokingly as he said it, not being mean about the statement at all. I finally did let go, though very reluctantly. He asked my horse to walk off, cuing perfectly; and Kiro listened, without a hitch. He strode on, pulling his hindquarters forward, working beautifully. I had to just sit and watch for a moment, enjoying watching him move. So that’s what it looks like when I ride him! I was so happy to finally get to see. It was beautiful, and I was very pleasantly surprised at Kiro’s behavior.

I watched for a moment more before asking NG to move to the rail. After some pace work at the walk (he was very adjustable, it was obvious how experienced he was), I asked for a working trot. He was less enthusiastic than my Kiro was, just like before, and I had to really push to get the same sort of feel Kiro gave me as I rode. Even then, there wasn’t as much connection. I could tell why Jared loved him so much, though – I don’t know how much more you could train a horse. I was almost convinced into stripping his tack and riding him bare, just to see how amazing he really was. I was honored to get to ride him. His canter was the same way – flawless. His stride was huge when cantering, though it was clear he had to be taught to make the stretch. I wondered what Jared thought of Kiro, and eventually I was forced to pull NG to a walk so I could watch them.

What I saw was really breathtaking. They worked in synergy, dancing through the arena like a fine tuned machine. Kiro was just amazing. He stretched into a large stride in everything he did, using every muscle in his body to its full extent. His muscles riveted as the sunlight sparkled upon his coat, highlighting each and every little move he made. The whole thing was beautiful, like watching a god spin and twirl right in front of your eyes. Jared asked him of everything perfectly, and Kiro provided. I was jealous at first, hoping I got the same response out of him as he was giving Jared. I was forced to snap out of my daydream by Jared’s voice, “Can I take him over that jump?” There was a jump set up along the side of the arena, standing at around 2’6”. I nodded enthusiastically, “please do!” I really wanted to see him jump. At this point, I was just standing in the middle of the arena on Jared’s horse, watching. “Sweet, thank you! Feel free to do the same!” I nodded, but stood a bit longer so that I could see Kiro. They came up on the jump with great pace, quick but controlled, and before I knew it they were flying. Kiro had perfect form. He bent his neck over the jump just a tiny bit, squared his knees perfectly, and took Jared’s automatic release in perfect stride. I could have just stood there all day, watching the two fly. But eventually, I got the curiosity at what Northgate could do. I pushed him into a canter, which he took immediately. Coming to the jump, I could sense that he wanted more rein, and I gave it to him. He seemed to be correct, as it appeared the stretch would fit perfectly. I used the same release as Jared did, and we were airborne. It was so quick, just a hop over the jump, before we had landed again. It was kind of lackluster, to be honest. I could tell that’s what he was trained to do though – get the course over with, in short time. I brought him to a walk again, to let him cool. The horse was very nice, but not quite Kiro. Soon enough, Jared did the same and we switched.

“I like him a lot, Kat! He’s really, really fantastic. The only thing is that … he kind of does everything how he wants it. You try to tell him what to do, and he won’t have it. At least, that’s how he was for me. I couldn’t get him to adjust his pace at all. I know he has it in him though, because he did it for you flawlessly every time we practiced!” We both mounted, me after hugging my boy. Jared looked at us with this look of … content? On his face. I couldn’t quite place it… “What is it?” I asked, to which he just shook his head, “He’s your horse alright. He loves you, you love him. You’re perfect for each other.” He directed his gaze from the horse, to me, “You are both fantastic.” That got a pretty sheepish smile out of me, “You are too; both of you, marvelous.” We stood there for a second, before finally turning to work with our horses.

We schooled each other for a little while longer, commenting and directing based on what we saw. Eventually, we decided to call it quits and let the horses rest. We got back to the barn and tied in our stalls, chatting while we got the horses all taken care of. “So,” I began, “tomorrow is Dressage and Cross. How much time do we have after Dressage? I’d like to get him as rested as possible.” I pulled off Kiro’s tack and made my way to the tack stall while getting Jared’s response, “Pretty good amount of time, maybe an hour or so. But you don’t want to just put him in his stall. I would take his saddle off if he gets too hot, but to be honest, you need to keep him walking.”
“Because you don’t want him getting completely cool before Cross Country. You need to have his muscles as loose and stretched as possible for the event. It’s by far the hardest one.”
“So he can’t go in his stall at all?”
“No, he can, just not for long. You can let him get a drink, let him eat a few bites of hay, but you need to start warming up about a half hour before you go in; nothing tiring, just walking and some trotting. No cantering, it’s too tasking.”
I nodded to myself, as it all made sense, “Okay. Thank you! Are you going in before or after me?”

He came into the tack stall now, finally finished with NG, “After. I’ll be right there at the start gate when you take off, and at the end when you finish. You’ll do great, you’re more than ready.” I took a deep breath, the show jitters starting to settle. “If you say so.” We checked up on the horses once more before deciding to go out for something to eat. We grabbed some burgers at a fast food joint, talking show talk as we sat in the truck and ate. I didn’t realize how much I had missed showing. The schooling, the commotion, the nervous butterflies, hanging with show buddies … The only thing missing was Trina. I hoped she would eventually come to my events … but of course that meant that I would have to tell her what was going on. I quickly decided to spend a few more events in the dark before telling her. It was for the best, right?

We ended the day chilling out on the couch in the LQ trailer, watching a movie. The TV did have satellite, but there was no luck in finding a signal. We settled on watching another horse movie, one I hadn’t heard of. It was pretty good, about a girl showing in Hunters, so I could relate to it. Once it was over, Jared explained the sleeping situation. “So, there’s only one bed in the gooseneck part, it’s a queen. This couch is a pullout though, so you head up there and I’ll get this out.” I nodded, and sat on the edge of the bed, waiting for him to pull out the couch. Once he had set up the sheets and the pillow, I started to get down. “Woah, what are you doing?” He asked, puzzled. I returned the expression, “Going to bed? I thought I was sleeping there?” Jared laughed, shaking his head, “No! You’re taking the mattress, I’m sleeping here.” He started to climb into the make-shift bed, but I protested, “No way! You own this whole thing, you brought me, you are showing in bigger classes than I am, you sleep up here!” Jared shook his head quickly, and jumped into the bed before I could, “But I’m already so comfy here! I don’t want to get up again!” He said, laughing the whole time, obviously amused by his little trick. I just shook my head, “You’re impossible! You will sleep in the mattress tomorrow!” I demanded, but all I got in response was a very fake snore. I rolled my eyes, and turned in for the night, eagerly awaiting tomorrow morning.
Roadyy likes this.
    06-19-2013, 12:45 PM
Green Broke
That is a great chapter. I kept waiting for Kiro to dump him then was not sure how to feel when he didn't. After Jared's comment about Kiro wanting his way it worked out because Jared didn't force Kiro and Kiro has matured enough to recognize it.

Great read and keep up the good work.

I'm glad you are able to see what I was meaning in the Aura story. I could read it with content, but would be just like Kat on NG. Not the same satisfaction for me.

horse story, hunters, jumpers, novels, writing

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