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Dear Society Joe.

I was born with a genectic disease which didn't harm my health, as were you. I was born with Bio Cranial Syntoisis, and you were born with a roach back. When we are together it's like the world has stopped and the only thing thats stopping us reaching the top is lack of training and time. You are the most amazing thing that has ever happened in my life; you've taught me to be patient, kind, willing, motivated and most of all you've taught me to listen to every single little thing you've tried to tell me.

I didn't find you, and you didn't find me, but we found each other. I needed a horse to learn from, and you needed a human to trust. I let you down so many times but yet you still manage to try your hardest even if i'm to stubborn to realise it. We have similar personalitys and I think its crazy that i've found a horse that thinks the same as I do and acts like I would, we are just simply perfect.

I will still remember the way my instructor told me I had found the right horse, and that we just fit. I couldn't keep the smile off my face, I knew I had found my heart horse.

I could go on and on about our adventures like the time I rode you too the shops when I had to pick up your rug, or the time I went riding for 4hours and you still had that jog in your step by the time we got home.

I love you Joe, even if you are just a horse.

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Dear Outlaw,
You might not know but you keep me sane at times. I wish I didnít have to board you and could see you everyday, but things change. I think about you still all the time and canít wait to start our training up. Iím reading books and trying to get myself fit. I owe it to you.
When we start riding again, please learn. We need to really stop rearing when we donít want to work. I decided when you are done, the rearing this makes me mad and I hate being mad at you. You are a barrel prospect, not a slow poke prospect, can we please start to lope, if it hurts you find a better way of telling me other than trotting faster. You have been doing good other than my two main issues.
Another thing is Iím a girl and yea I have periods, but Iím not crazy when Iím on my period. Out of respect, I would like for you to not attack and turn into a crazy horse that canít be controlled when you are in heat. I know you donít want ridden but lets make a deal about it.
I try not to overwork you, but can we be willing to do some work. I do also plan on getting you a nice new saddle once I get a job, until then we might trade saddles and see if it works better. Once you stop rearing, we might ride in the light weight English saddle, wouldnít that be a treat.
I have had you a year itís time, your riding really needs to start improving, no more fun and games.
Your caring owner.

Extreme Trail Rider and Barrel Racer.
King - 11 year old Tennessee Walker Gelding
Sassie- 7 Year old Appaloosa Mare
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Dear Dimka.
I donno how to explain how much love and gratitude you have brought to my life. You came just in the right time, when my world was crashing down, and the pain was overtaking me, I remmeber perfectly when the vet called on my cell phone and said "can you come to the stables is a bussness emergency" and i drove as fast as i could not knowing what was happening, then he told em about nominating me to get a horse, when he told me who you owner was my heart skiped a bit knowing he was talkign about a top ridder.
then i finially arrived to teh farm you were born to meet you. what a beautiful place, i saw tons of padocks with free horses at the last one a lovely boy completely alone, and i told my bro "it cant be that one im not that lucky".
and tyhen i saw the horsekeeper bring you in i guess i was that lucky before i set my feet in teh stirrup i told myself, "pull it together this is probably teh best horse you will ever ride" so i enjoyed it lots, and then i herd the word " he is yours" Juan Carlos said.
since the day you arrived horme, you have saved my sould, i have shared so much tears, and so much joy, as new years comes close, i have lket my self think about all that important people that have left, family, friends and him. i remmeber him the last day we spoke, the last day we were together, and i remmeber crying on your back for hours, since that day you have made me stronger, you have given me a reason to wake up everyday, you have whine, troted and jumped into my heart.
and life has given bouth of us a second chance, im happy you werent a grand prix horse as spected, im happy the vet was called to put you down, im happy im alone, im happy i have someone to trust on, and even if it still hurt im happy i let my bf go.
you are the reason why my sun shines every day, the rason i wake up and the reason that make me breath.
i will love you to death. forever yours.
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I swear to God, if you don't finish your dinner tonight I am going to let that mean mustang gelding into our corral to chase your spoiled ass around and then you'll really be wishing you had eaten.
Also, if you keep pawing at the ground while tied I'm going to bring out the water gun from last year. And we're both well aware that its winter.


P.S. Stop stealing the dog's toys.
P.S.S. Stop being freakin' adorable.
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Step one: Mount horse. Step two: Stay mounted.
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Originally Posted by Samstead View Post
Dear Lucy,
I love you. You may not be my horse but you're one of my best friends. You never judge me. You don't care if I bring you treats or not, though you certainly appreciate when I do especially if I put apple in there. While were on the topic I'd like to take a moment that my helmet and gloves are not, infact edible...no matter how many times you sniff them.
You have the a sense of humor which I love but sometimes when you stand with your head stretched over the deepest puddle in your paddock, I don't see the humor in it you do. Pleas e try to understand when I come to get you to ride I don't choose to take you from your food, it's just when a lesson fits so there is no reason to be stubborn about trotting. I promise you'll get back to your precious hay. Please realize the few times I stand in the crouseties and don't head into the ring it's because I'm waiting for a clinic or something to finish not because I forgot what to do, you don't need to give me a nudge no matter how adorable it's not helpful.
I'm sure I'll think of things to add right after I post this but if included everything I'd go on forever
Also sweet girl that half trot near canter thing that I can't really describe where you move your head as if youre cantering doesn't fool me. I just look ridiculous and feel ridiculous too.
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Dear Abby,

Everything I actually would like to ask you/say to you most of the time does not have language appropriate for a public forum.

Love, Sam
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Dear Cowboy,

We've only know each other for about a year and 4 months, and I love you to death. Your owner is my second cousin, and she wanted me to give you attention. I remember when I would come down and sit in the field with you, just watching you graze, you'd walk over to me and you'd give me butterflies :)

I know you have conformation faults such as a roach back, toed out, paddle, etc...but that couldn't make me love you any less. I know people have told me not to jump you, but the vet said it was ok so we still do, and you're perfect at it. I know I may get mad because you catch the wrong spot, or knock a pole, but just remember; it's my fault. I'm sorry for yelling at you.

I remember when I first rode you. It was bareback and you wouldn't move at all. I had to keep smacking your butt and you didn't understand anything I was telling you. About 3 months later you were perfect. I love how easily you learn.

You are my pride and joy even though I don't own you. I consider you my first horse though. I promise that when I'm older I'll own you, and take good care of you.

I love you so much and we have so many memories together. You were the first horse I ever jumped, first horse to buck me off, first horse to teach me how to love.

I can't wait to see you today, I promise I won't ride you. I know you secretly hate me because all I do is come down and ride :p

I hope you don't have jealousy issues since I have been around Jersey a lot lately. Just remember you're my first true love that has never left me. The other horses I've loved (Jerico, Lee, Dolly) always came and went, but not you. If I need a shoulder to cry on, you're always there. I remember you got into the feed bin once and all I could think about was you colicing and me having to lose you. I was with my friend and I just started balling and hugging you. She said I overreacted, but I think I was doing just fine. :)

I can't wait until spring so I can show you. We're gonna show all them haters how it's done, and you're gonna look great with your blue ribbons on your bridle :)

Cowboy. I love you with all my heart.

Love Devyn.
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Dear Jersey,

I know you have been starved, but please don't show aggression towards me in the field :3

I have spent so much money on you already, and you're not even my horse!

I remember when I first saw you, about 3 weeks ago....and I fell inlove. You're honestly the only mare I've ever truely loved.

You need to gain weight so we can show together. I can't wait to see what you look like.

I hope you're not mad your letter isn't as long as Cowboy's but I've known him longer so don't get mad :)

One day I'll move you to Gayfields so you can meet Cowboy. I'd be in heaven because I'd have 2 horses I love, pretty much identical chestnuts (my favorite color) on a beautiful farm. Maybe one day during the summer we'll take a trip to gayfields and go for a swim, as long as you promise not to kill me.

Every time I go down to see you, I learn a lot about you. I learned you can be so sweet, but the next minute you can be the devil. Hopefully tomorrow you'll be sweet because it's gonna be cold and I don't feel like getting worked up in the cold.

There's probably more I could have written, but my hands are falling asleep, as so are my eyes.

See you tomorrow!
Love your soon to be owner, Devyn :)
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Dear Copper-

You were sent to me from above. When I saw you on the internet my breath was liturally taken away. I had to have you, right than and there. The next morning I called your old owner and asked him questions for almost an hour. Three days later I went out to see you and; Terry warned me that you were pretty shabby with your winter coat... and you were ( I actually call you Manny the Mammoth behind your back...sorry) but your eyes showed me everything inside of you the minute I met you. So soft, willing, and down right beautiful. I was scared when I got you because you needed a little more training which I couldn't afford and had never done. I bought a dvd of how to start ground work and we went from there. You are the quickest learner I have seen. I planned on riding you after 2 months of training, but after 3 weeks I couldn't help it. The bond we have with eachother is so beautiful to me... I love that you trust me so much. Also I love that you don't make me have to fumble around with a halter since you follow me EVERYWHERE!!!

I'm sorry for the couple of months when I wasn't out to spend time with you, just cleaned up the paddocks and left. I missed you so much but couldn't stand being at the place you were staying. I'm sorry I wasn't strong for you and cried whenever we were alone. I know that you were depressed and I was getting there too. But I'm so happy now that we are at a better place and you have TONS of new friends. I get to see you everyday for hours at a time. That pep in your step you got back makes me smile every single day.

Thank you for all the nickers, whinneys, and hugs you give me. Thank you for being who you are.

Oh but one thing before you start thinking that I think you are perfect.... When I ask you to stop, and you just start taking little tiny slow motion steps... I know you are still moving... I'm not an idiot. Maybe all the women at the barn will stop call you The Price is Right if you actually stop acting like that **** wheele on the show. Also, you might want to consider to start liking apples... people think you are weird since you don't; I kinda do to.

A fun fact for you my love. My name means "A gift from God" And everyday that I see your trusting eyes stare into mine, I thank God... because you are my gift from God too! I love you

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Green Broke
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Dear Buzz,
Wow, you’ve been in my life for nearly 4 years now, how the time flies. It wasn’t always easy and you weren’t always mine, but were here now, together.

The first time I saw you, I didn’t get to ride you; you were going to be my friend’s new pony, until you nearly threw her off. So I started riding you, got bucked off more times than I care to count, wasn’t your fault though I just wasn’t listening right, you had a poorly fitting saddle and back pains.
When I finally started listening to you and to what everyone was saying, you stopping bucking, this year was the first year I haven’t been bucked off you; let’s hope there’s more to come. That would be nice.
You got me through high school Buzz, I don’t think any one realizes how stressed I was, failing chemistry, maths, English and economics at the beginning of the year, but with your help I passed all of them (well not chem. But meh that was bound to happen)
This was our first year ever competing, we make a hell of a team, hey we might not of placed but we sure had fun doing what we do, even though you thought I was taking you away from your float buddy sometimes, just because the dressage arena is a small fence does not mean you can jump it, or if you know where the gate is in the jumping ring to go out it, when we have a course to jump were going to jump it. You did though, not one refusal in jumping, cross country is another story.
I can understand that though you had never done XC before and you are got better, but really no matter how many times you see water nothing is going to come out and get you, I’m being totally honest there, frustrates me one day you will go in and another the big scary moster has come out to play. I will not let anything happen to you Buzz, I try my hardest, and boy it is hard sometimes, to do my best for you.

Hope you appreciate all I do for you as I sure do appreciate all you have done for me
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