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The 30-something's Thread!! *finally*

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    04-10-2013, 02:08 AM
Awwwww all this talk is making me want a baby (horse not kid), I just wish they would stay that way for longer so I could cuddle them more!
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    04-10-2013, 05:11 AM
I have no patience for young horses anymore.

1st year working at manager of a TB stud: LOVED the foals, pics taken of all
2nd year: Had a select few I really enjoyed, still plenty of pics
3rd year: It dawned on me what a PITA it is to catch foals, dose with vitamins, handle them, ect when I still had the avg of 40 stalls to muck and 15 horses to ride, all of which were tb's getting ready for racing.

Foals just aren't so appealing to me anymore - but I LOVE looking at those owned by other people :)
    04-10-2013, 08:49 AM
Lol Maple. Foals are a lot of work. My gpa started raising QHs in the 50s and really grew the farm in the 60s when he bought a son of Poco Dell. As a kid he ran a broodmare band of 20-30 so foals have been par for the course for me my whole life. With the market I've not raised any to sell for a few years but bred the 2 for my own personal prospects. I love the thought of them only having my handling and training (well and DH & DD with supervision lol) because I ride so many for others it's a nice change of pace to have clean slates and not to be fixing someone else's mistakes. Merit has such a fantastic demeanor that I had him cut and kept him to be DD's all arounder many years and a lot of miles down the road. Honor, my filly is mine that I have zero intentions of sharing with anyone.
    04-10-2013, 10:56 AM
My goodness! I was gone fore a few days from the site while busy starting the new job, and I've missed so much, I'm afraid I'll never catch up!!

First, an RN, your description of gaining 80# I'm about two months definitely concerns me! (so totally NOT TRYING to stress you on top of your already waaay over-stressed self!), so I'll first say that rapid wt. GAIN is generally NOT as concerning as rapid wt loss! THAT SAID...(& you needn't feel like you must share the answers to these questions publicly, these are just "sometimes" reasons for sudden weight gain)...

1) started any new medications, especially ones for depression (SSRI group, mainly), anxiety (benzodiazepines?) Or sleep (these days, certain psychiatric meds are RXed for sleep, such as seroquel, or depakote: less likely?) Because ALL OF THESE MEDS CAUSE REALLY SUPER RAPID WEIGHT GAIN, even if you are literally eating like, NOTHING "bad" & perfectly average me, I know! Ten years ago when I was (literally) on my death bed and the MDs were trying EVERYTHING they could to get the symptoms managed, I gained NINETY #s in six months (and WASN'T EVEN EATING!) Six years later, when I stopped all but two of the meds, I dropped seventy #s in six months from again,, basically doing nada. Meds can have terrifying side effects!

2) You mentioned (I think) that they are checking your thyroid which is great, as if you are hypothyroid, you could gain wt quickly. What concerns me about that is WHAT IS MAKING your thyroid "suddenly" not function properly? Thus, THEY SAY, "oh great, this is an easy fix, we'll take care of the thyroid (with meds to make it function normally) and you'll lose the weight, end of story!" then you have to say that you want scans done to see if a benign (non-cancerous) tumor may have caused it, or something else...and make certain they DIAGNOSE the REASON for the malfunction!

3) major stress...if you're anything like me, with the amount if stress you've been describing, it's GOT TO BE throwing your whole system for a loop! Do you feel you can get to a point where things might become a little less "intense" @ least, for a bit? If so, SUCK IT UP! Get as much sleep as humanly possible...when you're awake and not at the (dreaded) job, try to get as much exercise, barn time, "whatever" makes YOU HAPPIEST, as possible, to get those endorphins working.

Adding a HIGH QUALITY multi vitamin daily wouldn't hurt, either. In fact, I can send you a few doses of what we take to try for a few days? If it works, you can order it online! It's kind of pricey for US, because DH, DS AND I all take the recommended three tabs a day...) If it's just YOU, it'll be lots cheaper as will last longer. It's literally saved DH (these whole food based, organic multivits) as he does a EXTREMELY PHYSICAL job, which most twenty year old guys would struggle with, and he's a "should be disabled" vet!

Okay, done with my post-from-hell. Sorry guys, just worried me reading Drafty's post. Have some other thoughts about other posts and some ideas/comments, but will save for another time...

As for Maple, applause all're a far tougher woman than I, as I would be raising holy heck without my car when our kiddo was young, etc...and even NOW, as I'm SO CAR-dependent! I sincerely hope you get Jeep back and in great working order ASAP.

Welcome new 30-somethings! Yay! We are one tough, scrappy group o' women! As I read through EVERYONE's posts, all I keep thinking is, "I am SO happy I am not the only one like 'me' with all the nutty life crud and also, the GREAT life stuff going on", because as I've said in other posts, sure feels like that sometimes...a LOT of times.

I know I only addressed a few people and I apologize, but am just about to head out door for more new hospital orientation.

One final thought guys, and I really think it's kind of an important one...I haven't mentioned many details, but my new job is the day shift charge nurse/unit manager on Thurs, Fri, Sat's...twelve hour shifts, at an inpatient HOSPICE unit...I love working in areas where I feel that what I am doing will impact either my patient, their family members, or both, in a significant way. That's why I loved labor and delivery, NICU, & in the BEGINNING, psych, (till I realized NOTHING I DID made a lick of difference, no matter HOW MUCH EFFORT I PUT IN!)...

In hospice, JUST AS in L&D, the care I give (or don't give) will impact the life of the family members who are losing their beloved "person", forever, if only in their memories of those last days with mom, dad, DH, DW, etc...and my goal, first and foremost, is to do all in my power to ENSURE that is a time where they can feel free to do WHATEVER it is with that loved one that they must...if they need the dog in the room at the facility with the patient, that dog stays in the room! If they know their family member HATED to be seen without their hair done, that hair is done each time a visitor comes.

Now of course my role is mostly medical, giving tons of pain and anxiety meds, providing all the planning for the enormous numbers of services required during their last six months (hospice starts at the "estimated" time when a patient has six months or less to live) to their last few moments...we provide dignity for the patient, ensuring that also the family has as close to their normal "routine" with that person as they'd have at home,'s tough to explain, but it's so important to me, and I though it does get quite sad at times, despite having worked hospice lots in the past and having been a nurse so long, I still haven't put up "armour" around my heart on purpose...

So guys, I guess I just want all of us to keep our worries in check, because I realize more and more through this job and just as I age, that at the end of life, the things that will really matter are so different than a lot of our daily worries and fears now.

And what I LOVE about you guys, and many of the "good" horse people in general, is that we all do seem to "get" this stuff. No one on here bitches over missing their "nail appointment", or over not getting the "first class seats on their flight to Europe for their two months every summer"...we have "real life" worries, we cope with them, we move ALL OF THAT, (as I call them) NOT ONE OF US, that I can recall reading, has forgotten how very important our loved ones are to us (even when they're driving us NUTS!!) :0) We love our families, our friends, and our animals dearly. We've got it way way more together than many others who might have more money and less real life stressors than we all do. Just a pick-me-up thought/concept, wrapped in a heavy, long-winded piece of writing...promise to make them shorter in the future guys!!

Hope y'all have the best day. Hugs all around!! B2 :0)
    04-10-2013, 11:02 AM
Originally Posted by MHFoundation Quarters    
I love the thought of them only having my handling and training (well and DH & DD with supervision lol) because I ride so many for others it's a nice change of pace to have clean slates and not to be fixing someone else's mistakes.
Exactly why I opted to get my two year old! He'll be trained the correct way from the start. Unfortunately, that does mean I have nothing to ride right now, while I wait on him to mature.
    04-10-2013, 11:33 AM
Oh wow B2H, I don't think I could do hospice. I've been through it with a couple of DH's family members and the nurses were amazing, both for patient and family. Kudos to you for doing what you do.

Tried to upload some pics of my little brats but the photo uploader isn't cooperating.
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    04-10-2013, 02:43 PM
So what do you do if you're ALWAYS ALWAYS STRESSED?! They put me on meds for it, yeah, but all it does is make nothing matter. Like I said, girl things don't work, I am not happy, but I'm not intensely sad. Hell, I'm just here. Not sure if that counts? So I cold turkey'd my meds about a week ago. I'll be ****ed if I haven't gained 8 pounds in that week?! How does that make any sense?!!!!!! I cut down real soda to 1 can a day, I started high protein a couple days ago, and still creeping up? O_o
I know I sound impatient/weird, but I've got money that this month will be 4 months half arsed TTC and no luck. AND GAINING WEIGHT. Weird as hell.
Maybe I"m just broken xD

Back2Horseback, I'm very glad that you have found a job in which you are making a difference. I think that every decent person has that dream, and not all of us are lucky enough to obtain it!!! I think it's great that you are working to provide the dignity and comfort that people deserve to have at the end of their days.

About the young horses, I loved my girl Kiera. Got her as a weanling, inexperienced myself, and she's always been a good girl with the exception of one kick...well and the time a month or two after I got her and she busted off her lead and ran back to the barn in the snow LOL. Anyhow, she does what I ask. Now....I'm thinking young horses are a PITA. My probably crypto stud colt kicked me two days ago! He's always been so nice, a little goofy, kinda dumb...all of the sudden, I enter his stall, he freaks out, turns his rear and tries to kick me in the leg with both rears. GOT me with one. I have a tiny but deep purple bruise near my inner leg. =/ We take him out, and man, he is flipping out like we're going to eat him! Hears a sound, tries to run off the lead rope, skidding on the grass, etc...Worst thing ever!!! I made the mistake of thinking that he was so relatively good that he needed less work than his feral butt mom...not true, I definitely learned. He was jumpy yesterday too, just not so bad. Still was shuddering, still tried to turn his rear on me, but stopped quickly and let me braid mane and try to get the rats nest out of the tail.

Just FYI, I had never had to "punish" him or be "scary" in any way until he kicked me! There was no real need. So, the BO is surprised, because Pumpkin was always a bit nervous, but not like mom. THEN she tells me that her 2 year old stud ran her out of the pasture TWICE yesterday and has been trying to strike at her head. And the boarded stud ( about 3) has been "worse than ever' recently.

So is this stud crap, or is it young horse crap, or is it both? Seems odd that all the horses up to stupid shenanigans are male. I've told myself that I will never keep a stud, but the youth is definitely turning me off now too. LOL. Not that there isn't a learning curve with the older ones!!!!

I guess if the majority of young horses are unpredictable like my little idiot Pumpkin, or crazy/homicidal in turn like Licky or Nova....I think I'll stick to older, more sedate models!

    04-10-2013, 02:44 PM
Originally Posted by Cynical25    
Exactly why I opted to get my two year old! He'll be trained the correct way from the start. Unfortunately, that does mean I have nothing to ride right now, while I wait on him to mature.
Haha, I feel your pain. I actually got another older horse that can be ridden now, vs starting my girl early. ;)
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    04-10-2013, 04:29 PM
Happy hump day! In my spare time, I love making memes! This is my gelding and my hubby LOL and I just happened to catch this face on camera. You may only get this if you're familiar with the seen/unseen memes.

    04-10-2013, 04:34 PM
There is an ongoing joke about my geese and their awkward sudden appearances. One day my sister was over and we were leaving to go somewhere. Right before we left, we hear this pecking/tapping on the door, I opened it and there stood the geese glaring up at us. We died laughing and joked about them being Jehova witness geese. So that's where this came from!!

jehovah geese.jpg

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