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        07-19-2010, 12:43 AM
    I got thrown off a two-year-old stud colt into an electric barbed wire fence. It's weird to see him placing in the pleasure classes now, having ridden him bucking and throwing a fit.
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        07-19-2010, 01:32 AM
    When I was about 9 my old trainer thought I could handle this particular school horse. She ended up being an ex barrel racer, which I didnt know at the time. We started with a cross rail, and I couldnt stop her. First my stirrup leather fell off and I hit the wall. I was fine, and got back on. I did the jump again since I was told to and I couldnt stop her. Everyone tried to do horse baracades, but it didnt work. I fell off, hit the wall, and broke my upper arm. Kinda painful since the bone was broken right through. Not fun
        07-19-2010, 05:42 AM
    Well I've only fallen off twice haha, but the first one wasnt nice.
    We were having a decent day (i lie it was horrible) bubbles was pulling on me 24/7 and I was fighting back, dunno what was up her bum but boy was she havin a crabby day. She packed a mental after jumping a teensy 30cm jump n I lost a stirrup, she swung left, I swung right, held onto her for all it was worth and then was around her neck legs dangled down, when she kicked my leg which sent me to the ground and underneath her, she buggered off down to the gate after running me over completely. Shattered my helmet, dropped me in the only mud puddle in the **** paddock (funny how that happens) and broke 4 of my left ribs. Well I was pissed off as you can imagine, after a few minutes of swearing my heart out and yelling and screaming at her I got up, covered in mud head to toe on my right side, got back on and rode and worked her harder till she behaved and nearly tripped up cause she was so exhausted.
    Didnt figure out till after 6 weeks of painfull moving, excrutiating pain when sneezing and coughing, that I had done the ribs in.. oops. Didnt go to school for 6 weeks it was that bad. Not cool.

    The other one was your simple "oh i'll swing on indian style bareback" bubbles=BUCK... me "uh yeah head first into the dirt" that didnt last long did it. Lol.
        07-19-2010, 04:24 PM
    My worst fall [not counting the one where Dougal reared up and fell over backwards with my friend on board...] has to have been when I was riding in this very large field on Dougal. He had a history of being very naughty in this field - taking off and throwing big bucking fits. He was getting a lot better and was finally starting to behave in the large feild. I went out for a hack one day and there was a tractor ploughing the neighbouring field, partially hidden by some trees. Dougal seemed ok, until we got closer to the neighbouring field. He suddenly exploded, bolted and had the most humungous bucking fit. I stayed on for about 4 before getting completely catapaulted off, landed on my head and flipped clean over onto my back. Dougal went galloping off down the field without me.
    It was so, so, so painful. I was still hobbling about over a week afterwards.
    That is defintly the most painful. He's fairly crafty. He managed to buck me off twice in the space of 5 minutes the other night. Maaan, he can throw a big one. >.<

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