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Back on Track Products, Your Horse & His Health

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    06-30-2008, 11:07 AM
Back on Track Products, Your Horse & His Health

First off, has anyone here had experience with Back on Track products and care to share their story? If you haven't had experience with BoT products, please read the information below and let me know what you think! Thanks for your time.
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All equines are considered athletes - from Grand Prix show jumpers, racehorses, to your backyard trail horse - horses are demanded to perform beyond their natural abilities. Being comprised of 60% muscle body weight, with over 700 skeletal muscles responsible for locomotion, the equine body is prone to soft tissue injuries and trauma.

There are many alternative therapies available these days to help aid in the relief and recovery of muscular soreness found in sport horses. Equine sports massage therapy plays a big role in the rehab and preventative measures to help keep our horse’s muscles relaxed and in good working order. But what else is there that you can do to help aid in keeping your horse sound?

Back on Track is an innovative product designed to help aid in pain management… drug free!

This pioneering product originated in Sweden and is now widespread throughout Europe. Crafted from a revolutionary fabric infused with ceramic powder, this technology is based on DAR infrared ray therapies that are have been widely used through Europe and the Orient, but are relatively new in the US and elsewhere.

How does Back on Track products work? And what do they offer compared to your regular equine products available?

The ceramic powder is not found in your every day product and this addition is the major difference between Back on Track and your every day equipment. The ceramic powder works with your horse’s natural body heat, reflecting the body heat in the form of rays. This helps to increase blood flow - which as a result can reduce pain and swelling and will help stimulate the healing process.

The important thing is to remember that the ceramic powder is regulated in the correct ratio in the polyester threads, due to this regulation, Back on Track products supply highly effective range of pain relief in all garments.

By reducing inflammation and increasing circulation, Back on Track products have been a great help for various leg problems in horses - such as bucked shins, suspensory strains, bowed tendons, filled legs, navicular nerve damage, arthritis, and as well as sensitive skin.

If your horse is cold backed, prone to tying up, a sufferer of acidosis, or other general back soreness - Back on Track blankets have been proven in a clinical trial to help horses with chronic back problems, with a 50% improvement of the movement capability after three weeks of Back on Track use. Only ten horses were used during this trial, however there was a significant statistical result.

Therapeutic benefits of back on Track products are not restricted to horses that have sustained injuries but are also used as a regular preventative measure with many top trainers and riders. Like all products, there are no miracles. All responses will vary from horse to horse. Some users have noticed improvements with hours, and some have to persevere with usage of the products for 10 to 20 days due to long term ailments.

Back on Track products will help loosen up your horse’s muscles for warm-up prior to competition and also aid in improving your horse’s recovery time between performances. Keeping your horse’s muscles loose and relaxed will help improve performance. If your horse’s body cannot move freely due to muscular restrictions such as tightness, how can you expect your horse to perform to his full potential? If your horse’s body can move more freely with less restrictions and in more comfort, there will be an improvement in performance.

Using ’Sore no More’ products with your Back on Track products will increase your results. Horses with sensitive skin or white legs don’t develop scurf or inflammation as they sometimes do with poultices. Using Sore No More under Back on Track ceramic wraps helps nip chronic swelling. These are two great products to use together.

A supple horse is a happy horse…. Just like us, if a horse is feeling sore with tight, achy muscles - their performance will not be up to par.

Back on Track also offers innovative products for humans to help aid in pain relief and to also help loosen muscles up for exercise. Back on Track definitely offers a variety of products to help benefit the equine and human body in almost all the areas needed most!

But what about the expensive prices of these state-of-the-art products?

Think of the purchase of these products as investments in your horse’s health, well-being and soundness. Only a little more than your regular equine apparel, the quality of the products and the proven benefits are well worth the extra investment!

To help ease the cost of these products, they are available through Show & Race Ready Massage at a low introductory price. A complete catalog is available on the website, showing your savings by purchasing through S&R.

Invest in your horse’s well-being today and help your sport horse become a better athlete!

-Lacey K. Williams, CESMT
Show & Race Ready Massage

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