problems with bits help please?!?

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problems with bits help please?!?

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    06-18-2008, 12:50 PM
problems with bits help please?!?

Ok so with my tbx eventer/jumper we've been through many bits and none of them really worked for very long until we got to the Portuguese gag (like a dutch gag except with one less ring). That worked for around 6 months but recently he has started flipping his head whenever I take up contact on it and stops as soon as I drop the reins so I have concluded it is the bit.

So for show jumping I was entertaining the idea of going back to a waterford and adding a kineton noseband. He is obedient on the buckle in hunter type courses but as any jumper knows you can't ride a jumper course on the buckle so something relativly light until I need to use it would be good he doesn't take well to being forced into anything. We tried a hackamore and that was disastrous to say the least. Pelhams make him tuck and pull gags make him flip his head and in snaffles he tries to dislocate my shoulders while ignoring my half halts and taking off in what ever spot he pleases usually long ones.

So if anyone has any ideas or input on the kineton please let me know. I'm trying to get ready for my B rating in pony club and this head flipping nonsense needs to be over with.
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    06-18-2008, 08:47 PM
Ideally you would want him in a snaffle of some description.

If your horse wont accept a snaffle then he needs ti be taught too. Going back to basics with a lot of groundwork would be good. Treat the situation as though you were rebreaking him. I think that's the best way to go because a well broken horse will accept a snaffle quite happily.

I would suggest trying a training snaffle to start with...on the ground :) I use a french link loose ring on my wb and he loves it. Its very gentle on them so if you are using it in a training capacity they find it much more enjoyable. The right training and the right bit can work wonders :)

Do all the things you would in a saddle but do them from the ground with him and the new bit. Lunging, ground driving etc can all be your best friends :)

Also, make sure his teeth are fine and that there are no issues with his poll/neck etc this may cause his to flip his head as well
    06-19-2008, 01:06 AM
Yea his teeth and neck are fine he gets his teeth done every 4 months because he grinds his teeth and he sees the chiropractor every month. Its not that he doesn't accept it he just chooses to do his own thing sometimes. He is just one of those horses if you know what I mean and only in show jumping because he thinks he knows best. We've done the basics thing before it makes him angry doing little repetitive things I think that might be part of the problem when he's required to think but he learns so fast I'm about out of things.
    07-16-2008, 01:19 PM
Have you ever tried a Myler bit? My big Tb eventer did the same thing as ur's is doing and as soon as I used that he loved it, it doesnt allow him to put his head down and yank ur arm off but it's just as mild as a snaffle, bc some horses just don't like them. I'd look into it bc theyre not that expensive and you can use them in any event.

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