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Jace, my heart. When times get bad you keep me from killing myself because no one would love and care for you the way I do. Somedays I can barely stand it but you keep me going. "Post traumatic stress disorder" is not fun and I try to get by it every day, you help me distract myself because you fill up my senses. It is an honour to shovel your poop! You were trained western and I am not a great english rider but we are learning together and the trust and love we have together is something I cherish every day. I give up European trips to stay here with you and I am all the happier for it. In winter I go outside with you and blow on the ice on your eyelashes to melt it. When I got stuck in the muddy ditch and mud was pouring into my wellies you pulled me out and at that time we hardly knew each other. You will NEVER EVER be "re-homed". You are mine and I am yours. I am 56 and you are 9 so I think we can see this life out together. And I *will* have a "Mr. Ed" dutch door put in as soon as I can afford it so that you can stick your head into the house and have tea with me. I read Joe Camp's books with you and he really helped us more than I can say. You were given to me and not as a Therapy Horse but that is just what you are. Your nobility of spirit and your beauty touch me every day. I love you my horse.
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Dearest Victor,

Let me begin my assuring you that you are my prince, and I wouldn't trade you for anything. However, there are a few points regarding our friendship that I would like to bring to your attention.

I'm under the impression that you don't understand the fundamentals of a normal horse/human relationship. As the horse, you are supposed to be my pet, not the other way around. Contrary to what you seem to believe, it's not my sole purpose in life to be your maid. I work very hard every day to clean your barn and prepare your dinner to your specifications, therefor I think you should at least pretend to be happy to see me when I walk up to you with a halter.

Secondly, I know you know your name. When I call you, it means "come here please", not "walk away leisurely". The farrier and vet operate on a tight schedule, and they don't appreciate waiting until you feel like cooperating. Also, I know you think dewormer is poison, but it really is best for you to take it without slobbering half of it on me. You don't have to share your grain with me, either. Really, it's all yours. I don't need to wear it.

We don't go for rides very often, but when we do, I'd like you to be compliant and try to show a little enthusiasm. Most importantly, please remember that I'm not a projectile, and I would implore you to refrain from unloading me and bolting back to the barn whenever the inclination moves you. I promise that those monsters are nothing but a figment of your imagination. I would never ask you to go somewhere that wasn't safe. Trust me. And remember that time we went over a little crossrail and you took off like a jackrabbit on cocaine? Let's not do that again.

Lastly, I just want you to know how special you are. You're far from perfect, but so am I. You hold nothing against me, and it would be unfair of me to do so to you. I adore you beyond words, and I don't know what I'd do without you, you handsome devil.

Yours always,

"A musician must make music, an artist must paint, a poet must write, if he is ultimately to be at peace with himself.
What a man can be, he must be.
" Abraham Maslow, 1968

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What great stories guys!
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Letter to my Lesson Horse

My Dear Winton,
Can you believe that we have known each other for six years. We first meet when I was 9, and you were a young quarter horse. We were perfect for each other, I had buck teeth and pig tails sticking out of my helmet, and you had a very nerdy herd of friends. You taught me how to canter, ride a buck, and jump. We won our first ribbon together, and even though it is green it is still one of my favorites. After a while we went our separate ways, and I got stuck on the flat. I went through a time where my legs were growing so fast that I had to adjust my stirrups throughout the lesson. I needed new boots every month, and my gangly body had difficulty controlling horses. I rode little ponies, and began to regain my strength and power. I moved on to training thoroughbreds fresh off the track, and young Arabians, turning them into beautiful lesson horses. Riding at a pure lesson barn I always knew that there would be a chance that we would cross paths again, but it happened at the most unlikely of times. Stepping back into the jump arena, I was a confident, almost strong enough 15 year old. My ADHD was now under control, and I was ready to take the reins. I was hoping that I could continue on one of my projects, but our manager had different plans. Instead she matched me with you. You were no longer in your single stall, but a large box stall in the ranger barn. You were a little heavier, a little older, and you had a little less muscle, but you still had the same gleam in your eyes. In our time away from each other, you learned how to be a lesson horse, literally! You knew who could and couldn’t ride, and took full advantage of your knowledge. I could tell you were dying laughing when you took these cocky young riders out. You have a great since of humor. You also became an ambassador for special riders. You are great with them, and they love you dearly. You show them more respect than you show me on show days. You were even the lucky recipient of a specially fitted saddle, allowing any rider to ride. You bring so much joy to them. My legs have finally stopped growing, and are finally strong enough to hold a proper leg position. I can give effortless cues, and canter without stirrups. You came back into my life at a time that I really needed a friend. I was a nerdy, unconfident freshman who just needed a friend. You listen to my secrets, but would never repeat them to others, you allow me to braid your mane into tiny beautiful braids without a fit, and we have even won blue ribbons. Isn’t it funny how things come full circle? Most girls who ride at my school own their own fancy horse, but I would much rather have you. With my new focus and control we have flourished together. Our manager told me recently that you have become a much more pleasurable and personably horse since I have started riding you. She has complemented me on how I school you, and often awards us the “Blue Ribbon” of the class. We are still getting the hang of things in the show ring, but it will come in time. She praised us for our work in the jump field this weekend, and it was a blast being airborne like that. When she pointed us towards a larger jump with bushes in the field, I panicked at first, but we took it like a pro. People were shocked to see how you moved, and were amazed at how fast you could actually move. They just don’t understand that you’re a baby at heart, and love nothing more but to play in the field. We have a special connection Winton, your my friend, and I am yours. You have built my confidence up, and I am fearless on your back. I wish some days you could come to school with me, and give me the same confidence.
Thank you with all of my heart Winton, you have been a saving grace for me, and I look forward to many more years together.
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My Dearest Luca,
When I first saw you, I liked almost nothing about you.
I hated your fur, it was long, tangled amd full of bald patches.
I disliked your conformation, your head was far too big for your body.
I loathed your looks, your ribs were sticking out and your hip ones too.
I was afraid of your temper, you wouldn't let anyone touch your head.
I repulsed your name, it was terrible.
But there was also one thing I loved about you.
Your eyes, they were like two dark marbles, shiny and alert, even though you looked and felt terrible. Those eyes convinced me. Persuaded me. To buy you and bring you home. The first time I sat on your back, my arms around your neck, I felt scared at first. You were unsure and your back was bony and so hard. But then I relaxed. We became one. A team! We achieved to create a bond, a strong, loving bond where we trusted each other. You are so eager to please and although you were terrified of that tarpaulin, you bravely walked on. And realised that whatever I wanted you to do was not that scary. :)

Luca, your name might have sounded stupid at first. But you listen to it and because such a beautiful creature like this is called Luca, it makes the name the best name in the world. I love you Luca, and please understand that when I climb the fence, I'm not trying to steal your food! :P You are so humble, my dear horse. You don't care how sticky-uppy my hair is, or how weird I look :P Thank you for being a true friend amd my first horse. Now I realise that all that waiting really paid off.

Your faithful best friend,

Proud owner of a Standardbred!
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My Dearest Red,

You need to know that you're a special horse and you light up my life everyday. The number of times you've saved me, be it from a fall or from myself, is staggering. I am not a mentally healthy person. I have a lot of issues that you don't know about, but you don't care and never have. You see me as your perfect equal, your mommy, the one who you trust. I see you as my baby, my partner, and my best friend. When i curl up next to you in your stall and look into your big brown eyes, all i want is to be right there with you because you make me so **** happy. I am the luckiest girl in the world to own a horse as perfect as you are. I can't wait to ride you again when your tendon fully heals. we will gallop our hearts off again one day my sweet boy.

Love always, Mommy.

My little MG,

You are such a little trooper, and everything you do is so **** cute. I know i've only had you for a week, but you need to know that the first time i sat on you, i knew you were my horse. your sheer intelligence, willingness to learn, and overall good attitude blows me away constantly. Riding you, it doesn't really feel like i'm on such a little green bean. you're sophisticated beyond your years, and i dream of us one day running rolex. The little mare that could. your height doesnt matter, the size of your heart means so much more.
I love you sweet pea.

love Madee :)
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Dear 'horse in my field',

Will you please tell me your name? I'm tired of calling you 'pretty boy'. Thanks.
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Red face Dear Savannah,

Dear Savannah,

Please stop eating plastic bags when I go to get your tack! You nearly gave me a heart attack when I was walking down the aisle way and saw Charlie's feed back in your mouth! When I pulled it out and saw six inches of it was torn off and you had swallowed it, it scared me so much! I knew that I had been told that horses could die from eating plastic because they can't throw up and it gets tuck in their stomaches. You comforted me as I cried into your neck waiting for the vet to call me back, and you put up with me sobbing when they said you were going to be okay. I've only had you since the very end of July, but I don't know what I would do with my life without you. Even though you can be a butt to train, and you buck because you're excited when we do XC, and you rear when you get scared and you escape your stall sometimes, you are going to be my forever horse. Because you comfort me when I'm sad, you're the best ride EVER, you're just so sweet, even when you do get out of your stall, you only walk around, even if you are difficult alot, that's half the fun! You're unpredictable, but I love it! I love everything about you, even if you do buck me off when we go to a rated show.

Your Mommy, Megan
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Dear Amber,

I loved those years we spent together in the pasture. I just to thank you for being there for me when no one else was. You protected me, loved me, and never let me get hurt.
We were the only one's who had any sort of connection. Passed down from mother, to sister, to sister, to me. And you chose me. I thank you for that. We were one, and we always will be.
You never let me fall off your back, never let me feel afraid. I thank you for that.
You never let the others horses near us when we were together, and I thank you for that too. I was special to you and you were special to me.

Now we are miles apart, and will never meet again. I truly hope we will someday, but I fear that it will won't happen. You stole my heart Amber, and I actually thank you for that. You were the best horse anyone could have, and now you are loving another little girl - living my dream of barrel racing with you. I hope you loved her the same way you loved me. And I hope she will love you back all the same.
But don't worry my girl, we will meet again, and hopefully you will still remember me.

No matter how many miles apart we are, no matter how long we will be separated, no matter is you don't remember me, I will love you forever. But Amber make me a promise. Promise me that you come running back in heaven. Promise me that When we meet again, you'll give me at least part of my heart back. Promise me that you won't chase away Golley when he comes to say hello.

Promise me that you will always love me, even if you forget who I am on Earth.

I love with all my heart Amberly. I always will.
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Dear Pilgrim,


You know who.

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