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Do I have my bridle set up right?

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    04-26-2013, 11:28 PM
Green Broke
All horses need "brakes"
I think you need to take riding lessons...
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    04-26-2013, 11:36 PM
I am perfectly fine with riding my horse. That is not the issue. It's just that this bit is new to me. I'm used to one like this:

And I have been using that type of bit ever since I started riding, up until November when I purchased this twisted snaffle. I know how to ride and control a horse, ma'am, but I'm not familiar with this twisted snaffle bit.

Is there anyway I can transfer my mare back to a bit, like the one pictured above?
    04-26-2013, 11:49 PM
So you have a thread asking how to sit in a western saddle, because you haven't had lessons, but you are perfectly fine with riding?

Ok, got you

Personally I wouldn't choose either bit, I don't like either. Choice of bit is such a complicated and highly personal subject, we could be here for a week or two.

It sounds to me that you and your mare MAY be happier in a simple snaffle, a French link is my first choice The Bit Gallery – French Link Snaffle

It is a nice mild bit, and well tolerated by a lot of horses, but then some hate it.

You have to know what you are trying to achieve, what she is comfortable with, and what is the mildest bit that you can use.
    04-26-2013, 11:55 PM
The curb strap is only there so the snaffle bit will not get pulled through the mouth. On a snaffle bit, there is no shanks like on that Tom Thumb bit you posted, shanks are the arms that come down from the mouthpiece. Those are leverage, the snaffle is a direct pull, no leverage involved so the curb strap just sits there.
    04-26-2013, 11:59 PM
My two least favorite bits: a Tom Thumb (the bit you have pictured above) and a twisted wire snaffle. *shakes head*

Are you direct (plow) reining with this horse or neck reining?

When stopping, you need to be asking for a stop with your seat, not "tugging" on your horse's mouth.

I use a curb chain on my French link eggbutt snaffle (like the one Golden Horse posted), but only because my gelding is green and has a bad habit of letting the bit slide through his mouth to evade it (we're working on this, though).
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    04-27-2013, 12:02 AM
I have been riding for over 9 years. And I posted that thread because I was solely curious if I was doing something wrong and how others sit in their own. I usually sit through a trot and all, but I was wondering if maybe there was a way I could make it more comfortable for both me and my horse. I'm not here to get disrespected by others who believe they are better horsemen than I. I am here for other people's knowledge and help. That's what I thought this forum is about.

ANYWAY, I do just regular trail riding, but I plan to start on barrels over the summer. I also want a bit that will make my mare respond a bit better. She is plow reined right now, but over this summer I plan to work and change that. She is slow to stop. And I have to tug hard to get her to. I do not know much about bits. So I'm looking for people that do and can give me some friendly advice and could tell me what possibly would be the best bit for us. Thank you all for your comments. I will switch that around the next time we go for a ride.
    04-27-2013, 12:08 AM
Green Broke
I would say go for a gentler snaffle. The bit is not what makes the horse stop, you have to train the horse to stop when you cue her to stop.
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    04-27-2013, 12:15 AM
Originally Posted by DraftDreamer    
She is plow reined right now, but over this summer I plan to work and change that. She is slow to stop. And I have to tug hard to get her to. I do not know much about bits.
Plow reining in a twisted wire snaffle is a great way to create a hard-mouthed, unresponsive horse. Trust me. I know from personal experience having to fix a horse that was plow reined in a twisted wire snaffle.

This horse needs to be reworked from the ground up, starting with being taught to be soft and supple in a French link snaffle. She needs to be taught to stop on the slightest pressure ON THE GROUND before you ever get back into the saddle. Once she is light on the bit on the ground, then you can get back into the saddle and work from there.

The bit doesn't stop the horse. Your weight shifting back coupled with light pressure on the reins is what should stop the horse.
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    04-27-2013, 12:22 AM
I suggest having a read of these two threads

Bit Information (Snaffle and English-Type Bits)

Bit Information (Curb and Western type bits and hackamores)

It may help you become a little more familiar with the whole subject of bits
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