Newbie Stirrup ankles down question!

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Newbie Stirrup ankles down question!

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    08-31-2010, 02:24 PM
Unhappy Newbie Stirrup ankles down question!

I have recently switched to english from western and have started doing hunter/jumper.

I have decided to call myself "Ankles down" Since I hear that more than I hear my name from my trainer, unless its yelled as "Beth ANKLES DOWN!!"

I purchased a used saddle that came with iorns but I know they are waaay too wide! So I need to purchase new ones.

I was wondering if there are any stirrups that are more likely to help with putting your ankles down and if there are any that are more likely to NOT help (so I don't purchase them) Thanks for all your help, and sorry for the dupe post! Its my first time on the boards!
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    08-31-2010, 02:33 PM
Your trainer is telling you 'ankles down'? The correct term is heels down. I'd think a reputable trainer would know that phrase.

You need to learn to ride properly, not try to buy something that will give you a quick fix. What happened to hard work and integrity? It's all about shortcuts and doing things the easy way now, and forget about learning how to ride a correct, balanced seat.

There are very few real horsemen left anymore, apparently.
    08-31-2010, 02:43 PM
I apologize for MY typo, but I think that this is no way to answer a simple question that I (a new person to the board) asked.

I understand that you think that you are a "REAL" rider and I have admited to being new to english. But I have been riding and riding well for over 15 years. You have no right to sit there and judge my riding or my trainers skills from one simple friendly post that was asking advice from english riders who have more knowladge about the tack.

GET OFF YOUR HIGH HORSE! If you can read my typos maybe you can read that I am looking for something that could possibly help, not fix entirely. I do not want to purchase stirrups that will compleatly screw up my footing because I am not as trained in this style as some of you.

I thought these boards were for help, not for negativity and drama.
    08-31-2010, 03:12 PM
Green Broke
Ah sorry Bethy :) speed racer is a little firecracker!

And to your question, I don't think there really is a difference between them probably one with grips on them would help your feet not slid through.

And stand only on the balls of your feet, not like in western riding so much.
    08-31-2010, 03:23 PM
Green Broke
Bethy, welcome to the forum! And welcome to the world of h/j's! One of the hardest things for a lot of people who switch is the different leg position, esp heels/ankles. While yes, generally most peopel will say "heels down" I don't think "ankles down" is necessarily wrong. First of all, you'd be amazed by how many people, when they hear "heels down", shove their heel down as hard as they can which pushes their lower leg forward. I generally say "relax your ankle and lengthen your leg". Gets the rider to sink into their heels while keeping their lower leg under them. Sounds like "ankles down" is about the same concept.

As far as stirrups go I wouldn't look for anything gimmicky like wierd shaped pads or anything. Some people like jointed stirrups (like the Herm Sprenger or Metalab) and some people hate them. I think they're fine, but I don't think they will really help your ankles loosen up. The problem is a tight stiff ankle and the best way to fix that is practice practice practice! Instead of looking for different stirrups I'd try this exercise at home... find a step somewhere (preferably one that has a hand rail like a staircase) and stand facing the step. Place your feet so the balls of your feet are on the step and the rest of your foot hanging off. Slowly raise up on to your toes, and then gently sink your weight down into your heel. Slowly up and down several times every night. You should feel the muscles in your calves start to get a work out and the tendons in the back of your heel will start to stretch. Don't get discouraged, it's a very common problem you have! Good luck and have fun!
    08-31-2010, 03:32 PM
Green Broke
The stirrups might feel wide, but it might just be that you are used to cowboy boots taking up more room in the step then what an english boot does.

upnovers suggestion is a great one(which I will be now experimenting with as well!). You could also double check to make sure that your stirrups are the correct length. I know that even though my stirrups were the correct length, when I bumped them up just a hole, I had a better lower leg position and my heels stayed down.
    09-02-2010, 05:05 PM
Thanks for all of your help! I will need to try the excersizes.

I had my eye on some offset stirrups (MDC's) I do not have any ankle or knee issues, but I like the idea of the jointed versions. Would this cause any issue in my riding or would I even notice a diffrence?
    09-02-2010, 05:13 PM
Green Broke
You would probably have to try them and see what happens! What one are you talking about? Are you buying them from a store or online?
    09-02-2010, 05:20 PM

I am looking at these::

MDC Stainless Ultimate Intelligent Stirrup Irons Irons and Spurs English

But I might be product of gimmic advertising
    09-03-2010, 01:33 AM
Super Moderator
One quick thought; I was often told if it helped to think "toes up".

ankles, ankles down, idiotic, stirrups

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