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        08-26-2013, 03:36 PM
    Thoughts so far?
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        03-21-2014, 11:01 AM
    Sorry I have been busy then forgot about this, I plan on continuing this story still.
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        03-24-2014, 12:02 PM
    The next few days Kristy brought Emily to the barn every day to see Streaker. Kristy had begun to trust this colt with her daughter more and more, as she watched how careful he was when Emily was playing around with him. She got to do something new every day, but always insisted on grooming him to make him look pretty. The friendship was starting to grow day by day, and it was only getting stronger. Everyone who worked with Streaker got to see the magic her worked with this little girl, even though she was extremely sick and had limited time here she was happy every second she got to spend with the colt.

    Finally his two weeks of rest were up and he finally got to go back out on the track and run again. He knew exactly what was going on that morning when he saw Jake walking with his helmet towards him with Sam following right behind. Streaker sat in his stall pawing at the ground waiting for them to put his saddle on, just waiting to get back on the track and run. He stood extremely still while they saddled him and took the bit as if it was a treat, but once they led him out of the stall he held his head high neck arched, walking faster than normal but making sure he wasn’t getting too close to Sam. Jake was walking by his side patting his neck every now and then, and talking to him. Jake knew that he would have to calm the colt down before he could let him run. Once out into the yard Sam gave Jake a boost up on to the colt, and then continued walking. Soon his steady walked turned into a high stepping sort of trot, trying so hard to control himself but all he wanted to do was run. Al was waiting at the track for them as they approached he couldn’t help but smile when he saw how happy Streaker was to be out there, it was a honor to train such an amazing colt like this one who would run his heart out every single time, but was also just a big gentle giant who was almost humane in many ways. Al gave Streaker rubbed Streaker’s neck while he told Jake what he was supposed to do today, it was an easy but long work out today two laps around the track. The first would be a quick but steady gallop and the next just an easy trot to cool him down. Jake nodded his head, Al gave him the okay to go and then they were headed onto the track. Streaker was trying to contain himself but was struggling; he knew Jake would not let him run until he was calm. Jake who was sitting on top of this excellent colt leaned down on his neck and started to talk to him, not saying anything really important but just letting the colt know he was up there, and that he was a good boy. He spoke to this horse like he was humane; he knew he understood everything he was saying just by his body language and the way his ears turned. After a few minutes Streaker got the cue to go, and he was off right away he picked up the easy pace he was asked for not fighting the bit at all, he was just happy to be back out here doing what he loved. First lap was done and now he was asked to trot the next one, but was confused because he was never asked to just trot before but figured he should listen to what Jake was telling him to do. He wasn’t allowed to pick up anything faster than his trot the whole way around. Finally they were done and Al came out and greeted them with a smile and gave the colt a treat. He was pleased with the way that just went, at first he wasn’t sure how the colt would do. He instructed them to bring Streaker back to the barn and put him on the treadmill at a walk for forty five minutes then Emily would be here to see him.
        03-25-2014, 12:49 PM
    Once of the treadmill Sam brought Streaker out to the arena, this was new to the colt he wasn't sure what was going on but of course he went along with it. Sam tied Streaker up and went and grabbed something but the colt was unsure of what it was, but all of a sudden it was on his back. It wasn't a saddle that he normally had on his back instead it was heavier, Sam noticed the change in the colts body language nothing to be worried about but he could tell how confused the colt was. Today was the first day Emily would get to get on the colt and walk around but they wanted to make sure she would be safe so they got a western saddle. Sam walked up to the colts head and told him it was okay and gave him a treat to reassure him. That's when Kirsty and Emily pulled into the driveway. Emily jumped out of the car before it was even parked and ran over to Streaker and gave him a big hug. The colt let out a whinny he was happy to see his little friend. Whenever she was around him he would never pick his feet up unless she wasn't anywhere near his feet, he was so extremely careful with her it was weird. Jake began to think he knew she was sick and very fragile. The staff would always stand close just in case but they began to realize they didn't have to worry.

    After Emily got her helmet on Jake lifted her up on top of the colt, while Sam held the lead and talked to streaker. This was all so new to him but he was handling it like a pro, Jake stood by his side to make sure Emily would not fall. After a few minutes of getting Emily comfortable, Sam began to walk, but Streaker would not move his feet he just stood there frozen almost like he was afraid to move with her. While they tried to get him to move Emily was just sitting in the saddle enjoying the moment, she lifted up her legs and sort of gave him a kick and that's when he started to walk. The colt was waiting for her cue so he knew she was ready, but even then he took soft and slow steps not going to fast. They walked around for about a hour before Emily got off and left. As they drove away Streaker let out a whinny as if saying goodbye.

    Now that his busy day was over he was let out to graze for a little while before they brought him in. Jake, Al, and Sam all sat out side his stall and talked about how they were worried he wasn't ready to race yet. They only had a few days until his next planned race, but were worried about the leg he hadn't actually ran full out, let alone with other horses. Al was mainly concerned that if Streaker had been traumatized during the accident how he would react when he was running with the group.
        03-26-2014, 11:06 AM
    It was earlier then normal when Streaker heard other horses being led out of there stalls, and more jockeys than usual. He saw stuck his head out and saw Sam and Jake heading towards his stall so he let out a whinny and threw his head up happy to see them. Sam led him out into the isle and got his saddle, and bridle on before heading out to the track, Jake didn't get on right away like usual but he ignored that and continued walking towards the track just happy knowing he was going to run, but was even more confused at the sight of the four other horses standing out on the track. Al was standing by the other horses as they approached, he looked at Jake and told him the plan. Jake was supposed to keep the colt in the pack for a little while and if he reacted okay let him do his thing later on, Jake gave a nod but all three of them had a odd look on there face and streaker couldn't figure it out. Jake got a boost up, he grabbed the reins and gathered them up before heading towards the other horses. Streaker was confused, but he was scared he started throwing his head up and trying to get in front of the other horses. Jake started rubbing his neck and whispered a little and then they were off. The colt stayed behind the others because Jake didn't allow him to go to the front, he was not very happy and starting to throw his head. Jake forced the colt to get into the group and stay there, instantly the colts ears pinned and he slowed down a lot to get out of the crowd he was not okay with the group. Jake couldn't get him back into the crowd so he just let him go around and finish up front.

    Jake didn't praise him like usual, instead just got off and went over to Al. He looked over and said he was expecting this, but tomorrow at the race if they could get to the front and stay there, that would be fine but he knew the group of horses were only getting faster.
        03-26-2014, 12:22 PM
    Are people enjoying this?
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