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        02-08-2010, 11:02 AM
    Excellent idea! I think its a little bit funny that here on the horse forum we promote 24/7 turnout for our horses, because that's whats best for them. If we kept them in little stalls 24/7, we'd be considered cruel. Even show horses get turn out in the off season. Just because they're chickens or cows or whatever else doesn't mean anything except we can't put them to work.

    Humans are incredibly self-serving, aren't we?

    If I was in AU, I'd definitely join.
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        02-08-2010, 01:52 PM
    Free range animals are no healthier than factory raised animals and they consume more of teh finite rescourses and produce less food. There simply is not enough "free range" to raise all the chickens in needed that way. Animals that are not comfortable enough don't make good meat and therefore make less money. The animals are as comfortable as they need to be even if that doesn't jive with what people would like to see. Pigs particularly are well cared for a happy. Chickens that are raised free-range have problems with smothering and pecking order at a higher degree than when they are more confined. Please educate yourself more.
        02-09-2010, 05:25 AM
    Kevinshorses, believe me, I have educated myself. I have been into these disgusting places and filmed the sh!t that goes on in there and there is NO way that those animals are happy. If you think that chickens are happy stepping on the bodies of other chickens because there is no room for them NOT to, then they must be ecstatic. If you think that almost permanently pregant sows who lie on a concrete floor in a dark shed, not able to even stand in their cage, are healthy, then perhaps you need to look a litter closer. If you think that cows, who are herbivores, not birds, do not suffer from ulcers and poor health due to the fact that they are generally only fed fattening grain because it's 'convenient' and 'cost effective', then I think you're under the wrong impression. Animals are NOT happy in tiny cages, preventing them from practicing natural things. Pigs are just as intelligent as an average four year old. Would you imprison a four year old human in a tiger cage, until they're of no further use to you and so it's therefore time for them to die? Of course not. If you placed a chicken next to an open field and a dark shed, reeking of death with the promise of lifetime improsonment, which home do you think the chicken will choose? Again, there is NO SUCH THING as a happy caged animal. If you still have any doubt about this, why don't you cram three or four of your horses into a single stall, place metal bars below wither height so they cannot stand and then feed them grain, every day for the rest of your lives. At the end you can even reward them with a nice long trip to the slaughterhouse. Oh and make sure you don't clean out their box either, and be sure not to let any natural light in. When you've done that, you can let me know if you still think it's a better option. I'm not sure about your country, but there is ample space for free-range farms in Australia. Apart from chicken farmers, most farmers do choose to raise their animals outside, yet there are some who insist on caging their stock. Like it or not, it's my goal to prevent these people from making a profit out of the disgusting practices that they engage in.

    I can see that nobody seems to be able to come up with any ideas and I'm a bit over arguing. Thanks to all those who have supported my idea.

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