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Stainless Steel Troughs ?

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    10-26-2009, 12:08 AM
Stainless Steel Troughs ?

Well, we are going to probably be buying a stainless steel water trough, it is in great condition, the guy.. has used it for horses.
BUT in the winter ? How would a steel trough or metal trough do ?
This will sound so stupid, but has anyone's horses tounges or anything.. get stuck to it ?
We will obviously be putting a heater in it.
Please Voice your opinions !
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    10-26-2009, 06:32 AM
I was thinking of the stuck tongue while I was reading the post (LOL). I think if there is a heater in there it should be OK for no sticking tougues but I'm concerned about using a metal trough and a heater for the shock possibility. It would work for 3 seasons but I'm not sure about winter.

I know there are commercial models that heat stainless but they are properly grounded and insulated. Just my 2.
    10-26-2009, 10:04 AM
^ Thank you !

Hmm I never thought of the shock possibility, my horses have trough heaters, that are for horses etc, so we would be getting one of those.
    10-27-2009, 12:19 PM
We have one and it's great. The only thing is when you or your horse has a cut and you place it in the water, you'll get a VERY SMALL shock. Nothing serious, although maybe just have a look at what happens to your horse when it has a cut on its nose or something and it goes to drink...hope that helps! =)
    10-27-2009, 12:42 PM
I have never seen a stainless steel trough. I have a galvanized steel one. I usually use the floating heater in it. Have never had any problems with it shocking anyone or thing....If it does there is a problem with the heater...If so get rid of it..I had a thunder storm come through and lightning hit and blew the bottom out of the heater I didn't know it at the time and my horse was pawing at the tank I was like there is water in it what's wrong. I pulled the heater out and it was busted.So I had to scrub the tank out with bleach cause it smelled burnt and I had to literally drink out of the tank first before my guy would drink out of it... Have had no problems since....
    10-27-2009, 03:16 PM
It's safer to have a tank heater in a metal tank. If the heater malfunctions the elactricity will ground on the tank and trip the breaker thus shutting off the heater. If it is in a plastic tank it might not go to ground untill your horse drinks and then it will go to ground through your horse possibly killing it. Make sure that your heater is plugged into an outlet with a Ground Fault Circuit Interupter (GFCI). A GFCI is what is required in all bathrooms. They have a little button between the top outlet and the bottom outlet. They trip very easily when a ground fault is detected. If you were in the bathtub blowdrying your hair and dropped the blowdryer you probably wouldn't feel much of a shock before the GFCI tripped out ( don't try this though). Any electrician can install what's needed if it's not already.
    10-27-2009, 05:19 PM
Kevin, I'm afraid that's incorrect. The water itself will cause the GFI to trip by completing the circuit, it has nothing to do with the necessity of touching metal. BTW, if the tank was empty and not grounded and the heater unit was faulty nothing would happen until the horse, being grounded, touched it.

You can try it yourself by placing two bare A/C wires in a plastic or metal tank and plugging it in, the circuit will blow with the same speed wither way.

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