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A Story of a Girl and a Horse, Broken Without Each Other

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        08-01-2013, 12:14 AM
    Chapter 24

    Thankfully, the weeks flew by between then and when our next event was. Next thing I knew, I was helping Jared pack the trailer on Thursday. Navy had tagged along with me this time, wanting to help before sissy had to leave for another three days. It was agreed that he would stay at Holly’s house for the weekend. She had a little girl of her own, who was only a year older than Navy. They had played together before and got along very well, so I was comfortable leaving him there with Holly and Stacey. He came up behind me now, with his arms wrapped around two green buckets with hay bags folded and tucked inside of them. He looked to me and my friend and smiled, “is this the last of it?” I patted the top of his head and grinned back to him, “yup, you got it all finished up for us!” He swiftly turned to Jared with pleading eyes, “can we play basketball now? Please oh please!” Jared laughed before responding, “If you think you’re up to it! Come on little man, you know where the court is!” Navy took off full speed, leaving me and Jared laughing behind him. “Oh, I love him. Best little brother I could ask for.” Jared agreed, and we began walking after him.

    After the boys shot some hoops, we all head up to the lounge to cool down. With Navy glued to a movie, we discussed the weekend’s events, “Now this show is a lot bigger than the one we went to – a lot bigger,” Jared started, “This is one where me and NG will really have to fight to get where we want to be, and though Kiro is certaintly something else, don’t think it will be a walk in the park like last time was. I do have faith in you guys, but this is some stiff competition. That said, I want to get there really early tomorrow. That way we can walk the grounds and warm up before everyone else does, and we can have an easy show day. Each day has its own event, and Dressage is Friday, so we shouldn’t have many problems. Stadium is Saturday, and since we are in the higher divisions, we will probably be showing till late; might have to take turns driving. Are you okay with that?” I nodded my head. The truck and trailer were quite sizable, but I had towed Trina’s biggest gooseneck before with no issues. Of course, I was always very cautious on the roads anyway, so I figured we would be just fine.

    “Perfect,” came his quick reply, “then we set out tomorrow at three. I’m glad you brought Kiro down today; it will be nice for everyone to just spend the night. We drop Navy off at his babysitter’s, and we will be on our way. You ready, Kat?” I gave a slightly nervous smile, “I was born ready! I’m super excited to get to be a part of a bigger event – I love me some competition,” Jared grinned, happy to know I loved the sport as much as he did. “Excellent!! Well, it’s getting late, we should all hit the hay. There is a guest apartment above the arena that I’ve rented. You and Navy take the bed, I’m on the couch; and no, you cannot protest. I demand it. One word of opposition and I will make all three of us sleep in stalls,” he jeered teasingly. Obliging, I made the motion of zipping my mouth shut, and Jared led us to the space in question. Before we said our final goodnights, Jared needed one more piece of information, “Oh, so what lie did you tell Trina to get her off of your back?” My face went a shade of pink. I hated knowing I had lied to my trainer, and it was obvious Jared wasn’t fond of it either, “same thing as last time. Camping. Don’t worry, I’m thinking if we do well at this event, I’m going to tell her when we get home. She will want to know if we start doing big stuff. Don’t worry, I’ve got everything under control.” He gave a wayward nod, “Yea, yea, if you say so. Goodnight Kat. Sleep well!” I wished him the same and we went to pass out in our respective areas. “Everything under control,” I muttered to myself, “yea Krista, you keep telling yourself that …”


    The next morning did come very quickly. Navy was a bit of a trouble to awake and get moving, but after that it was pretty much smooth sailing. Everybody loaded easily, Navy went to Holly’s, and me and Jared were on our way. Jared did ask if I wanted to take the truck for a test drive while he slept a bit more, something I would have to do on the way back. I quickly agreed, wanting to help as much as possible.

    The vehicles were surprisingly easy to handle. Everything was definitely high dollar, so the trailer pulled flawlessly. The length wasn’t too much of a problem, and I got used to it easily. I had really been hyping myself up for nothing. In fact, I was enjoying myself so much, I didn’t bother to switch back. The next time I woke Jared up was when we were parked, and getting ready to unload the horses and drop the trailer. He was pleased, but also a bit guilty, “I could have driven more. I just thought you might want to see how it drove, I wasn’t asking for all that,” he tried to apologize. I waved him off, “Don’t be silly Jared, you and I both know I would have woken you up if I wanted to. It’s no big deal! Honest, I liked driving the truck!” He nodded, understanding, and we went to unpacking our things. It was still dark out, so it was a tiny bit challenging getting everything sorted, and we were glad when it was over and the horses were settled. After a small break and a Starbucks run, we decided to go ahead and tack up as the sun started to peek out over the hills.

    Northgate had gotten his wolf tooth pulled right after we got home last time, so he was fit and ready for this event. He looked very nice in his tack – all the finest quality stuff you could get, which complimented his sleek, classy build. Jared was clearly proud of his mount, and we both walked our horses to the warm up ring in confidence. My Kiro always looked stunning. Dressage tack suited him best, the black and white just accenting his gorgeously stunning jet black coat. All four of us looked like rock-stars, like we fit into the high-class show around us. We mounted and began working away diligently, occasionally checking on each other, much like we did at the last event. Though unlike the previous weekend, slowly more people came to pile into the arena; some lunging, some riding, all fighting for their respective spot in the pen. Eventually, Jared flagged me down, “Come on Kat, let’s go to one of the fields. It will be less crowded, looks like the good part of this place has run its course.” I nodded in agreement, and followed him to a small, sectioned off spot next to the cross country course. There we worked for a little while longer before deciding to call it until our tests.

    We were much closer in division this time – he was doing the 4’, I was doing 3’6”. Our test times were much closer because of this, especially because there were two rings running. It was a good thing NG was well again, because I don’t think Kiro would have taken so kindly to being ridden twice so closely together. I was definitely glad we weren’t in the same division, though. Competing against my best friend wasn’t something I wanted to do quite yet – especially since he was mentoring me.

    Besides the work I had done with Jared, me and Trina have been really nailing Dressage lately, which has been more than convenient, as it had been her idea. That said, I felt much better about moving up in the divisions. Not only was my jumping stronger, but I had the dressage to match it. Sitting ringside going over my test, I was actually feeling pretty confident, minus the jitters that came along with showing. Jared and Northgate stood alongside me, helping me mellow and remember the test before me to perfection. Before too long, the bell rang out for me to enter the arena. “Go get ‘em, Krista Kat!” My cheerleader behind me chanted, leaving a smile across my face as we trotted down the centerline. Kiro halted right in the middle, and I felt him move his hooves around just a bit. I was hoping he was squaring himself up, because that was definitely something Trina and I had been trying to really get into his head. After I had saluted, I gathered my reins again, and we were floating off into the trot once more.

    Every corner was sharp, every circle flawless in proportion. Kiro sent me no hesitation, and glided across the arena. It was like he knew just how high the stakes were, how much I wanted to win such a big event. Every movement was perfect, every hoof placement right on key. We worked with effortless synergy, and I couldn’t imagine getting a better ride out of the horse. As soon as we were out of the ring, my big black received a multitude of pats and praise. Jared applauded my round, having no critique. “You should get an excellent score for that, Kat! It was a perfect round! I can’t wait to get the scorecard from that one, if the judges have any sense, you will have to frame it!” I laughed, embarrassed from the insane amount of praise, and hugged him from the back of our horses. We couldn’t celebrate for more than long enough for him to recall the course, though, as he was in the ring for his trip. I watched attentively. I had never gotten the opportunity to watch Jared and Northgate work together in a show atmosphere, so I was excited to see just how well the big warm blood worked.

    It was certainly a humbling experience. NG loved Jared, and Jared loved that horse. The two did everything for each other. It wasn’t so much Jared asking and NG giving, it was the two simply wanting the same thing and getting the perfect return. The two worked with a steady rein contact, but any other aid Jared might have given to NG was completely invisible. The horse balanced himself well, and set Jared in a position to really succeed. It was amazing to watch. Remembering how NG was to ride, I realized it was definitely the partnership between the two that was making this ride go so well. NG was a very well broke horse, trained to the nines, but there was no way I could have gotten a response like this from him. It made me really appreciate the bond between a horse and their rider; not to mention my own mount. I reached down to pat Kiro softly, and he glanced back with a gentle amber eye, returning the affection.

    Jared came out beaming, and I praised him just as well as he had me, “Good grief Jared, now we have to buy two frames! How in the world will we come up with this money?” I teased him, proud to be standing next to the team that just rocked the Dressage arena. Considering we were finished for the day, we decided to head back and get the horses taken care of before heading to the office to collect our score cards and check the results so far. The two weren’t terribly sweaty at all, especially since it wasn’t warm out yet, it was only late February. It was really the perfect weather in this part of the country, just warm enough to where we didn’t need to worry about hypothermia as long as everyone had a small fleece for the night. Summers were really, really awful on the other hand.

    After everyone was put up and happy, we hopped in the golf cart and drove up to the front office, where we would get our cards before heading to the trailer. Once we got our info, we asked for the current standings. The lady shook her head, “sorry, not up yet. We don’t do them till the second day’s events are through. You should know about where you are by your cards. If you did well today, you are probably high up. If you tanked, then better luck next time. Common sense, really,” the woman muttered as she turned her chair. Jared must have seen my look of disgust, as he whispered to me, “she’s probably had a long day, and it’s obvious her job isn’t particularly a fun one,” I nodded side to side, and we took off. “We will check them together at the trailer. Deal?” I offered to Jared. He smiled wide and nodded, “deal!”

    After a short ride and we both got ready for bed, we sat in the actual bed together to read the cards. “On three! One … two … three!” We opened the small booklets, and immediately jumped to our scores. In this case of Eventing, the lower the number the better. I glanced at my score and couldn’t help but form a huge smile. When I glanced at Jared’s face and saw the same thing, I knew we were golden. We both laughed and gave each other a huge hug, and exchanged cards. “Holy cow Krista! A 16.4?! Oh my gosh, that is unheard of! I was ecstatic with my 23.9!” I looked up beaming, “That’s because 23.9 is an amazing score! We’ve got this place schooled so far! Here’s to a great show day!” We high fived, both very happy about our days. I sat in marvel for a little while longer after tucked into our respective beds (he insisted on the couch yet again!) just reading every detail of the dressage test. I was definitely keeping this one somewhere safe. Framing it didn’t sound like a bad idea, to be honest. I placed the folded piece of paper on top of my stuff neatly, and decided it would be best to get some sleep. It was certainly difficult though – all I could think about was the cross country course that would come the next day, and how exciting the trip would be.
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        08-01-2013, 07:06 AM
    Green Broke
    Really looking forward to the next update.
        08-01-2013, 03:53 PM
    The next installment will be up tonight, I am writing it in pieces because of the busy day. It will be quite a lengthy chapter ... but this part really kicks off the story ;)

    Almost on the homestretch now!! If you are still reading, thank you very much for sticking it out, I hope it is an enjoyable read for everyone!!
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        08-03-2013, 02:47 PM
    Green Broke
    ??? Yoohooo...hehe
        08-04-2013, 12:46 AM
    Chapter 25

    [[ I AM SO SORRY. I ... I kinda forgot to post this .... But it will be worth it I hope!! Ladies and gentlemen, the beginning of the climax. From here on out, it should be pretty quick posting. I'm excited to keep on writing this one out!! ]]

    The next morning came quickly as I knew it would. I was quickly getting used to it though, and was even happy about it. We dressed and were on our way to the barn in a blink of an eye, Jared throwing me a small pre-packaged pastry to eat on the way to the barn. I was done by the time we were there, and we got tacked up. The cross country courses ran early in the morning, while Stadium ran at the end of the day. This was so that the horses could have the biggest break possible in the middle, and gave us riders time to rest as well. Northgate looked best in his Cross gear. 5-star breastplate and close contact saddle, lined with a white fleece pad laid against a light green saddle blanket, with “Green Lantern Stables” embroidered in gold lettering in the corner of the pad. It was very sophisticated, and I thought about asking Trina if we could do it for our barn. Green SMB boots completed the look, which I knew would be replaced with leather open fronts in Stadium. Jared shut his tack trunk, hiding a green fly bonnet for later use. I smirked, “I’d like a nice ret fly bonnet like that!” I turned to stroke Kiro’s ears, “I think my boy would look mighty fine with a nice little red hat!”

    He already had a matching suit of red, much like Jared’s green – red saddle pad and wolf boots for the Cross portion, and leather open fronts for Stadium. We were both dressed to the nines, and proud of our mounts. We hopped on, and began walking over to the Cross warm up area. It was a small field, sectioned off with some temporary fencing. A few small jumps were set up, a log and a Liverpool with poles. Kiro cleared both with ease, so I knew we would need little warm up. Northgate, on the other hand, was giving Jared problems with the Liverpool. He looked hard at the jump, and refused twice. He tried ducking out both times, but Jared was a strong enough rider to not allow such behavior. It was clear that it was really annoying Jared, though. “Anything I can do to help?” I came near to Jared and asked, hoping there was anything I could do to help the situation. He simply shook his head, before glancing at me and changing his mind. “Do you … do you need your spurs?” I quickly shook my head, and reached down to remove them. I didn’t use them for cross, only Dressage, and had forgotten to take them off my boots. “I won’t dig him too hard, but he does need a little something extra, and I forgot my crop at the trailer. Thank you, Kat.” I nodded a “you’re welcome,” and handed him the spurs.

    That seemed to do the trick. The next trip around, a sharp jut to the side got NG over the tricky obstacle, and the team had no more issues. I smiled, glad we could continue without a hitch. Me and Jared had a strong standing to uphold, and though I knew winning wasn’t everything, it sure was nice. I had always been pretty competitive, and having Kiro come into my life only rekindled that type of fire that had been dulled for years from the accident. Thinking about it for the first time in a while, I was proud of how far I had come. I was finally jumping again, really riding again, and even competing! The tragedy was all but behind me completely, and I was happy to know I could overcome it.

    I wasn’t far into my daydreaming when the announcer called my name. Jared smiled my way, “Good luck! I’ll be watching closely for you when you come around the bends!” I nodded thanks, and made my way to the start box, ready to start. We had gotten the chance to take a look at all the jumps before, and nothing really screamed out at me. Not even a single barrel in sight. Water didn’t faze Kiro, so the small, shallow pond we would have to gallop through should provide no problems. I glanced to the stewards in the small viewing area next to the start boxes, showing them I was ready. They nodded, and a bell rung. I was good to go. With a short nudge to the side, me and Kiro were galloping down the straight stretch before us, getting to the first jump in good time. The optimum time for this course was a bit shorter than I was really used to, so I knew we would have to keep a good pace the whole time. Even then, I did check my new watch when I had the chance. The beeping that it did at certain time intervals definitely helped though.

    The jumps in between the stretches were also a little more complicated than the previous event’s had been. They were wider and taller obviously, but the actual course itself was even more troubling than I had thought. Many tight turns, with jumps coming out of odd places, some sneaking up on you over blind hills. It definitely was something I had to pay attention to, but I was up for the challenge. Soon enough, the watch on my wrist beeped four times – one minute to the optimum time mark. Thankfully, 16 out of the 17 jumps were complete, and the finish line wasn’t long after the final jump. The very, very long run to the final jump would also eat up the time I did need it to consume, so I was feeling good. I glanced down to Kiro’s sides and legs, and noticed quite a bit more sweat than he had accumulated the first event. His breathing wasn’t too labored, but you could tell he was pushing himself. I didn’t want to race him any faster than he was going, and decided being a little over the time was better than not having a horse to run in Stadium. Thankfully, the last jump was a simple, open distance, and we were out of the course in nearly perfect time. I pat my boy very graciously, and we walked on a loose rein back to the start to watch Jared.

    When I got there, Jared instantly praised me. “Awesome time, Kat! I had you going on mine here, too. So he took everything okay? Anything jump out at you? What’s the hardest part of the course?” I snickered, “Slow down, one thing at a time! Nothing is really scary, but jump 9 is coming out of a blind turn, and it can get kind of tricky, so watch yourself there.” Jared nodded, and we went over the rest of the course. We were able to converse and compare like this because these jumps were actually adjustable. It was a big bonus, and extremely rare in such big events. The jumps were very heavy though, so it definitely took some time to switch between divisions. We were able to untack, rub down, and re-tack the horses next to the cross country course before Jared’s trip, and the horses were thankful. Not long after Jared was back up and walking around, it was time for his trip. “Go get ‘em, buddy!” I called after him. He grinned and waved behind him before the bell rung. And he and NG were taking off down the grass.

    I did the same for Jared as he had for me, and restarted the watch I was holding. I decided to walk Kiro around to find the best places to watch Jared’s course. I timed the place I went with where he should be on the course at certain times, and was able to catch the perfect spot where I could see three jumps and the finish line. I managed to get there just before Jared did. When he came into view, I was appalled at how amazing NG looked in full stretch. He pounded against the ground, muscles rippling with the power of his stride. Jared held him back gently, using a Pelham with both reins attached. He sat out of the saddle lightly, using his legs to hold himself up off of Northgate’s back. They came up to the first obstacle in their way in the three that I could see. It was a simple jump, logs tied up with just a bit of brush under them. The team cleared it more than easily, with the next two jumps readily coming ahead. After they were gone and out of the way, the two galloped home to end up just a bit short of the optimum time. “Well, I’d personally take too fast over too slow!” I called to no one, and trotted Kiro down to where the two had stopped.

    “Awesome runs for the both of us! Come on, let’s get these guys up and check the standings! You guys rocked it, I want to see how you guys are doing!” Jared smiled wide, and nodded, “Heck yea! You two are doing better than we are! I’d love to see the smile on your face when you see your name by a number one!” We grinned and laughed, trotting on loose reins back to the barn. After getting everyone untacked and put up in their stalls, we made our way to the barn office to find out for sure how we were doing.

    Sure enough, our names graced the top of the papers for both of our divisions. We were doing excellently. The competitors weren’t too terribly far behind in Cross Country, but we had gotten them pretty well in the Dressage. “As long as Stadium proves no problems, we are set! What a perfect show to come back and tell your trainer about!” Jared chanted, patting me on the back. I smiled, “Same for you! Except your trainer is expecting such a victory; mine is expecting more along the lines of … a rock!” We laughed out loud, and decided to head out for lunch before coming back to ready for the stadium portion.

    After lunch had gone and past, and we had tacked up and warmed the horses, we checked out the ring and our courses. They were both the same, but very complex: rollbacks, half-moon turns, hairpin corners, the works. The jumps weren’t exactly going to be an easy over either. The show grounds spared no expense in making the jumps absolutely stunning, something I would expect to see in the Rolex. “Uh, Jared? These are kind of … scary.” He turned to the ring and glanced it over, but appeared to be much more comfortable than I was. “No, Kat you’ll be fine. These two will go over anything if you ask them right, they are good honest horses. I guarantee you are more nervous about them than Kiro is. He sails over stuff like he’s done it nine thousand times!” I gave a half grin, hoping Jared was right.

    He must have been spot on – we both had clear rounds. The turns were very tight, but Kiro took them with no problems, and Northgate looked graceful as a doe spinning around the course. We came out beaming, knowing we had simply taken the show ground by storm.

    After cooling and untacking our horses, I noticed a man, maybe 30 in age, come up to me and Jared in the golf cart on our way to the truck to get the trailer loaded so we could get home. “Young lady! You own the big black that won the 3’6” division today!” I nodded warily, “yes, this is true. Can I help you?” He smiled wide, reaching for my hand, “It’s good to meet you! That horse of yours, he is really something. I’d love to see him up close and personal, really meet him. Maybe we could make a little deal. He’d make a great addition to our show team at Willikur Ridge, and I’d be willing to pay a generous price.”

    I couldn’t help but snort and withdraw, rejecting his hand shake. “My horse is absolutely not for sale. He is not for sale now, and never will be. Sorry, but no thank you. Go on, Jared.” I turned my head inside the cart, and Jared slammed the gas almost before I could finish speaking. I looked at him with disgust. He shared the look, responding “welcome to the world of upper class eventing. It’s the same in the hunter world I’m sure.” I remembered back, and realized he was right. What was different then, was that Trina usually handled them.

    After getting the trailer back to the stall, I noticed someone was at Kiro’s stall. Someone I didn’t know. Or did I … “It’s that creep!” I sneered. I jumped out of the truck, half-running to the stall. “What do you think you’re –“ My words were cut off. Suddenly, there was a crazy thud at the stall door, where the man was leaning against. Kiro’s nose came shooting out of the small cut out, ears flat and eyes nearly glowing with rage. His teeth extended toward the man, who narrowly escaped the powerful jaws. Kiro reared up again, kicking at the door, screaming. The man turned ghost white with fear, running away from the stall. “You’re insane for going anywhere near that horse! That horse is crazy!!” He took off, jumping in his golf cart and buzzing away before I could reply. I rushed to the stall to make sure my horse was okay.

    Sure enough, Kiro was just fine. He was happy to see me even, with his usual loving attitude toward me. “That’s my boy. Teach people to mess with you, won’t it?” I turned to Jared, who looked afraid to come up to my horse. I laughed, “Jared, he’s fine! I’ve told you, he doesn’t like strangers. You’re not a stranger. It’s fine!” He simply nodded, and sure enough, Kiro allowed him to pat and caress him as normal. Jared shook his head, and we continued to load the trailer.

    After everything was packed, we loaded the horses and began the long drive home. About halfway, Jared turned to me. “Hey, Kat? You up? I’m getting seriously tired. Are you good to drive?” I had actually just woken up, so was very alert and more than ready to finish the trip. I nodded, and we pulled over to switch drivers. I took the truck down the interstate, found the ramp easily, and pulled off. It was quite a few intersections before we got to the barn, and I got all the lights – or so I thought.

    Suddenly, I noticed two very different lights coming from the side. White and blinding, and coming too fast. There was no sound, no nothing, just light. I turned to see what it could be that was shining so brightly, and that would be the last motion I would make that night. In fact, it would be the last motion I did for the next week. A strike of painful fear shot through my body, before everything went black for the second time in my life.
        08-05-2013, 08:14 AM
    Green Broke
    I really need the next part of this story, now...

    Very startling stopping point...
        08-07-2013, 07:00 AM
    Green Broke
    Been 2 days, I'm ready now. Lol

    I miss my morning reading.
        08-11-2013, 03:04 PM
    XJumperx, I've read through your whole story with vigor in the past two days and you leave me HERE? Cruel...
        08-11-2013, 06:06 PM
    Chapter 26

    [[ Come on guys, a writer can't have a little fun with a cliffhanger?? Maybe I should end the story now ...

    Naw, I'm not that evil A short chapter to start us off ... the next will be longer. ]]

    Faint voices, clouded and unreal, like in a dream; lights going on, then off, then on again. I’m in motion, but I’m not moving my body. Where am I? I barely have time to think before I am gone again.


    My head feels like lead, and I’m not sure if I should open my eyes. “Jared?” I whimper, a small, scared voice. Jared was there, he was there in the truck with me. “Jared?” I say it louder, remembering he had been dozing off. But it was bright now, we weren’t in a truck; and why would I be sleeping if we were in a truck? “Jared, Jared wake up,” I say in an almost normal voice. I want him to awake, to tell me what’s happening. To go check on the horses and see if –

    Oh god. The horses. The truck. The crash. Oh god. Oh no.

    My eyes shot open, though they protested with my swollen mind. I darted my cloudy vision around the room. A hospital, I was in another god-forsaken hospital bed. Jared was sitting in the seat next to the bed, sleeping soundly. I looked at him for a while, thinking maybe if he was okay, so was everything else. His face was undisturbed, besides a small scratch on his cheek. He had a patch on his other shoulder, showing only because he had worn a very short sleeved shirt. He seemed to be in no pain. I threw the blankets off of myself, noticing with the motion of my arm that I was hooked to an IV. “Fantastic. Nurse will have a cow if I pull this. Already had that incident once…” I muttered to myself. I decided the best thing to do would be to simply wake Jared. He would have to tell me everything. Though to be honest, part of me didn’t want to know.

    I sat up all the way, crossing my legs. Every movement hurt, but I felt like if I pretended it didn’t, maybe it would go away. “Jared … Jared … Jared!” I yelled to him, increasingly louder until I saw him startle. His eyes slowly flickered open, and I could tell his eyes were bothered by the light. He must have a headache too. He turned to me slowly, completely waking up when he saw me upright. “Jared, what happened??” He looked at me still, startled, then finally made words, “Oh thank god you woke up! You’ve been out so long … I was getting so worried …” He stood from his chair quicker than I thought he may have been able to, and reached out for the hug. He was gentle, but clearly happy to see me breathing and awake. I returned the hug with as much strength as I could muster. I was definitely overjoyed to see him. I would die if …

    After a decent enough time, I finally leaned back to look Jared in the eye. “Jared,” I spoke quietly and critically, “What happened? Where are the horses?” He glanced away, and I immediately felt my heart give out. It was a bullet to the chest, after multiple stab wounds to the stomach. “No … No …” Jared’s eyes leapt back to my face, more confused than depressed, “No! Kat, no, the horses are alive! They are both at my barn, they are … they are alive.” He gave a wayside nod, and I knew they couldn’t have been in the best condition. They weren’t well. They were alive. “I want to see them. I want to see Kiro. I want to see him right now,” I began to stand up, to pull the IV. Screw the nurse, yell at me all she wants. “Krista no! You need to stay! You got hit really hard, you lost a little more blood than you should have … That stupid truck run a red light. It was their fault, not yours. They hit the truck directly, exactly where you sat. The trailer would have been fine, but it … it flipped. It’s a big trailer … Anyway, nothing is broken on anybody. Everybody should make a full recovery.” He took a breath, pondering. “But … Kiro’s medical bills will be very, very expensive. He’s in a sling as we speak.” I feel myself whimper, and tears build. “Like I said, he’ll make a full recovery. He just shouldn’t be moving very much right now. At all.” I stuck my face in my hands, sitting on the edge of the bed. Tears leak out of my eyes, and I do nothing to stop them. He had to be okay. Kiro had to be okay.

    I felt Jared sit down on the bed next to me, rubbing my back softly as I just sat there, weak and helpless. I could do nothing. Kiro needed me, and here I was, sitting in this stupid hospital bed. I fell onto Jared’s lap, bawling my eyes out while he smoothed my hair. “I’m sorry, Kat …” He spoke softly, letting me cry it out. After I had calmed down, I sat up and asked him of my injuries. “It was really scary, Krista. I called 911 immediately, you were completely out cold. Face was all cut and …” he had to pause, eyes gazing off into the memory. “You will be okay. You did lose quite a bit of blood, though. Your wrist was also broken again, as you can tell.” I actually hadn’t noticed the cast much. I guess I had been used to it from last time. “The nurse said you can go a day or two after you wake up. She came in just a second ago, you didn’t notice her. She’s called some people to let them know you are awake. We’ve all been worried … Your mom and brother have visited. Trina too. Everyone has been worried sick.” I looked up, shocked, stopping him, “my … my mother came by? But she left! She was gone!” He shook his head, “she came back as soon as she got the call that you were in critical condition. Drove back and got Navy along the way. She said she’d be back later tonight, but she might be here soon now that she knows you’re up.” I nodded, wondering if I was ready to see her again.

    “Jared … how long have I been asleep?” He stared into me, gaining strength before finally saying, “four days and nine hours.” I was taken aback. Wow. I was only under for three days after my first accident. “And how much time of that have you spent sitting in that chair?” I pondered, just realizing that he seemed to have given me a play-by-play of each day. He smirked, gave a small chuckle, and replied with “after getting the horses settled and taken care of? Every second of every day.” He looked at me with such compassion, such care, that I couldn’t help but grab him in a hug, and it was no accident when our lips met and I found myself trapped in harmony. For a split second, the pain was gone, and everything would be okay.

    Suddenly, I heard footsteps, and backed away to see who had walked in. My face went flush when I noticed it was Trina. I expected her to tease, to laugh, to jeer and say “I told you so!” But there was none of that; only a stern, angry look, while she held my jeans and shirt in hand. I was puzzled, until she finally spoke, “Now that you are awake, they allowed me to get your clothes for you,” suddenly, she flicked a neatly folded piece of paper out of one of the pockets. My blood instantly ran cold as ice, all heat falling out of my face, as I knew exactly what it was. “Kristene. What the hell are you doing with a Eventing Dressage test in your pocket?” She asked hotly, throwing the clothing on the chair next to her and unfolding the paper, “and why does it have your and Kiro’s name on it?”
        08-11-2013, 06:24 PM
    I really want to go ahead and title this. Usually I'm pretty good with finding titles, but for this one I'm stumped :/ I don't really need something that directly relates to the story. For example, I don't want something like "Back in the Saddle" or "Krista and Kiro" or anything like that. If you've read Jodi Picoult, and how she titles her books, I like that quite a bit. "My Sister's Keeper, the Tenth Circle, Handle With Care," I just like how she titles her books. I also love how she writes, so if you're looking for reading material, I suggest her.

    So anyway, if you have ANY title suggestions, PLEASE post!! Thank You!!

    horse story, hunters, jumpers, novels, writing

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