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This is going to sound ridiculous, but...

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        05-29-2009, 11:05 AM
    Originally Posted by riccil0ve    
    Braid someone a little bit. Unless the horse you braid has an absolutely ridiculous habit of rubbing and wreaking havoc in the pasture, it will stay in. I would suggest the forelock because it would be more obvious in the distance, I think. And like Solon said, braid in a really colorful ribbon.

    Another suggestion would be to wrap someone's tail in vet wrap. But, then you'd have to buy vet wrap, and it wouldn't stay in as well or as long. =]

    Good luck!

    Oh, and I wouldn't feel bad about not being able to tell them apart. While we can see the differences in a picture that close, they would both be white horse-shaped blobs from a distance. It's interesting that you got such look-alikes. =]
    Well, for the braids staying in... it's not so much that the horse rubs on stuff, but Dante, my little one, has a thing about chewing on 'interesting' things... like a ribbon in someone's hair. And almost 50% of the horse pasture is forest, so they always seem to catch the braids on trees and such and either rip out the braid or their hair... I practiced braiding on Ruby's mane once, and left a couple in when I let her go. She managed to un-do and rip out most of them within two days.

    I guess it wouldn't hurt any to try a braid, though; I'll put one in when I go riding tommorow and see how long it lasts.

    And they're mother/daughter (Tanner is the mother) -- they look exactly like Tanner's dam, too. XD The last owners kept different colored halters on all three of them, but their pastures were really open, compared to my heavily wooded ones.

    Originally Posted by luvs2ride1979    
    Magic is white-Gray and Tanner is Fleabitten gray, though those fleabitten spots will fade as he gets older.

    Magic has bigger ears and Tanner has a smaller muzzle. But you're right, they are quite close in look. Is there a reason you need to be able to tell them apart when you're far off? As long as you can tell which is which close up, it shouldn't really matter.
    (Magic actually is fleabitten grey, too, it's just that her spots aren't as dense as Tanner's. ^^; And when they have their winter coats or are muddy, they look the same again. )
    It's not like I plan to spot them from across the pasture, I just like to be able to glance at a horse and know which one it is quickly, without needing to get close enough to inspect her back legs for scars or whatever. For instance, Bandit and Dante are pretty similar in looks, too, but Dante is a shade lighter and Bandit has more muscle, so I can tell them apart when they're out in the pasture, but I still have to get within a few yards to tell them apart.
    For Tanner and Magic, when I go out to catch them, they don't always stand still long enough to be caught easily (it's being worked on), and I've done a lot of catching Magic when I meant to get Tanner, or vice versa, and then I just have to catch the other one.

    Originally Posted by MN Tigerstripes    
    They are very pretty I say dye one purple, hehe jk. What about a tailbag for one or both of them in different colors? That way the braid will stay in too.
    Thanks. ^^
    And I sorta considered finding a semi-permanent horse hair dye and dying a star on one or something. >.> I'm planning on running them in barrels, and I was going to paint some kinda symbol on their flanks anyway (because the judges at our local show got confused the year I showed Dante in weanling halter and Bandit in yearling halter, so I figure I'll mark them so the judges can tell they're not the same horse. )
    With the combination of Dante's chewing on everything and the forest, I'm not sure a tailbag would last very long.

    Originally Posted by Spyder    
    Actually the one in front in the second picture has a longer mane.
    Unfortunately, their manes have pretty much evened out now. ^^;
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        05-29-2009, 11:17 AM
    You might consider bright colored dog collars. Don't use the regular buckle that comes on them. I have seen people that buy the long ones and then cut the buckles off, burn holes in that end and tie the ends together with leather string. It is the same principle as watertie ends on split leather reins. Just put the collar around one of their throatlatches (make sure that it is fitted just right) and tie it on. The leather tie will make sure that if they get it caught on something and pull, the leather will break and set them free instead of choking them like halters are prone to do. The only problem is you may end up spending more time finding the lost dog collar than messing with the horses. :)
        05-29-2009, 01:51 PM
    Green Broke
    Dog collar might get caught on something. They have velcro leg bands you could use. They the reflective kind people use when they go out on trails.

    Or just use some temp colored hair spray and make a mark on one of their shoulders. You'd have to do it every couple of days but problem solved.
        05-30-2009, 08:58 AM
    Green Broke
    Wowsa, I don't envy you at all! :P I can see how that could be very confusing from a distance, and not to mention embarrasing!

    I'm probably no help though because I'd say if you dyed a section of mane purple on one, you'd be the coolest person I know! It is totally what I would do.
        05-30-2009, 10:05 AM
    They do look very much alike. I say get the tiny hair ties at walmart. They make them about the size of your little finger. That type should stay in.

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