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High Withered Saddles and pads.

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    12-13-2009, 04:17 PM
High Withered Saddles and pads.

Hey everyone !

Well today Shay-la(eveningshadows) and Niki(MacabreMikolaj) came out today,(first time meeting them) and we did the colt's and sunfire's hooves and such, so good for their first time getting a manicure lol ! Or would it be a pedi
Anywho !
Me and niki were talking about indigo and if he would be a good jumper and for riding.
He is really high withered, so im wondering what would be a good saddle for him and saddle pad ? So that he is comfortable.
What would you recommend, I of course don't want to be paying $6 K for a saddle LOL but a fair price is good :)
The way his back is with the high wither's and the back bone, wont go away but he is a good weight and he doesn't have a wormy belly at all thank goodness
It was a greeat day, (I AM GOING COMPLETELY OFF TOPIC )
So What kind of saddle and saddle pad would you suggest for a high withered horse?

( also side note, we measured indigo, and he is 16.2HH ! )
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    12-13-2009, 08:25 PM
The new Bates Elevation Next Generation has a nice narrow twist and fits my high withered TB very nicely. The adjustable gullets allow for changing as your horse's shape changes. It's around $1700 on sale, $2200 otherwise.

A much cheaper, but not nearly as nice good fit for high withers is the Thorowgood T4. It's a synthetic saddle. It's nice and sticky so it's great for when you're out trail riding and your horse has a "moment". You can find it in the Dover Saddlery Closeout section pretty much any time for $399. I use the snot out of mine. It's held up really well for the two years I've had it.
    12-13-2009, 08:26 PM
Close Contact Black Country

Well what is your budget?

The saddle that I have, is a close contact jumping saddle. It's made by Black Country. I used it on my trainer's GP horse who was a 17'3hh Warmblood insane high wither. I have yet to try to see if it fits my new guy, but this saddle is cut really nicely to fit quite a few horses.

If you pm me I can send you some links.
    12-13-2009, 08:42 PM
^ I am either looking for a jumping saddle or an all purpose primarily, or a close contact :)
Im not completely sure about my budget, but I don't mind purchasing a synthetic, since im not going to be doing any serious showing for quite some time LOL, Just as long as it is usable and in good condition fits me fine.

Thank you both
And i'll pm you
    12-13-2009, 09:46 PM
Green Broke
If you prefer leather, look for a saddle with a cutback pommel, like a Crosby Mark IV, Passier, Kieffer, or similar. The cutback pommel will allow the withers plenty of room, and ensure a better fit for the horse's back.

Many of the Bate's saddles also have cutback pommels.

18" used Bates for $800:
Rick's Heritage Saddlery - Bates Caprilli, All Purpose

17" M Campbell for $300:
Rick's Heritage Saddlery - Campbell, All Purpose

17" W Crosby Lexington:
Rick's Heritage Saddlery - Crosby Lexington, All Purpose

17.5" M Hartley CC for $349:
Rick's Heritage Saddlery - Hartley, All Purpose

17" M Randor for $449: (VERY nice deal!)
Rick's Heritage Saddlery - Radnor, All Purpose

16.5" M Thorowgood for $200:
Rick's Heritage Saddlery - Thorowgood, All Purpose

17.5" Crosby Mark VI CC $300:
Rick's Heritage Saddlery - Crosby Mark VI, All Purpose

16" M Ashland CC for $375:
Rick's Heritage Saddlery - Ashland, Close Contact

17.5" Bates CC for $799:
Rick's Heritage Saddlery - Bates Caprilli, Close Contact

17" M Courbette for $599:
Rick's Heritage Saddlery - Courbette, Close Contact

17" M Crosby Equilibrium CC $475:
Rick's Heritage Saddlery - Crosby Equilibrium, Close Contact

18" M Crosby Mark VII $300:
Rick's Heritage Saddlery - Crosby Mark VII, Close Contact

16.5" M Pessoa for $599:
Rick's Heritage Saddlery - Pessoa, Close Contact

18" M True Brit $599:
Rick's Heritage Saddlery - True Brit, Close Contact

Keep in mind that saddles with a moderate to major cutback to the pommel will ride 1/2" to 1" smaller than a more traditional "closed-pommel" English saddle.
    12-13-2009, 09:53 PM
Green Broke
For pads, I would highly recommend a Skito Equlizer Interpad with high wither contour. They really conform to the horse's back, filling in along the backbone for that lack of muscle. If your horse has hollows behind the withers, then I would suggest the Skito Correction saddle pad with 1/2" long shoulder shim. The shim will fill in for the lack of muscle. You can remove it as he begins to fill in. With proper riding and correct saddle fit, he should develop more topline and back muscle.

Go for a saddle that's a tad too wide and use the correction pad to make it fit. Then remove the shims or trade out for thinner shims as he builds his muscle.

You use the Interpad or correction pad over a normal quilted saddle pad or thin western saddle blanket (I like to use western saddle blankets with my English saddles, lol).
    12-13-2009, 09:55 PM
^ thank you !
Those one's really do fit more in my price range lol.
So far the one's that I have liked out of the ones you posted are

17.5" M Hartley CC for $349:
Rick's Heritage Saddlery - Hartley, All Purpose
17.5" Crosby Mark VI CC $300:
Rick's Heritage Saddlery - Crosby Mark VI, All Purpose
17" M Courbette for $599:
Rick's Heritage Saddlery - Courbette, Close Contact

I am a 16" about in western, but in english I am around a 17" to a 17.5". There is absolutely no way I or my horse will fit an 18"
I am 5'5" and range from 112 to 120 Pounds. Usually I am 118 Pounds Moderate.

May I ask what you mean by cutback saddle's will ride smaller than more traditional english saddles?
You confused me a bit :)

Thank you for the info on the pads also.
    12-13-2009, 10:00 PM
Green Broke
At your height/weight I'd say an 18" would definitely be too big. An 18" is more for taller riders, or those with a LONG thigh bone, and a larger hiney . My DH rides in an 18-18.5" English saddle and he's 5'10" and a wasit size 38"...

The cutback part of the pommel reduces the seat area by a little, so the saddle will "feel" smaller than compared to the same kind of saddle with a regular closed/full pommel. It also depends on "how cutback" the saddle it. The Courbette you listed is only partially cutback, so the seat size won't be affected that much. The Crosby Mark VI is a "full cutback" and will feel/ride smaller.
    12-13-2009, 10:04 PM
Ah okay :) thank you for straightening that out for me I get it !

Lol, yes I don't want a saddle that will to big :) I still have alot to grow ( since I am 14) but it is definitally preferable a saddle that fits LOL !
But I don't plan on needing to go a bigger saddle seat size for quite along time, I probably wont be above 5'7" if I grow any more to be honest.

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