That top strap on an english/aussie saddle pad...

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That top strap on an english/aussie saddle pad...

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    12-02-2011, 11:23 PM
Super Moderator
That top strap on an english/aussie saddle pad...

What is that top strap supposed to attach to?

For instance, here's a picture of a pad (Aussie) that has that top strap:

And here's my saddle: (if you click on the picture and drag, the saddle will spin so you can see the entire thing)

Where would I attach that top strap?
I just got a new pad ("english" mainly because it's super pretty) and it has that top strap but since I can't figure out where to attach it, it just flops around in front of the saddle, looking silly... The OCD in my desperately wants it to attach to something. Obviously I'll survive with it attached to nothing but yknow. I do know that the billet straps go through that part of the bottom...

Sorry if this is the dumbest, most easily answered question ever...I guess someone gets to feel smart if it is!

Also, just because this had been an issue, now that Lacey has lost quite a bit of weight (no fatty here!) and because this new pad is a little bit more "sticky", the saddle/pad doesn't slide around nearly as much as it had previously! Yay!
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    12-02-2011, 11:49 PM
Goes through the billet strap of your saddle to stop it from sliding back.
    12-02-2011, 11:53 PM
Its a velcro thing, so you'd undo the pieces and wrap it over the flap, and around your first billet to keep the pad from sliding back, and its the girth that usually goes through the bottom loop to attach to the billet straps :)
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    12-02-2011, 11:56 PM
Super Moderator
Originally Posted by waresbear    
Goes through the billet strap of your saddle to stop it from sliding back.
On an English saddle I'd do that but with this saddle, the only place the billet straps are "free" is down at the very bottom edge of the saddle... The billets are attached to the saddle all the way down the flap, until the bottom edge of the flap where the billets stick out.

I probably should have mentioned that detail. I don't really understand why they decided that attaching the billets and the saddle flap was a good idea....
    12-03-2011, 12:04 AM
Super Moderator
Well, then , if the pad truly was designed to go with that saddle, then it must wrap around either the square D ring on the pommel, or actually wrap around the stirrup leather, itself. Both seem odd to me, but I find the aussie saddles odd anyway. I always wonder how the stirrup leather doesn't pinch your thigh as you are posting/trotting. Or, when the girth bittets go up and over the seat of the saddle, don't you feel them , 'cause they are right under your tender bits, aren't they?
    12-03-2011, 12:30 AM
Super Moderator
Thankfully my saddle doesn't have an overgirth (which is that strap that goes over the saddle on some aussie saddles), I was worried about that too. Haha! I've heard that you can't really feel it on saddles that do have overgirths but I didn't really want to risk it. I'm not sure how the stirrup "leather" (on my saddle it's just a nylon strap) doesn't pinch my thigh either. I also would have thought it would. Maybe the fact that it's nylon makes a difference...
Actually the only part that's every actually pinched me on my saddle is right at the bottom of the saddle flap, strangely enough. I wear rain/muck boots to ride in and the tops of them hit right where the saddle flap ends so I guess my calf chunk just gets caught sometimes! Haha

I guess I'll just try attaching that strap to random parts of the saddle to see what happens. It seems to work fine not attached to anything but it just looks weird to have it flapping.
    12-03-2011, 02:05 AM
Super Moderator
I have had that thing with my boot catching on the bottom of the fender in my western saddle. So, I always wear either cowboy boots or paddock boots with half chaps. I think I get pinched by the stirrup leathers sometimes because I am so fat in the things.
    12-03-2011, 06:56 AM
Green Broke
I've had pinched calves before-now I always ride in boots all the way to the knee-problem solved. As for the top "floppy" strap-don't have those on my (Aussie ) pads so don't know. Don't have the bottom strap either-some have an elastic strap that I put around the under fender of the saddle & I keep the saddle & pad together so it's on & off in one movement-that stretches out much too soon-I've had it replaced w/a Velcro closing, which I really like.
    12-03-2011, 09:17 AM
Super Moderator
Those loops are made for conventional english saddle. They go on the billets. You saddle has a sleeve that the billets go through. There is no way that they can be used as intended.

Are the loops sewn or are they velcroed? If the are sewn, you are out of luck. If they have velcro, I would put them through the D ring meant for the breastplate (assuming you aren't using them FOR a breastplate). You could unstitch them and have velcro sewn on them.

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