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Green Broke
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Better the not girly type than the type to show up at the barn in all brand new designer-wear, full face of nighttime makeup, perfect hair and leaving a cloud of expensive perfume behind as you walk! I knew a couple of those when I worked at a boarding barn and I always wondered what was the point. The horse doesn't care what you look like, and the rest of us were too busy with our horses to notice. Ah well, to each their own. If it makes them happy to be a barbie doll, then that's their business. I am doing good to run a brush through my hair before dropping the kids off at school in the AM, lol.

I love to bake but I HATE to cook. It just stresses me out to no end. I have no idea why, it's not that I'm awful at it or anything, I just can't stand to do it and I worry myself sick over it. That's why the crock pot has become my best friend.

"Keep a leg on each side and your mind in the middle"
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Gah, you ladies are making me HUNGRY. I love to bake & cook but despise cleaning up the mess after. I've got bread baking in my oven right now. I've got spoiled brats (DD & DH) who won't eat store bought bread. Making hard white spring whole wheat, looks and tastes like white bread so they don't know it's better for them teehee. My house smells like yeasty goodness at the moment

I'm tilling up my garden today, planned to do it yesterday but spent lots of time working on my pond and then picked up a super sweet ginormous gelding for a student. Going to go out and ride him in a bit. Haven't felt like being in the barn but having a "new toy" is good motivation and hopefully a good pick me up.

Makeup? What's that? I rarely bother unless we are going out or when we go on vacation, so that's pretty much a few times a year. I'm a jeans, t-shirt, hoodie and boots kind of girl. It's a good thing I work out of my barn. I had a "real" career as an investment broker but the whole wearing a suit every day and having to schmooze clients out of their money got really old, I did become a better golfer because of it though. Miss the money but that's all I miss, horses and the people they are attached to are much more rewarding than crunching numbers.

B2H, I nominate you to be the life coach/spirit lifter/people picker upper!
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Life is like a camera. Focus on what's important, Capture the good times, Develop from the negatives and if things don't work out, Take another shot.
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MHF, I need to find the recipe for bread I used to use. It's sooooooo good! My aunt had nine kids and still made homemade bread twice a week. I need to get her recipe, too. My next small appliance purchase (hopefully) will be a stand mixer. I really would love a Bosch like my mom has, but I'd be happy with a Kitchen Aide, too.

Can I just say that I am sooooooo glad our cat is getting neutered on Wednesday?! Boyfriend (whose cat it technically is) has been putting off getting him snipped because he's anthropomorphising the darned cat. It's taken the cat starting to spray on my couch and yowling all night for him to finally set an appointment.

And I totally second the nomination of B2H!!
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I have a Kitchenaid pro line and I love it. A bit pricey and attachments can add up too but it's fantastic. Would love the bread recipe. I'm always game to try new ones.

Lol about your bf and the cat. DH has finally made an appt for himself to get the snip after I've been whining for years. This is the funniest story ever, DH was so not the country kid, he grew up on the lake and was a bit sheltered as far as that kind of thing goes. He has seen a few horses get cut and when we first started discussing him getting the snip he told me no because he thought they did the same to humans as they do to animals. So the last time the vet was here to cut one, I told her that story. She then says "Hey, I'll do the horse for free if you want to go first Dan." I about died. I love my vet!

Life is like a camera. Focus on what's important, Capture the good times, Develop from the negatives and if things don't work out, Take another shot.
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That's awesome!! Lol. My boyfriend is very adamant that he will never be snipped. I think he's more "afraid" that Cosmo's personality will change once he's snipped. I've explained to him that it will just mellow him out some, but won't make him any less loving or crazy (Cosmo acts like a dog and loves to ride in the car and go new places). After Cosmo gets snipped, it's Abby's turn. That one's gonna be fun.
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First off, I'll happily be the group pick me up-er, except of course, when I'm PMSing, which these days adds up to exactly two weeks per month...I'm just a WELL OF POSITIVITY THEN, DONT'CHA know!!

Hey! Does anyone think their vet'll snip ME?? Haha...I've been LITERALLY TRYING TO BRIBE MY GYN to yank my uterus right the heck on outta there and she REFUSES! "not before age 45 unless you have a medical issue!" she if I'm planning on running out and finding some man to fertilize my "non-fertile self" (eye roll, been infertile for certain since age SIX, SO WHY CART THE EQUIPMENT AROUND!!), so i can have a BABY with someone other than my husband...sounds like a super smart idea...(DH got snipped himself years before we met!).

Plus, I mean geez, last I checked, sobbing my brains out because DH gently mentions once that he doesn't think I did a load of laundry "right", due to mixing white and dark five year old TOWELS sounds like a medical condition to ME!! That, and requiring an autotransfusion each time "aunt flow" comes around is certainly NOT NORMAL!!

Okay, that's more than enough menstrual talk for HF for the next what? Year??

Secondly, Drafty, you BETTER LET ME KNOW the next time you're in town!! I would LOVE to get together and talk all things horsey and life-related...there are so few of us AZ FOLKS! CaCowgirl lives in AZ too! She'll have to met up with you if she heads north and me if she heads south!!

-->[insert random sudden thought now: Wow, I just feel SO WEIRD HAVING worked my last shift ever at my hospital...but I'm very excited for Monday and my new life (work life, anyhow!)]...random thought completed...ha!

Now, as for being a total non-girly-girl, I do tend to wear some make up, but that's only because I'm hiiiideous without any on (this, sadly, is a proven FACT!) :0) but I'll never be caught dead in a dress UNLESS I'M ALSO wearing my knee high Harley Davidson boots (they truly made by HD, and I bought them ten years ago brand new at a used clothing store for $45 (originally $245!!!) , & they totally kick A&$!! Otherwise, I'm 100% Levis, sweatshirts, and hiking boots...hmmm, noticing an odd trend here...horsey chicks like to dress casual! New thesis topic if anyone is considering a dissertation, hehe....
Okay well, I'm off to sleep all day for the last time...again...feeling very WEIRD WEIRD WEIRD!

Ooh, and...for all of you cooking and baking folks, my DH WOULD TRULY do anything to see me actually make a family meal ONE TIME, so perhaps y'all will be my inspiration to "try it out"!! (What doesn't kill HIM, makes ME stronger)! :0) I actually would like to do so for him, so perhaps I'll make SOMETHING soon...I'll let everyone know if we survive the experiment!

Goodnight guys, and I SINCERELY AM hoping that you have an amazingly incredible day, ALL OF YOU!!
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"I'm too busy working on my own grass to notice if yours is greener"
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B2H, you are so freaking adorable!

I'm making a list of stuff I want for my kitchen. First on the list is a bigger kitchen. Robert and I are looking to buy a house in the next year. We found a house we absolutely adored last Sunday and the price was perfect, but it was sale pending by Wednesday. :'( I've found another house that has potential, but we'll have to see it in person before we make a decision to pursue it.

This is the house we're considering:
3420 Cottontail Dr, Chino Valley, AZ 86323 - Zillow
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Ah B2H - I go loopy as well when Aunt Flo visits, I had major melt down today. Very annoyed that car is still broken and no sign of a replacement, when I discuss with hubby all I get is a grunt. Top rack of dishwasher then broke. Washing machine started leakin water and the clothes were left with a white residue all over them. Got to the yard, Bandit has quite a large lump on his offside rump where he has obviously received a nasty kick. He has also lost condition since moving there. Argh!!! I would love to down a GIANT bottle of wine.

As for getting myself fixed: I told them to tie my tubes when they had me opened for my section and they refused. They said I have to be at least 35. When I protested I was told by a nurse "sure what if there is a house fire and both your kids die". Seriously?? I'm not gonna pop out two more to replace them. I struggle with living in a country led so strictly by catholicism.

On the upside of the horses - DD did fantastic today! She has really become so much more confident with Nod. She used to refuse to rise the trot and go off the lead (back experiences before Xmas at a riding school), and today she did both and did them well. I was delighted with her and am incredibly proud of her progression and this pony is a real blessing.

Drafty - That house is gorgeous. Don't even talk to me about house prices... lets just say negative equity in Ireland. My house is now worth about 1/4 of what I paid for it, with insane mortgage repayments and it isn't half the house that one is.

So this afternoon, I got stuck into spring cleaning upstairs in preparation for DD's bday party next Sat. We're waiting on the kids to go to bed this evening to get stuck into painting the kitchen. I also have to figure out how to get DD to and from school tomorrow *sigh*

Stop for a minute, open your mind, learn. You may not agree with what I say, I may not agree with what you say but we will both learn something new.

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Maple, as strange as it sounds...and I'm not Catholic...I think the nurse's reason is one why I'd never get fixed....I mean...what IF?! There was a lady many years ago in the newspaper...(I think it was a couple different ladies actually). NASTY Car accident, truck driver fell asleep, rammed their minivan. All kids died, like four of them....that couple was very happy to have a baby after that. I mean, imagine how that would feel, to be a parent for eleven, 12 odd years, then's all taken away from you. =/

Anyway on happier notes: Drafty, I'd LOVE to stop by! I like meeting nice horsepeople. And I love food =D I like to bake, but I don't do it often. Hubby was supposed to do all the cooking, it was our agreement before we got married. Nearly 7 years later and he's FINALLY making something other than Hamburger helper 9 times out of 10. hehe

As for makeup and stuff...I'm Southern California born and raised. Before I came here to PA? Every day, full makeup before leaving the house, dressed nice, mani and pedi every two weeks, eyebrows professionally wouldn't catch me in sweats going to walmart!!!! yeesh!!! Now I roll out of bed and brush my hair, maybe put on's not pretty. That being said...I'm fairly certain that when I go home, I'll be back to makeup and decent clothes. ;)

As for those girls? Is it possible they stopped by the barn after doing whatever they had to do for the day? I go to the barn however I was dressed for the day for the most part, and just switch out my shoes for boots!

Originally Posted by Jareth, the Goblin King
I move the stars for no one.
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Totally serious on that offer, demonwolf! Let me know when you're coming. Hopefully we'll have a new house by then (unless you're coming really soon).
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