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The 30-something's Thread!! *finally*

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    05-27-2013, 12:13 PM
So much to catch up on!

Mandy, happy birthday to DD! I love those pics, and I would give just about anything if I had and old Stub for my son to learn on.

Apachie, I'm glad your horses were okay.

Maple, I'm so sorry about DD's lesson. And I know how hard it can be to teach your own kid. Moms don't know ANYTHING, don't ya know.

B2H, I always enjoy reading your posts. And I so admire the work you do. Are things settling down in your job yet?

Paige, I hope things get better for Robert. One thing that I've discovered works well, is just telling someone, with no emotion in my voice, "Hey, you're acting like and a$$. Knock it off." Sometimes people do it without realizing.

We had a party for my grandmother yesterday. She turned 89 today! Wow! She lives in California, but she still flies to Kansas every chance she gets to visit us. Awesome lady.
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    05-27-2013, 08:01 PM
Happy birthday to your grandmother! 89 and still flying to visit, that's awesome! Everyone should have a Stubby. He's just a shrimpy QH so he has a good brain between his ears and isn't the typical pony. He is a whole 13.1 lol.

Had a pretty good day here. My friend who keeps her horses at my house came out and we spent most of the day riding. It was fun, I took time to ride my own horses and take a day off from dealing with other people's horses and no lessons. We did arena work with 3 of mine, her mare and DD on the Stubster. After their work session, we hit the woods and all unwound. I rode Missy to trail ride, she's a poor excuse for a trail horse but today we only had one snort & scoot, she wasn't her normal dumbblood self who thinks every leaf, stick, squirrel, or any other moving or not moving object is going to eat her. The first time I took her out when I bought her was slightly entertaining to say the least, most of that ride was spent going sideways instead of forward. Never too late to teach an old horse new tricks I suppose. Pretty pleased with her arena diva self. DD did awesome with Stub, in the arena they could have smoked a wp class, worked showmanship & did a few patterns and they even nailed their flying changes :) She had fun trail riding too, we have quite a few trees down and me being on the Hano, I had to jump them. DD asked if she could follow suit and I let her over the little ones - some were pretty substantial size and while I know Stub could do it, she'd have been launched lol. She was all giggles going over the approved ones. Good stuff!
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    05-27-2013, 08:08 PM
OMGosh!! First...Apachie! Yikes (hugely) on the footprints left in the snow at one time outside the window! I'm guessing--though again, I apologize as my memory lately sucks (like REALLY BADLY SUCKS!)--But I'm guessing that Mitch must be either a paramedic or a firefighter, as was my husband after leaving the military, as that is the only job I'm aware of that does 24's (as in, 24 on, 24 off, etc...). Those were the days...loved that life...was how hubby and I met, actually! But he left EMS after HE was deathly ill and had three surgeries, etc...and now, does back breaking labor welding and building barns, creating good arena footing, and putting up miles of no-climb fencing, etc... in the AZ heat for a few bucks over minimum wage. Sad...a war vet from a special forces Army unit, who served later as a lifesaving EMS provider, and being very quiet and stoic, the guy who is the Foreman on his crew and 15 years younger than he is tries to boss him around (Arghhhh!!)& has no CLUE just who it is that he is trying to be "bad assed" with...funny too, since DH is the first one the "Foreman" goes to with a machinery, math, or any other problem solving question...yet HE is "the Foreman", as he's been with the job six months longer than DH. Ah, well. Sometimes ya gotta suck it up and be thankful to have a paying job and pray that with hard work and dedication things will keep improving...

Mandy: THOSE PICS ARE PRECIOUS! That second one with your baby girl is purely adorable and perfect!!
That horse btw, is absolutely STUNNING, as well! Then, the pics of your sis showing, and then you jumping/showing! What a treat! I'd love to have had your life...I mean I'm very thankful for my adult truly, love ALL OF YOUR LIVES, GUYS! I cannot wait to be able to incorporate even just one horse into my life in the manner which any of you have... It's going to get there. I've just got to be ready...and find the right horse :0)

Affored: So wonderful your grandmother was able to make that long trip and be with y'all to celebrate her birthday...89 & I'm assuming essentially healthy. We should all be that blessed! Wonderful. :0)

Ok guys, so here is the "deal" with MY predator issues on the roof: We live totally in the city, but our house used to be the farthest EAST thing was built in 1928, & it was a dude ranch initially. The family who built and then ran the dude ranch still has descendants living across the street! The builder in 1928 was a husband and wife and their four kids...the youngest daughter, who is now 70, is the person who now lives across the street! She owns a home which she had built and then moved into after they sold our house in 1970. Pretty cool...

Our house is in total 3,500 sq feet, though it's broken up into there large houses...kind if town house style, but we are the end two, so that's nice. The part we have is only 2300 sq feet, and sits on 1/4 acre now, (because the city bought all the surrounding land and developed it years ago)...Paige will know this as she used to live right near me...the Park Mall sits directly behind my house and was part of the fifteen acres this house used to sit on & my neighbors parents used to own!

The part of the house which we have is shaped like an "L". The long part runs along the street and the short part goes back into our yard. We have a rock wall which the exterior of the house is built of, ( it can be seen in that pic of Sade with his buddies on their motorcycles, oh wait, that is on another thread I think...I'll post one of them on this thread!)...that part of the house is actually the "shop" (it's inner view is partially in one of my pictures in my album? One where Jakob is holding the dog)...& the shop has a large back room that's like a studio apt in it where we spend our time if we are smoking or talking about things we don't want Jakob to hear!

DH smokes cigars, and I will smoke cigs sometimes and read online, that way Jake can play his music or video games in the house in the main room and chill and we don't have to hear it and we can open up the shop to our backyard and just sort of "be out of the house" technically at least!... :0)

Anyway! Our wall is 12 feet and so is the big gate to the yard where we have a car port and such, so it's not easily breached. Plus, we have a LOUD CHI/rat terrier mix who let's us know whether anyone is NEAR the house. Yet, in the front, the wall is really easy to climb due to the rocks...and we've had people climb onto the roof to get off the street and then sit up there and drink or smoke pot, or whatever! (g r r r r!!) & once (this is soooo gross!) Someone got onto our roof that way, took a POOP THERE, WIPED WITH A TUBE SOCK, AND LEFT IT ON THE GROUND IN OUR YARD! Puke...and being a nurse, nothing grosses me out...THIS DID.

Another time, someone THREW (we assume from the bed of a lifted pickup truck) a desperately thin, obviously stray, female PIT BULL DOG OVER OUR WALL. If Penelope had been in the yard at the time, she would have been killed by the dog as it was obviously terrified and hurt. We came home and opened the door to go out and Pennie was a shaking wreck REFUSING to go out. We FOUND the dog curled up under our bushes!! I had to call Animal Control because every time I got close to her with food or water, she majorly showed teeth at me. The guy totally thought she was OUR DOG that we were trying to dump on animal control as he kept looking at our wall and gates and the way the house is shaped and was like "there is NO WAY this animal came over that wall!" & I'm like,"do most dogs growl and try to attack their OWNERS?? Look!" & I showed him her behavior)...he assumed I BEAT HER OR SOMETHING AND SHE WAS AFRAID OF ME! Awful...

Anyway...we've lived here for nearly ten years. But we get this weird stuff happening to us every so often, and really, we truly have no (known) enemies, so it's either random, or, the last tenants attracted a "different" crowd where these kinds of situations were acceptable. Dunno. But those stories, plus the massive # of home invasions in Az lately and given the ONLY WAY ONTO THE PROPERTY is over the roof...if I hear feet on the roof and Pennie isn't "telling me", "Mom, it's a cat! Lemme go out and chase it out of the gate!" I get very suspicious...this am though, I found nada. I came back in to write more and to eat and after eating totally fell asleep on the couch! Haha.

So, as usual, y'all read a 3,000 word dissertation for nothing. I'm sorry. I'm really trying to get better!! (meek face).

Ooh! I bet that Demon's DAUGHTER IS HERE NOW!! YEAY!! I soooo pray that whole situation can be, or START TO BE, resolved soon. It is so awful. We know how crappy a "bad judge" can be, as after six years of custody hearings, we had a judge actually GRANT US FULL CUSTODY of one child and leave the other child in the dysfunctional home if DH's ex-wife. Unbelievable. He is 14 & we pray daily that he will just decide he's had ENOUGH of his mothers behavior and run to us. Until then though, our hands are literally tied. We are so thankful we ended up with one son. Disgusting that the courts saw fit to "split" them like that, and only granted us full custody of Jake because he is very slightly special needs and they KNEW DH's ex was doing a horrid job managing his issues. In three years, we've gotten him 99% turned around through diligent daily talking and morality/values which we uphold strictly, emphasis on school for the first time (the ex couldn't care less if the boys do well in school), martial arts, art classes and clubs after school...he was dx Bipolar three years ago. They have since discerned he is in NO WAY bipolar, simply has a touch of adhd, and his learning disability is no longer an issue in that he is in all regular classes, without needing an IEP ANYMORE, & getting all A's and B's simply with some homework guidance when he gets a bit turned around, from US...gee, imagine that! She doesn't believe kids should need or get parental homework help, that the school should do it all. Nuts.

K, guys. More later,(lucky you!) Hoping everyone is having a wonderful Memorial Day...Byeee! B2H :0)
    05-27-2013, 08:35 PM
Thanks! I am very thankful and lucky to have grown up in the family I did. Horses were a part of the family life long before I was even thought about. It was a great way to grow up. I'm even more thankful that I bought my gpa's farm and am raising my own child on the family farm. It has it's moments and days of course, like any other job, but it's pretty awesome to be able to do what I love. I don't regret leaving my good paying career to go back to horses at all. Being an investment broker and wearing a suit every day sucked. Mainly the suit but some of the clients I had were big pains in my butt. More money, more problems sure held true in that line of work.

Will totally need to see pics to picture it. Glad you didn't find anything on the roof. Sounds like you have some interesting days for sure!
    05-27-2013, 08:44 PM
Aforred, I want photos of that tractor! Great deal!
There was one down the road, I suspect similar age, totally rebuilt and fancy paint for $2500. No attachments though.

My babies today!
Huh huh, HEYYYYY!!! I love this guy, always good for a laugh!

My sweet boys. Talking about who gets to lick first.
    05-27-2013, 08:58 PM
B2H, sounds like its time to leave the city!
I would go MAD if I could even hear neighbors, let alone deal with what you do!

(BTW Atvers crap in my driveway all the time, fortunately it's super long and they don't come down this far. I've caught men in the bushes and I'm pretty sure some had to ride for hours with dirty drawers... Idiots! There is a whole freakin forest, and you poop in MY DRIVEWAY?????)
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    05-27-2013, 09:10 PM
That first pic is just too funny!
    05-27-2013, 09:33 PM
Hey Guys, I've been a little distracted.

B2H, thanks for remembering us! I didn't catch if anything was really up on your roof this time, but at least it wasn't another weirdo with a "Potty Emergency"!!!!! That would be a little too much for me...I'd start wondering if it would be possible to run a hot wire up there, like horse fencing, then the random weirdo's would get a shock climbing up there!!!

DD did fly in as expected, along with a text from dirtbag saying something around the lines of "Weather Channel says its 44 degrees. She'll need a jacket at the airport."

REALLY?! Firstly, you knew this, and didn't send her with one?! Secondly, no crap, I live here (well, 2 hours away!) and I'm pretty sure I notice the weather as I walk out the door =/.

He also sent her here WITHOUT HER GLASSES. See, she had an eye exam due right after he took her, and he paid for them (for once), which I think was the impetus. He told HER that she couldn't have them "so (she) won't lose, scratch or break them". I asked her what she thought, and when was the last time she lost her glasses. She's almost 11. She just shook her head. She knows he's full of it. I already got her several pair of tennis shoes (since she can't SHARE with her stepmom out here!!!!! =/), and I'll be getting her yet another eye exam...since apparently she needs a pair of glasses at each house.

There's more stuff, of course, but we're trying to have fun. I bought her a chinchilla since we couldn't find any hedgehogs, she *finally* got the tablet she asked for for Christmas that he RTS'd along with a demand for money. She's being *completely* lazy. Like, she whines about grooming her own pony, leaves her bowls and cups everywhere, and I'm going to have to insist she showers tonight. All she does is sit and play Skyrim or with her tablet. I want her to have fun, it *is* summer time, but it's been six months since we saw her!!!! I'm also figuring we can head out to Hershey park sometime after her Thursday lesson, and make it a two day trip. We also have to see Gettysburg, and I still haven't managed to head out to the graveyard in Cleveland to see if I can find my grandma's grave...

BAH, her dad is a jerk... there's so much he is going to have to someday be accountable for, whether here on Earth, or if indeed there is a God, he will have to be accountable somewhere.

Anyway, we went to see the ponies today, and DD and DS went off with the BO's son and caught a REALLY CUTE TOAD!!! =) He made the cutest little "don't eat me" sounds, and promptly peed on me. I did some brushing of Mama Pony while DD did her thing , and found that Witch is sore in the rear and unrideable. =/ She's limping. ='( My husband was super disappointed...but we gave her a decent sized dose of Aspirin and put her back in her stall. If she isn't feeling better tomorrow we'll have the vet out. The BO says there's a scratch on her leg, and DH cleaned her feet out, but she didn't let him really get a good look at that we aren't sure why she's sore.

I hope Drafty is's awfully quiet from that direction. That family of her bf really, really, really seems to suck hard. No offense, of course. I think that moving would definitely improve that situation.
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    05-27-2013, 09:34 PM
Originally Posted by FlyGap    
B2H, sounds like its time to leave the city!
I would go MAD if I could even hear neighbors, let alone deal with what you do!

(BTW Atvers crap in my driveway all the time, fortunately it's super long and they don't come down this far. I've caught men in the bushes and I'm pretty sure some had to ride for hours with dirty drawers... Idiots! There is a whole freakin forest, and you poop in MY DRIVEWAY?????)
Posted via Mobile Device
WTF?! How is that even remotely a consideration? How does one decide to poop on a stranger's driveway?! Like, you don't worry about social niceties, or anyone walking out to see your hairy naked butt? *scratches head*. That's so beyond gross...I wonder if it's legal to shoot them in the butt with a bb gun?
    05-27-2013, 09:45 PM
I'm shaking my head at the people taking a poo. Wth?

Demon, hope a bit of time she'll settle back into a routine with you and want to get out and do summer kid stuff. You can always send the toad catchers to my house. Darn things are everywhere. We just evicted some cane toads from the yard pond because they laid a bazillion eggs..I want a fish pond, not a toad pond lol.

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