tried a myler - is this normal?

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tried a myler - is this normal?

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    05-18-2014, 04:48 AM
tried a myler - is this normal?

My girl developed head tossing in her french link snaffle so I thought I would try a Myler on her and see how she liked it before spending that much money.

I'm not sure if she likes it or not. She's not chucking her head around, at least... but her mouth has gone very hard. From soft and light in her fat french link snaffle to heavy in the Myler. Literally overnight.

The bit in question is a level 1 Myler comfort snaffle with no rein hooks. I need a dressage legal bit and it's one of the two Myler options that are allowed.

At this stage I'm assuming either she doesn't like how thin it is [it's the thinnest bit I've put on her] or she doesn't understand the different action. She's been exclusively in a french link for quite a while now and was mouthed in a normal single jointed snaffle so it's possible the action of the Myler confuses her. She has been ridden in a mullen mouth snaffle and did okay in that but was also heavy in it and because there was no independent side movement she found the muddy signals to be hard to decipher. She's a very sensitive horse and easily confused.

Other than being heavy in the hand she was very well-behaved aside from one minor issue which I believe is more to do with saddle fit [in the process of rectifying this].

I RIDE ENGLISH and this horse is dressage trained. I am quite certain I was not pulling on her. She wasn't pulling on me either, she was just a lot heavier than I'm used to. Nearly as heavy as my old horse was.
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    05-19-2014, 07:11 AM
    05-19-2014, 07:17 AM
Putting a thinner bit in her isn't likely to cause a mouth hardness issue. Typically a horse is going to be more responsive in a thinner bit because the pressure is going to be more centered as opposed to more spread out with a fatter bit.

I know she's young, but I'd have her teeth looked at. And if she's fine with that, a vet & chiropractor visit to make sure she's 100% sound and pain free body-wise.

My horse will toss and shake her head when she is in need of an adjustment. And she is young. She also needs more frequent dental work then the average horse, and that started at a young age.
    05-19-2014, 08:22 AM
I forgot to mention she's only just seen the dentist!

I know why she's been chucking her head around, and I'm in the process of fixing said issue. But it doesn't make sense that she would go from SO light in the fatter bit, other than the head-tossing, to so heavy in the Myler. Something obviously isn't communicating.
    05-19-2014, 11:36 AM
Would you be able to port pictures of both bits? That might help me think better about this.
    05-19-2014, 11:45 AM
Super Moderator
It's unusual for a horse to want lean on a thinner bit because the reason most people switch to them is to stop the horse doing that
Maybe your French link was somehow pinching her and that was why she was avoiding it and doing the head tossing?
Did you buy it new? It is a French link and not a Dr Bristol?
    05-19-2014, 12:05 PM
Pictures require effort haha!

I bought my French link second hand but it's in perfect condition and I've used it on several different horses with no protests. Definitely a French, it's got an oval lozenge not a flat link. I have another one with a flat link that I did buy brand new and she likes it but it's too big for her.

All I can think is that maybe "oh it might be getting to be almost time to buy her the next size up" has turned into "NEW BIT. NOW." It is a loose ring and I don't use bit guards [they irritate the heck out of me] so even if it's only a tiny bit small, it would explain a lot.

That, combined with the fact that she has never had a bit with a similar action to a Myler in her mouth before, would potentially result in a heavier horse while she gets used to the action. The Myler is 5 1/4 inch, and a touch large. The French link is a 5 inch and possibly a touch small... the other one I have is 5 1/2 inch and WAY too big.
    05-19-2014, 12:35 PM
It is possible she didn't like it, yes the mouthpiece says that she should be more responsive, but the horse still has to like it too. My one gelding if you changed his bit he was the hardest mouthed horse you've ever seen, but put him back in the one he liked and he was super soft. Same rider, same hands.
    05-19-2014, 01:00 PM
I'll try her in my bigger French link again next time I can get out to ride. Life is tricky when you're entirely dependent on your mother to get to your horse and your mother is working from early until after dark!
    05-19-2014, 01:04 PM
Super Moderator
Put the French link back on and test her reaction.

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