please help i have bit issues

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please help i have bit issues

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        10-30-2010, 11:37 AM
    Question please help i have bit issues

    Ok not sure if this is the right place to ask this or not but it will give me someware to start I guess. Ok I ma riding this horse for some one. He is a 12 year old paint rescue so that leaves me with hardly any backround knollage. Just that he wound up in philly as a cart horse for the tourest, and the things I found out about his personality buy trial and error. He is veary high strung for his age(you have to run him around the round pen and sweat him up perty good before you get on or its bucking time.). He neck rains like a beast so he didnt start out life as a cart horse. I am a barrel racer so I like to use barrel rains but he likes the split rains I first used on him. I am now riding him in a sweet iron full cheak snaffle witch he likes, untill I started using a tighter rain on him. I have started the horse on barrels. Every horse I barrel raced was always ridden in a hack and I would like for him to go in one to. He listons vary well in a halter in the round pen the only issue is the open spaces. He wants to take off with me. He's only ridden once or twice a week by me. He's not realy hard to stop just a little harder then he should be. I want to get I jim warner hack for him but would that controle a hot horse enough where im not allong for the ride while he's running off with me? Thank you all for any insight

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        10-30-2010, 12:00 PM
    If this horse is a rescue with little experience, I would not start him on barrels yet. It sounds like he needs some solid ground and in-saddle training first. This is not a bit issue--it is a training issue.

    I had some trouble reading your post, but I think you said you were thinking of getting a more severe bit? The last thing a horse like this probably needs is a stronger piece to control him. I would stick with a plain, smooth snaffle and go from there--just work on the basic stuff.
        10-30-2010, 12:15 PM
    Green Broke
    It sounds to me like he was a properly trained western horse (if by neck reining like a beast means he's good at it ) and he wants less contact with the reins, not more. A western riding horse should go on a loose rein, with only the weight of the reins to turn him.

    What also supports this is the fact that he likes the split reins better than the barrel reins. The only reason the horse would even know the difference is if the barrel reins were too short for his liking. (When I bought my Mustang he was a roping horse and the guy rode him in the shortest reins I ever tried! I couldn't stand them and the horse couldn't relax and put his head down if he wanted to. I do ride in roping/contest reins, but I only buy ones that are a full 8 feet long, preferably a few inches longer).

    Honestly, in my personal opinion, he sounds like he needs some relaxing, calm rides to just get to know you and get back in the swing of being a calm, confident riding horse. He doesn't sound like he is ready for the excitement of barrel racing, and if that is truly his personality and he doesn't calm down over time, he may never be a barrel prospect.

    I wouldn't go to something more severe for him bit-wise. If he goes well in a snaffle on a loose rein, then give him a loose rein. I would get him to be a calm and confident riding horse with as mild a bit and as loose a rein as possible before I tried to get any kind of "performance" out of him.

    Just have fun with him and trail ride him (if possible) and don't think about barrel racing until he has his "issues" worked out.
        10-30-2010, 02:18 PM
    That horse has no business being anywhere close to a barrel pattern. He needs to be taken back to the beginning and start over with his training.
        10-30-2010, 02:41 PM
    Riding 2 days a week is not going to be enough for a horse that you want to game. A gaming horse should be exercised atleast 4-5 days a week working on nothing but the basics. Turns, rollbacks, getting a solid walk trot and canter.

    Bits are the least of your problems. Ride more, run less and get his mind sound first before you even show him the pattern.
        10-31-2010, 07:34 PM
    Thank you for the insight but I can only ride two days a week. He is a horse that will come to his sinces with daily didding defiently but the only problem is I work full time plus over time. And he's not my horse so I can't go out when ever I want. He has calmed down for me alot but only me. Ther are kids ridding this horse and he can only be riddin in the round pen with them for the fact he is trying to runn off. Im not actualy barrel racing him or have any plans to show him he's no ware near ready. But I wanted him to have something to do other than ride around a small round pen for two houres and ther are no trails to ride on. So what can I do to make him safer for the kids or is he just not rideable for them.
        10-31-2010, 07:36 PM
    O and thank you trailhorse rider your post was helpfull

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