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Saddle Fitting...Please HELP!

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        02-24-2009, 09:55 PM
    Keep in mind that using a saddle that is too big can be just as detrimental as using a saddle that is too small. I just went through this with my own horse and no matter how thick a pad I used it just wasn't able to compensate for a correctly fitting saddle. Saddles that are too big can rock around and create uneven pressure. Just eyeing him, it doesn't look like he'll ever need full bars, but again that's just by eyeing him. As mls said, try to find a saddle fitter in your area and that'll be your best bet. Not to nit pick but where is your cinch sitting on the off side? Is it sitting as high as it is on the on side? If so, I would suggest buying a smaller cinch. If not, I would suggest moving the cinch higher up on the off billet.

    Everyone has given you good ideas on fitting already, as far as checking the saddle while it is on a horse you want to run your hand in between the horse and the saddle. Make sure you can run your hand through and that there is fairly even pressure throughout. If there is a spot with more pressure or you have to force your hand through- something is pinching. If everything seems like it is fitting fairly evenly, take it for a spin and see how your horse rides out in it.

    Also your horse doesn't look swayed to me. Right now he looks to be downhill and that is what it probably causing him to look like he has a bit of a sway. Once he shoots up in the front end, he'll probably look a lot more balanced and evened out.
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        02-25-2009, 12:56 AM
    Ok good. I know he's down hill, but at certain times his back just looks completely swayed to me...More than in the pictures. It just scared me. I kind of thought he won't need FQH bars, he's just not that stocky. And I need to punch more holes in my billet strap...My cinch is sitting a tad higher on the off side than the on, but I do need to make more holes to make it fit better and move it higher. Thanks for all of the advice. I've been looking for a saddle fitter in my area already. I've found a vet who actually does chiropractic work and specializes in saddle wear and sizing. Hopefully I can see him soon! Thanks again guys, I really appreciate it! :)
        02-25-2009, 02:42 AM
    Both saddles are really nice!! I'm jealous!
        02-25-2009, 08:45 AM
    Super Moderator

    I think the TexTan Fits better, than the Buffalo at this moment.

    I do not see either one being bad enough to worry about right now, when your Horse tones up a little after the winter, you may find the Buffalo will be the slightly better fitting saddle.

    It could very well be a bigger change next year like we had once, our guy always used Semi-QH trees in a Saddle till he turned 5 and then we had to get a FQH, he never grew taller after 3 YO, just wider.
        02-25-2009, 09:11 AM
    Green Broke
    The Textan has a wider gullet, but the angle of the bars is steeper than your current saddle (Buffalo saddle?). It looks like it's perched up above his withers, but that might be remedied if you scoot the saddle back in the proper position.

    BOTH saddles are too far forward on your horse. That front concho needs to be about 2" BEHIND your horse's shoulder blade. Reposition the saddles and take more pictures, no pad.

    I agree, he's not swayed, just severely downhill. He may level out some with age, but he'll likely always be built downhill. At coming 4, he's not likely to grow much taller, maybe an inch or a bit more. The most he'd likely grow is to 14.2h at the wither, and that's being generous.

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