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Rein preferences

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        03-18-2009, 10:56 AM
    Rein preferences

    I had an "evaluation" with a new trainer yesterday. She's extremely knowledgable, and seriously "old school" in a cool way. I'll be working with her for a few months while my usual trainer is on maternity leave.

    She took a close look at ALL of my tack (yikes), and her main complaint was with my reins. I ride English, in a close contact Stubben saddle, with Stubben braided reins. I've used these for about 10 years. She wants me to get plain reins with rein stops.

    Does anybody have a recommendation on these? I'm not sure if she's going to squawk at the rubberized ones (more affordable, for sure), or going to turn her nose up at the web ones.

    Any suggestions? I would appreciate some advice.
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        03-18-2009, 11:33 AM
    Has she watched you ride? I can understand wanting smooth reins if she feels you hang on the horses mouth with the braided. The smooth reins allow for more forgiveness to the horse.

    Rein stops are only necessary if you are using a martingale of some sort. Are you?

    If it's simply a matter of what she prefers - I would say she needs to allow you time to get to know each other first.
        03-18-2009, 06:36 PM
    I think she means reins with "stops" sewn on all the way down the rein - like dressage reins. Not martingale stops :]
    I personally hate those kind of reins, I like something with a little grip. But, if I have to use them, it's only for dressage.

    Maybe ask her if she has a pair you can try out before you go drop $50+ on them. If you like them - Great. If not, ask her if there is another type you can have.
        03-18-2009, 07:38 PM
    rein preferences

    My TB is very fast, and we're working on several different speeds, including "less than mach speed" and "even MORE less than mach speed." So I do need to keep a steady hand on him. But, we do a give and take, so I'm not hanging on him. When he slows, I'm ready to give.

    I think her complaint is that I am not "even" on the reins. And I'm probably not. I feel that I need to work hard, with leg esp, to bend him round the corners, etc. Even though he's doing 4th level dressage moves, I am constantly rebalancing him, so my reins probably aren't even all the time.

    With rubberized reins and reins stops, would I necessarily be "even"?
        03-19-2009, 06:11 AM
    When I first re-entered the pony club scene reins with billets were very popular. Soley because it was easy for the instructor to get kids to hold their reins the same length I.e. Count the number of billets. Also they could say shorten by a given number and visa versa.

    One of my girls actually likes to jump with those type of reins. She doesn't count the billets or anything, she just likes them.

    Personally I hate them. They are uncomfortable and the billets are always at 'just the wrong length' for what I want. I really like thinner leather reins that are really flexible.

    If the reins were the same length and one didn't stretch, then I guess you would have to be even as far as the reins were concerned. However, if you are not sitting straight for whatever reason I think it would probably make you less even as a whole.

    That is just my opinion.
        03-19-2009, 10:09 AM
    I hate those reins. I used to use them, but they were always stiff and I just didnt like the leather billets. They would hurt my hands when the horse went to stretch, cos they don't just slide thru. And like makin tracks said, the length I needed always seemed to fall in between billets.

    I switched to braided cotton on all but one bridle. I like it much more.
        03-19-2009, 01:00 PM
    My TB is very fast, and we're working on several different speeds, including "less than mach speed" and "even MORE less than mach speed."
    ROFL!!!!!!!! OH MY GOSH! HALARIOUS!!!! I am sitting here laughing in my recliner, I had to put my cup of coffee down.........

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