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A Story of a Girl and a Horse, Broken Without Each Other

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    07-06-2013, 10:22 AM
Wow, this is nice, subbed! Can't wait to read more!
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    07-10-2013, 06:24 PM
Green Broke
Now just because I was on stacation last week didn't mean you weren't suppose to update this....

Time for a some new chapters.
    07-19-2013, 11:53 PM
Love it
    07-23-2013, 10:15 PM
I know, I know, I'm sorry!! V.v Been so ridiculously busy, I PROMISE I'm getting more up!! Right now, I'm writing right now!!
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    07-23-2013, 10:56 PM
Chapter 22

The drive home wasn’t long enough. It was early in the morning, and I spent the first hour or so sleeping, but the rest of the way was pure fun. Jared and I had an amazing connection, never tiring of each other. We cracked each other up, talked some strategy for the upcoming shows … I won’t deny that I was a bit disappointed when the truck and trailer came to a halt outside of Trina’s barn. “Hey, Jared, thanks so much for bringing me. I can’t wait to do it again. Kiro says thank you too!” I jumped out of the truck, and started to unload Kiro myself. Suddenly, Jared appeared around the side of the trailer. “You didn’t have to get out!” I apologized, but he shook his head, “No, I want to! I love your little barn. Besides, you owe me a visit!” He grinned teasingly and nudged my shoulder. “Uh huh, I suppose. You could carry something though, Your Highness,” I joked. We managed to get everything in the barn and tucked away before Trina stumbled down the stairs to meet us.
“Welcome back, kids!” She exclaimed enthusiastically, giving each of us a big hug. “I’ve missed you, Krista! I forgot how much riding you do for me; I’ve been exhausted! But anyway, how was the camping trip?” Jared looked puzzled, and it dawned on me that he didn’t know that Trina was in the dark on this. I quickly smacked his hand discreetly before he could get a word in, “Awesome! You have to come with us sometime, It’s simply beautiful. You can see the whole world from the hilltops,” my voice was a bit shaky, but Trina seemed to believe every word. “Sounds amazing,” she followed, “But there would be nobody to run the barn. Maybe if I get another hand,” I noticed then that Trina was looking tired.
She was slouched over just a tad, eyes a little droopy. She clearly had been working her butt off, and it made me feel terrible. I had really left her without any help. It was awful to think about, and I instantly apologized, “Oh Kristene,” she retorted, “you don’t need to worry about me. I ran this barn by myself for years before you were here, I can handle three days of alone time. It’s really okay.” I nodded, but still felt bad, “Well, I’m going to see Jared out, then I’ll get all the horses taken care of for you. Please go back to bed, Trina. Please?” It was a hard case to sell – it was already 9:00AM, but I could tell she needed it; and I think she realized it too. “Alright. Do a good job, I’ll see you tomorrow,” she smiled to Jared, “good to see you!” They shook hands, and Trina found her way back upstairs. I turned back out the barn with Jared, ready for an ear-full.
“Krista, why in god’s name doesn’t she know about you eventing?!” I could tell he wasn’t particularly happy about the fact, “I tried to bring it up, Jared. She won’t have it. I tried to convince her, I did; but there was no way. And I want to event! I know I can handle everything with your help, she’s worried for no reason.” I glanced at him, and found him giving me a hard look. We were at the truck now, and I leaned on the hood as he did. “Kat, I don’t like it. If something happens to you … I mean, god forbid, I’d never forgive myself; but what in the world would you tell her?” He did bring up a good point, but I disregarded it. “Don’t worry Jared, it’s going to be fine. You worry more than she does!” I offered a hug, which he took, before he got in the truck. “Alright, Kat, if you say so. I don’t like it though!” I simply rolled my eyes, “I’ll see you Tuesday, Jared!”
I head back into the barn to get all the chores done. After everybody was all taken care of, I decided to go ahead and head home. I’m sure Navy and Mom were ready to have some help back. Hoping back in my truck, I noticed that I missed the fancy-ness of Jared’s. “Oh well,” I commented to myself, “maybe someday!” I backed out of the driveway, and head home.
When I got there, Navy was absolutely ecstatic. “OH MY GOSH SISSY IS HOME SISSY IS HOME!!” My leg was bulldozed by my little brother, with a grip so tight I could barely peel him off to pick him up, “How you been, little man? Where’s your momma?” He grinned so wide, showing his few missing teeth, “I been missing you, sissy! Holly been keeping me company, but I like you the best!” He hugged my neck, which was sweet, but I was startled by the name. Holly? That was one of Mom’s friends. Why was she keeping my brother company … Suddenly, she turned the corner. “Hello Kristene, It’s good to have you back!” She shook my hand with one hand, and I noticed she had been pulling a small suitcase behind her. “Uh, Holly, it’s good to see you and all, but what … where’s my mom?” Her face went surprised, and she instantly dug into her purse, “Almost forgot! You are to read this, it’s from your mother. Alright, dear, you seem to be all set. I’ve got other obligations, please call if you need anything!” She went out the door before I could ask any questions, and I was left there, holding Navy in one hand, and a folded piece of paper in the other. “Watch out, little buddy, let sissy read the note,” I explained, gently placing him on the ground. “Go play for a second, then we’ll take a drive to somewhere fun, have some brother-sissy time. Okay?” He grinned wide, nodded faster than I thought possible, and took off. I took my spot on the couch to read the letter –

My dear, I do miss you, and I know I will after I leave; but I really think that this is the best option for all three of us. I will be back around May, so you will not need to worry about the summer. Maybe we will take a trip somewhere, or just otherwise take a break. But for now, I know you can handle yourself and your brother just fine. You simply don’t need me right now, and I think I need a little something else. I will be off with some friends of mine for a while, and I won’t always have cell-phone service. When I do, I will be sure to call. Do not think that I am doing this because I do not love you, for that is entirely incorrect. In fact, it’s the opposite of the reason I’m doing this. You two need some time to yourselves, and I respect that.
As previously mentioned, I will call with more details later. I love you. Tell Navy the same.

I threw the note to the ground, appalled by my mother’s stupid actions. “That … that … that bitch!” I wasn’t one for swearing, really. I saw no place for it in society – until now. I could hear Navy gasp from the other room, “Sissy!! Momma would wash your mouth with soup if she heard that!” I snickered, and called him into the room. He should know, and I doubt Holly told him anything. “Hey, little buddy, listen,” I placed him on my lap. “We are still going to play, but we need to chat first. Okay?” He nodded, I continued. “Momma is on vacation for a little while. She will be back in the summer. Until then, it’s going to be you and me for a while, okay?” I tried to put it lightly, but Navy seemed to already know this – “Yea! Momma told me all of that before she left! She said you’d be home soon, and we would have all kinds of fun together! I’m excited, sissy!” I was a bit taken aback, thinking he’d miss his mom more. It was possible it hadn’t set in, though, and I knew that. “Can we go to play place now?” He asked. I nodded, and he jumped up. We got in the truck, and drove off with me having my mind full of everything.
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    07-24-2013, 04:01 PM
Green Broke
Well, this is getting interesting now. I like the way you tie real, everyday life into the story, rather than just making it about time around a horse lifestyle.

Great read again!!!!
    07-24-2013, 06:37 PM
Really good, waiting for more!
Posted via Mobile Device
    07-25-2013, 10:01 PM
Thank you all! The climax will rise somewhat shortly, probably going to be two or three more chapters before that. I'm excited to get to it though, I want to write all about it right now :p More coming tonight!
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    07-26-2013, 06:11 PM
Chapter 23

[[ Ahem ... more today ]]
[[ LOL, proofreading the previous chapter, I saw this - "..wash your mouth with soup if she..." With soup? Seriously Jumper? Wow ]]

After me and Navy’s fun day, he was dead tired. I put him to bed early, which gave me some time to think about what was going on. I sat at my desk for a moment, just pondering. I would have to take him to the barn with me every day; we couldn’t afford to put him in daycare for any longer than necessary, which would be on the days I went to Jared’s, and to events. Thankfully, mother was intelligent enough to leave a good sum of money. I huffed, “probably the only intelligent thing about this.” I would have to do all of the grocery shopping, cook, clean, all after school and work. I stuffed my face into my hands, confused and almost ready to break down in tears. I sighed, and glanced over the desk. I found my nearly completed drawing of Kiro, and decided it would be the perfect de-stress to go ahead and finish him.

Some two hours later, he was complete. The shading, the detailing … it was probably the best drawing I had managed to dish out. His eyes seemed real, his coat a perfect shade. It made me think of how amazing he was, how far he had come in such a short amount of time. I grinned, and instantly started searching my drawers for a frame to put the piece in. I was lucky enough to find one that was the perfect size, and was even black to compliment Kiro. I hung the drawing on the wall in front of my desk, admiring it. I wasn’t one to be self-centered or overly confident, but that drawing looked darn good. I smiled a content grin, and got ready for bed. It had been a long day, and I was ready to sleep it off and start tomorrow with a blank slate.


I dropped Navy off at school as part of my normal routine, and made my way to my own. The day went by a bit slowly, but I was somewhat thankful. Jared got to hear all of my issues about my mother, and you could tell he was almost as displeased as I was. “If you ever need anything, anything at all, you know my door is always open,” he tried to reassure me. I smiled, hugged and thanked him. It was so nice to have such a great friend. “So, are you still going to come by and train with me?” I nodded quickly, “Oh yea! I figure I’ll drop Navy off at daycare on those days, because it would be a long while for him to sit in barns and hang out. I’m just hoping Trina will be okay with him coming every other day, because I have no idea how we will manage putting him in daycare all the time. She seemed to like him quite a bit when I had to bring him last time, so fingers crossed!” I really hadn’t thought about asking Trina about the situation until now. Oops. Navy was a good kid, though, and Trina wouldn’t have to babysit him. I was actually surprised when she wanted to last time, but I would still reassure her that it wasn’t necessary. Jared smiled, “Good! He’s welcome any time if it’s necessary, I like the little man, he’s a good sport. Will he be okay for the next event though? Surely that daycare isn’t overnight?”

Suddenly, all of the blood drained from my face. Oh crap. Jared was right. I’d have to find something to do with him, because he definitely couldn’t come; sleeping quarters are tight as it is, and I could just see him getting into everything at a show. No, that wasn’t a possibility. “I’ll have to see if one of mom’s old co-workers can take him. Holly stayed with him while I was at this one, I’m sure she can keep him again. She’s kind of ditsy, but she’s sweet and will take care of him.” Jared nodded, “Perfect. Man, this whole thing sucks, Kat. I’m sorry,” he frowned; you could see the sympathy all over his face. I gave a wayward smile, “Don’t be, it’s not your fault. It does suck, but I guess there’s not much I can do about it…”

After school, (aka “time to worry about all the possible problems that may arise”) I went to pick up Navy and find some salvation at the barn. I had called Trina the night before and told her all about my predicament, and she was 100% okay with it. She did say that she might not be able to watch him 24/7, and I assured her I didn’t want that, nor did Navy need it. After explaining to Navy again how to behave, I dropped him in the lounge with Trina (she insisted yet again) and went and got Kiro. He was up for a good ride, but I wasn’t really down for some hardcore work. Instead, I decided to ride around in the pastures. On my way out, Trina called for me, “Hey, while you’re out there, check all the fences for me! Then come back and exercise Remmy for me – he threw Asha today, he’s starting to learn he can get his head up. I might ask you to ride him more often.” I nodded, wincing at the fact; Remmy was a tall Arabian cross, at 17 hands. He was usually a very good boy, and had lots to teach riders, but he did learn a few nasty habits. Asha was a tiny little girl, a good rider but not very strong. A fall from Remmy was definitely a fall, and I felt bad for the girl. “Alright, I’ll make sure to set him straight when I get back! I’ll let you know if I find anything out here.”

I really wished I could have the trails that Green Lantern had, but for now the fields would have to do. I decided to trek through the field where the pasture boarded horses lived, pay a visit to them. They were all very nice horses, varying in discipline and job purpose. Some were simple pets, others show horses. I pat the few that came up to me, and Kiro didn’t seem to mind any. I praised him for his kindness, and we continued along.

After checking every field, I had only found one board down and nothing loose or cracked. Trina was pleased to hear this, and after I told her exactly where the dropped board was, I proceeded to untack Kiro and get Remmy out. Remmy was a very pretty boy. Exquisite head and a beautiful chestnut color. A stripe complimented his dished face, ending with a large snip that just barely grazed the insides of his nostrils. Though his head and neck screamed Arab, that’s pretty much where it stopped. His hindquarters and legs were much closer to the part Thoroughbred he was. We didn’t know why someone crossed the two, as Remmy was another that came from Vince, the horse trader we had gotten Kiro from, and he had just gotten him from a hobby farm that couldn’t sell him. He didn’t look super fancy, and didn’t have the movement or form to be a good hunter. He was a good boy, though, and became a great addition to the lesson horse team. He did have the Arab attitude though, and taught riders how to ride every stride.

He also gave me a run for my money, reminding me not every horse was as easy as Kiro was for me to ride. He insisted on having his nose in the air, and it took the full hour I was on him to get him back to working on the bit, head where it should be. He was also pushing from his hind again, not flat and hollow like he had gotten. I knew it wouldn’t be a one-time fix, so I did offer to go ahead and start riding him daily for the next few weeks, to get him situated. Trina was pleased, and noted to her left. I turned to see Navy in the next stall over … with a pitchfork! It was a miniature one, used for traveling in the trailer and such, but it was the perfect size for the 8 year old. He was beaming, clearing all the poo and urine from the stall. He looked at me and lit up yet again, “Look! I asked Ms. Trina if I could help, and she said I could! She said I do a good job too! I’ve already done two stalls!” I went wide eyed, and looked back at Trina. She giggled a bit, and then replied, “He wanted to, and it was a job! He is doing a great job, conserving shavings and everything. He’s a good kid!” I smiled, “good on you for putting him to work!” I turned to Navy and beamed at him as well, “and good on you for doing it, little man! I’m super proud of you!” He seemed to grow ten feet at the praise, and I went to put Remmy in crossties. Trina also noted, “no worries, I won’t work him any more than he wants to,” I laughed, “no, please do! He could use it, and he seems to enjoy it, so go for it!”

After everyone was put up and had hay and water, I helped the other two muck stalls and do all the finishing chores. Navy turned out to be a real help, and I made sure to tell him this. He definitely slept better that night, and I was happy about it. Maybe we would be alright on our own for a while … as long as nothing happens …
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    07-27-2013, 08:03 AM
Green Broke
More enjoyment. Keep up the great work.

I kinda liked the soup part as it seemed an appropriate mistake by an 8 year old trying to copy a punishment phrase. It added a smirked smile as I read it to be honest. I knew it was an unintentional misspelling of soap, but thought it was cute for an 8 year old too. Lol

It had my mind think more of Navy's thinking of how bad soap would taste and as an 8 year old he imagined it to be soup so it wasn't so bad. Adds more to his character by associating with his ability to think. Connecting with characters makes a great read, especially when you can find yourself pondering their thought process.

Hope you can find a way to incorporate that ability into your writing. I think those little things make reading more enjoyable for me.
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