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The 30-something's Thread!! *finally*

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        04-08-2013, 12:08 AM
    On the topic of kids, my hubby is getting castrated next week! I offered to do it but he said no, it was sad.
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        04-08-2013, 01:23 AM
    Originally Posted by Faye83    
    Demonwolf I honestly think you should stick with Witch, its kinda catchy!!
    Totally with you on that one, Faye! I've sort of become accustomed to "Witch", & honestly think it rocks as a name!! Let'er ride! (the name that is!)'ll always be a great story too, once she's evened out and isn't a real witch, anymore! ;0)
        04-08-2013, 01:27 AM
    Originally Posted by Faye83    
    On the topic of kids, my hubby is getting castrated next week! I offered to do it but he said no, it was sad.
    Haha!! Hoping you don't refer to his having the "big V" as being "castrated" in HIS EARSHOT, or my guess is you'll have a fertile husband for many years longer than you had planned!!

    Totally cracking up at your word choice, however...THAT, TOO, ROCKS!!!
        04-08-2013, 04:14 AM
    Originally Posted by apachiedragon    
    The best part about the second was I got to set the date. I got up in the AM, took my stuff, went in, and an hour later, I was in recovery.
    Hear hear!! I have to say, knowing exactly when was fantastic. I recovered after my section so much quicker than I did natural. I have to say, I should have been given a section with the first, and am adament that the hospital screwed up. I'm 5'1, the baby was 28inches long and 8lb 13. 50 freakin stitches, I was sick for about 6 months. As negative as people were about the section, never ever ever again would I even think of natural. I wouldn't sk hubby to get snipped, in the longterm if something happened and he ended up windowed/single I know he'd probably like to have more kids - he just knows better than to even mention it too me!! Haha!

    I agree with Faye and B2H - The name Witch really suits and I have now come to know her as that name. I say you will find it hard to change it yourself, but if you like something else by all means; she is YOUR horse

    Drafty - oh wow! Yum! I made omelettes and hash browns.... and it didn't look nearly as nice as that.

    Oxer - If you have been honest, you can not feel badly for a second if it all goes pearshaped. You have done the right thing by telling him how you feel, it is his decision to disregard it. Hope it all goes the direction you want it to.

    Demon - It was great finding out so late, but I am that selfish I complained the whole way through For flips, I was after getting my horse going really well, was riding 5 days a week and had time to myself while kiddie was at playschool and then BAM! Freedom was gone. Ah well, I love the little terror anyway

    Drafty & Demon - Whats meant for you won't pass you. I'm sure something will click and we'll hear an update soon enough :)

    KyMo & Apachie - Door is open and we have a spare room. I get very excited getting a chance to speak and interact with those from my side of the world.
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        04-08-2013, 04:31 AM
    I have had my 3 and now I have nothing. :) I had a complete hyster. 2 girls 11, 9 and my son 3. I had them natural with no epidural. I tried with my second and my spine would not accept it. So yeah pain. I love kids, would have had more if not for female problems. And my sis in law had her first child at 34!!! And my husband's aunt had her last at 42. So I don't think any of us are to old to have kids. Sending out healthy Peggy vibes to those that want to be.
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        04-08-2013, 08:58 AM
    Demon - I kind of like Witch too. Love the sneer pic, such a mare!

    Faye, my vet offered to castrate my hubby, bet she'd be glad to take care of yours too lol.

    I was always the girl that said I would never have children. I think being a counselor at a summer camp as a teen was likely fuel for that. DH wanted kids very much but knew how I felt and still wanted to be with me. Then I woke up one day pretty much in tears sobbing that I wanted a baby. It shocked me just as much as it did him. So I went off of bc and said if it happens it happens, if it doesn't it doesn't. Next month, no period and bam, baby on the way. The getting prego part of the story is kind of funny. We went with another couple to King's Island and spent a 3 day weekend getting our roller coaster fix. Apparently roller coasters are akin to a centrifuge, my friend and I both got prego that weekend. Was pretty cool having the same due date but unfortunately I got toxemia and had to be induced about 5 weeks early. My pregnancy was rough, bed rest and ungodly high blood pressure, totally freaked me out because I've always had low bp. Ended up getting induced and was sicker than a dog in the hospital for well over a week. So no more babies for me, it was really rough the first time around. Love DD to bits but no way am I going to go through that again.

    Still get asked all the time "when are you going to have another one?" I have gotten sick and tired of being asked so I am a big smart ass and say "Never, at least no human babies. Foals and puppies yes, I can sell them if they get on my nerves."

    The weekend weather here was AMAZING. 70 degree temps and sunshine! I got my garden tilled and lots of manure turned into it, doing it big this year and am doing a whole acre by myself. I usually do garden with my mom and we do about that between the two of us (and my sister poaches from it too) but have decided I want to put up more than enough that I don't have to buy any veg, tomato juice, salsa, etc from the store. Especially with the big monsanto scare I am all about raising my own. Growing all organic, non gmo seeds & plants this year. I also got my outdoor arena worked up (YAY!), strawberry beds cleaned up and ready, got DD's chicken tractor and A-frame ready for the new chicks (15 layers), picked up a new horse for a student (way sweet gentle giant gelding), had several lessons and went on a quick trail ride with my kiddo so she could test out her new mare - it went really well.

    Loving DD's horse, she's perfect for her. Not a deadhead kids horse but is stellar with a savvy little rider that isn't afraid to be boss. She's pretty much all speed bred but formally trained in reining & wp. She does run a mean set of cans and is a 19 second pole horse - but DD is only 45 lbs and that won't be happening for awhile. Going to haul her to some open shows and be the show mom but there are a few with some speed classes with decent added money that I have every intention of getting a piece of

    EZ Too Easy Goin Quarter Horse
    Crummy cell pic but this is DD on her for the first time when we brought her home.
        04-08-2013, 11:12 AM
    I love that mare MH, she is fab and I'm delighted DD is getting on well with her.

    I'm just back from the school run. Since I'm car less, hubby dropped DD into our old minder's before school (and she dropped her in). I then walked down to collect her... I left the house at 1 and was back about 3:45.... if you don't hear from me again it's because I've curled up and died a painful death due to over doing it and exhaustion.
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        04-08-2013, 04:25 PM
    I am so done with today. Had my well woman exam. Have to go back for an ultrasound next Wednesday (would have been this Wednesday, but my money tree is dead, so they're being nice and giving me a week to pay the $91 I owe them for this visit before I have my next one). Got blood drawn and peed in a cup. Doctor (who I haven't seen in over a year) commented (not in a mean way) on how much weight I've gained and was shocked that I gained most of it within two months. She's also concerned that I've been sexually active for almost a year without birth control and am not pregnant.

    The cat peed on our bed TWICE this morning...WHILE WE WERE IN THE BED!!!!! My car wouldn't start (loose wire on the alternator) this morning, so I was an hour late for work. Didn't eat breakfast (no time) and don't have money for lunch, so I'm going to have to starve until after I get off work (which is in three and a half hours). Then I've got to go home and wash the two sets of sheets and two blankets the cat peed on this morning.

    I'm at the last place I want to be right now (work) and it's cold, windy as hell, and rainy...but I still have to wash cars. Did I mention that I hate my job with a passion...and hate even more the company I work for?

    And now it's hailing. Someone shoot me, please?!
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        04-08-2013, 07:06 PM
    What a day Drafty :( Did you kick the cat? I bet your bf is glad he caved and got the cat an appointment. Hope it gets better after you get off work.

    I'm a pretty good shot, but I think this type is more appropriate
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        04-08-2013, 07:14 PM
    Robert got "It's me or the cat!" screamed at him this morning. And of course, even though he was home most of the morning, he didn't wash the sheets or blankets Cosmo peed on.
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