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The 30-something's Thread!! *finally*

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    06-23-2013, 12:44 PM
Oh wow!

I missed a ton this week... :0(

Aires: Your finger makes me go "yeeesh! Yow!" Poor finger! As for your insurance...I FEEL YOUR PAIN, LITERALLY! Our deductible is $10,000.00 (yes folks, ten THOUSAND DOLLARS) ANNUALLY. IT'S ALMOST enough to make you feel physically sick to think about, and I'm to have a hysterectomy this year if I want, much like those of you on the thread who also get (literally!) psychotically bad PMS, to live a "normal life" for more than two weeks out of every month...not a lot to ask is it? Apparently, "Blue Cross/Blue S#&t" thinks it's too much to ask! Here's my advice.

Go in the day of the scheduled procedure with one hundred dollars cash on you. Tell the surgical prep intake people: "I have one hundred dollars to my name which I can pay today, to you, as a 'good faith' payment towards my deductible any you can get me in, prepped, not royally piss off your surgeon and anesthesiologist, and let me work out the billing for the remainder with my ins company...or, you can send me home, screw up your schedule and take all that heat on decide!"

Most of the time, the prep nurse will decide that she (or he) DOESN'T want all the headache, and will intelligently realize it's your issue to work out with the ins, and it's THEIR issue to get you into that OR. TRUST ME...NO ONE WANTS TO WORK ANOTHER FIVE MINUTES with an angry, irritated surgeon who assumes their "idiot nurse" didn't get their scheduled procedure going correctly. It can be miserable. Most surgical techs and prep nurses know to do ANYTHING THEY NEED TO to avoid the scenario!

Works about 90% of the time! (five friends have resorted to similar, had their surgeries, and that insurance company is going to bill you no matter decide what and WHEN you can pay!)...I realize it sounds immoral, but forcing a person to come up with a mortgage payment on a small mansion to have a NECESSARY, LIFE-REQUIRING SURGERY (s&@t, it's not like we're talking cosmetic surgery here! You NEED THIS PROCEDURE TO FUNCTION NORMALLY, DAMMIT!!) is immoral, so look at it as an eye for an eye!

I'm glad the horses, (Aires, your friend's horses, all at the barn) fared well despite that tragic fire...what a devastating thing...I'm TERRIFIED of fire...not exactly certain why, never had to experience one firsthand. I suppose it's the powerful nature of the thing...

To those discussing the whole " weight gain
vs birth control" options...a complicated one for sure!
Although my husband had already had a vasectomy when we met AND I'M infertile, I had to deal with same as a single person in my twenties...I'd say, if the wt. Gain is truly upsetting you, unless you guys are the super-spontaneous, drop on the kitchen floor and go for it type, perhaps a diaphragm would be an option?? I smoke, sometimes only one or two cigs a day, sometimes I feel a carton won't cut it (Haha) thus the pill/hormonal IUD would be a no-go...but it sucks feeling heavy. When I was Very overweight during my year long terrible illness in 2002, I decided I was FINE WITH "me", regardless of size, & I was like, 70# overweight at ~5'1". Now however, after losing much of it (mine was also attributed to an awful med) and, it didn't help that I was eating nothing but chocolate day in day out (still shouldn't have mattered, as I was likely only taking in 1500 kcals/day, but the wrong sort of calories was the issue I believe! :0)

Anyway, as I was saying...having lost the weight, I do realize that being heavy, even if you are (& one should be!) fine with "you", @ any size...I find I have SO MUCH MORE energy thinner as I've aged! Being heavy as a young person I'd imagine would be physically not so tough, as with youth comes a ton of natural "pep", but it is my belief that at nearly forty, if I was still overweight, everything I do would be that much, I did notice psychologically feeling different during that few years. I'd always been quite thin growing up, and since, have been "average wt", & that feels "normal" to me...during that few year very overweight period, I think I truly felt...I dunno...more "aware" of my appearance? Thought I was perceived differently? So I get the thing about your friends being smaller and feeling "different"....I think, as I type this, that health wise and psychologically, perhaps making a different birth control choice IS THE BEST option!

Belly fat predisposes women to heart disease, diabetes, and a number of other really sucky things. Then, it's so hard to lose due to Cortisol and stress...if you have stress, (if!? Ha!) then you have too much Cortisol. Then, your body likes to pack the lbs onto the belly as a pre programmed response to Cortisol in your system. That is one tough hormone to fight! Yeah, final decision from the peanut gallery:change IUDs if possible.

I'VE GOT A MAJOR STORY FOR Y'ALL! Unfortunately, I'll have to come back to tell it...but I shall return! Missed you guys and your life-happenings this week as was soooo busy couldn't even READ HF. THAT is BUSY!!! Hahaha.....I'm in a WEIRD MOOD guys, sorry! :0)

Hugs and prayers to all! B2H
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    06-24-2013, 05:21 PM
Green Broke
Originally Posted by MHFoundation Quarters    
Aww, he's a cute little bronc! Love his color. Hard to tell (I may as well be blind), is that eye blue?
Thanks! His eye color is more of an amber since he is smoky black.
    06-24-2013, 07:18 PM
So I am blind. Lol. From that angle they looked different but hard to tell. Now you'll have to get shots from the side.

Hope everyone had a good weekend. It's been hot & busy here. I did manage to get my garden tilled and weeded over the weekend and my yard mowed in between lessons and barn work. Pedi day for the nags was Friday, they all behaved like normal but little man Merit is earning favorite honors with my farrier. How could you not love a 2 yo that stands ground tied asleep the whole time?

I have a fairly new student that is really starting to impress me. It's been some time since I've had one that picked things up so quickly. She's 11. She started riding my Hano mare lately and in 7 english lessons (she's rode western for a few months before wanting to try english 'just for fun' once and was hooked) the darn kid has a more steady lower leg than many I've seen that have been riding for years. It's going to be fun to build on her natural ability. She's already asking how much work she can do to be allowed to take Missy to a local schooling show that the 4-H club hosts in September.
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    06-25-2013, 01:25 AM
Green Broke
Been enjoying King so much, he's such a sweet colt and is as different as night and day in temperment than his full sis Tequila lol. I don't remember I mentioned it or not but I had to put off my dental work, I'll be going in July instead.
    06-25-2013, 07:23 AM
Green Broke
I have side shots of him but they are all from last year (which I think he has developed quite a bit since then) or from this winter with long hair or has his head burried in grass. I'll try to get him cleaned up and get some nice side shots in the next couple days.

I bet its very rewarding to have a promising student like that! I really would love to take English lessons and I think my TB mare would be great for them, but its difficult to find a good trainer around here.

Visited my husband's family this past weekend. Went to their local zoo and got to feed the Giraffes! That was quite cool. Other than that it was nice family time but I am happy to be home.
    06-25-2013, 09:27 AM
Originally Posted by HorseLovinLady    
Been enjoying King so much, he's such a sweet colt and is as different as night and day in temperment than his full sis Tequila lol. I don't remember I mentioned it or not but I had to put off my dental work, I'll be going in July instead.
Not the dreaded dental pain continuing! I thought you went, HLL? I must've I'm sad...get yer butt there (see? I FREAK OUT about dental pain soooo much as I've had really painful, weird teeth, for about ten years now as part of some of the meds I take for my neuro condition)! It makes it such that my teeth APPEAR on the outside fairly white and straight and pretty-enough, yet...I develop TERRIBLE gumline cavities, regardless of whether I brush and floss three times daily or not...(I do, btw!!) :0)

I just recently completed MOST of my dental work; which for me meant about a $20k bill (thankfully, my über-wealthy mother chipped in a lot to help with it)...something I do not normally ever ask for, nor does she normally offer, but I needed like, 12 root canals and crowns (no joke!)...thus, I totally feel for folks needing dental work and who, like I did, end up putting it off forever for various reasons (pain/money /no time/not liking your dentist, etc...) & then you wind up with insane amounts of work and super $$$ visits! I just hope you can get your work done soon, HLL! I'll pray for ya...
    06-25-2013, 09:34 AM
I bet it was cool to feed the giraffe's! When we went to animal inside out the curator was telling DD about the length of their tongues and she was just fascinated.

It's a shame you can't find a good trainer in your area. If there are any shows close, go sit and watch. See who does well and ask them who they ride with. I know a great deal of trainers/instructors that don't have to advertise and work all by word of mouth.

It's super rewarding to have students with that much raw ability. I'm not an english trainer by trade though, my main area of expertise is western performance and putting a good handle on a western horse but I showed AQHA hunters and rode the hunter/jumper A circuit for my trainer for a good decade when I was younger. I can definitely make an equitation rider and coach through some lower level jumping (students that end up going that direction at a bigger level, my old trainer comes to my place to do lessons with me) but if she were to want to learn dressage, I'd be sending her to someone else for that as I'm clueless. While my true love is reining & cow horses, I do have a soft spot for riding hunt seat & jumping. That's why I ended up with Missy. Who needs a sports car for an early midlife crisis when you can buy a big baby warmblood to play with? DH would have appreciated a car I've told him that when I hit 40 I will not buy another horse, I will buy a hemi Cuda.
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    06-25-2013, 09:41 AM
Originally Posted by apachiedragon    
Oh ouch! That makes me cringe. Dragon did that to the inside of my ring finger last summer when he gave a monstrous spook and buck/bolt and nearly fell down, and I went flying and bit it while refusing to let go of his reins, which at the time, were made of climbing rope. There was a little kitty in the bushes next to the arena. Goober. I totally feel your pain.

We put up more hay today, that makes about 300 bales this season so far, and we are only halfway done with the first cut. I figure all told we will have put up close to a thousand by fall, second cut is always smaller. Of course, I'm using some of it as we go along, since they are staying in now during the hottest, buggiest part of the day, but still, we won't have to buy any this winter if we keep going the way we have so far.
What a wonderful gift to be able to grow, cut/bale, and feed your OWN hay!! I know a number of folks on the HF do so, and I can only imagine what an enormous relief and stress-reducer it must be to know you can be semi-in control of always having enough hay, plus some to spare if a nearby friend gets into trouble, etc...!

I love the concept of self-sufficiency! I imagine that it is a tremendous amount of work, but, not only do I imagine it saves a ton of money in the end, (even after buying a tractor!! & other associated fees) you also know the quality of what you're feeding, and that it is mold-free, bug free, etc...You're doing it just the way I would WISH TO DO IT, were I ever blessed to live in the sort of place where completing that process was available to me...SO awesome for you guys!!! :0)
    06-25-2013, 09:50 AM
Originally Posted by demonwolfmoon    
Hey guys! Happy Friday. ;)

We're running around like crazy trying to get this moving thing all sorted out...of course there's issues which are driving me nuts, but we're trying to get everything on OUR end at least sorted out. Hopefully everyone else is also having a happy and/or productive end to the week!

So, on the horse front, I FINALLY found a bit that Witch seems to "accept" or at least not hate the hell out of! The trainer suggested we try that one first out of my goodie box of bits from last weeks horseloverz sale, and on the first go, Witch accepted it, tossed her head only once, then settled back to chew and have a relaxed look around her eyes. So...who woulda knew?

It's this one: Crockett & Renalde Sweet Iron Oval Mouth Bit 6 1/4" Shank - 5" Mouth

Anyway, here's a really cute pic of Strider from today. He seems to be looking and FEELING better in the past week. =)

I TOTALLY agree with Mandy...Strider is already looking SO MUCH happier with you now and finally is no doubt realizing that he is in a "good, loving place", where he can de-stress, eat to his little heart's content, and grow normally and healthfully. There IS DEFINITELY a life glow in his eye that wasn't there before...what a good thing it was he came home with you that day! :0) You're a great mama!!

Witch is so funny...she likes the bit, (YEAY!), & I love the way you described her reaction to"Witch-ish"!! :0)
    06-25-2013, 10:10 AM
I wonder if that maker is the same Crockett that has been making bits for ages? Anyone know? I have an antique Crockett that I've yet to put in a horse's mouth and likely won't because the darn thing is worth as much a decent used saddle.


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