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What a crock! You can splice a video just like that about ANY bit or type of riding. Yes, even western.
I guess there is a PETA in Russia too.

There are poor sportsmen in EVERY discipline.
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Nevzarv is a nutter. A while back someone got into his forums and cached it - Reading the stuff in there was absolutely hilarious!

Anything that comes out of his camp will be anti-bit, anti-modern horsemanship propaganda, nothing more.

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I have seen that video before, and thought it was ridiculous. Not ridiculous because of it's information but the way that he generalizes the sport was obscene. I don't understand how people could sit and watch as these "riders" abused their horses in that way. As they "see sawed" the reins or the one rider who smacked his horse in the eye. It is videos like this that give this sport a bad name.
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The video contains an amusing use of the word "stiffed," but that's about all it's good for.

Anybody who's watched even one show jumping competition knows that not all people ride like this.
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Originally Posted by westonsma View Post
All the more reason I ride western... couldn't bear to have this affect on my horse's face.
Hmmm.... I see some barrel racing people and cutting people riding. They use the bit and spurs same nasty way as people here using bit and crop. In same time in 2 barns I go (high level jumping) people (including the trainer who trains jumping) are very gentle with the horses. It's not about engilsh or western, or type of bit, it's all about the rider!

I think I'm an abuser according to the very end of this video: I tap my horses butts almost every day I go to the field. And (surprisingly enough?) they enjoy it.

Those people in clip are awful and the judges at the competitions should watch out for that. But I have a bad feeling this video is done by PETA and the final point is no riding, no competitions, and everyone is an abuser.
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Originally Posted by Allison Finch View Post
I guess there is a PETA in Russia too.
I believe American PETA (!!!) goes to Russia too. As far as I heard. I havn't heard about the russian equivalent to it yet.
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lol, glad I didn't watch the video. I just read everyone's responses instead and am now moving on :) lol.

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good god the mans a nutcase and i am hoping that does what i did and googled him realises that.
I am all for being gentle and kind to my horses, however i do ride in bridles and bits and it takes only the lightest touch on those reins to convey to my horses what i am asking. there is no "sawing" on my horses mouths.

all in all what a horrible generalisation.

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So we can blame bad riding on a tool instead of an idiot. Easier than a human taking the blame for their own stupidity...

My daughter rides western in a snaffle bit. Even if her instructor didn't, if I saw her ranking on her lesson horse's mouth like that, I'd march into the arena and pull her off her horse. Loose reins, and gentle corrections were possible for her to pull of at 6 when she started riding. Granted, she's trotting and loping at best, but still, being pulled on like those horses is a sure way to seem them react.

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Those riders had me cringing. The way they ride is the equivalent of going up to your friend and just screaming in their ear.
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