Agressive miniture after gelding

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Agressive miniture after gelding

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    06-26-2013, 01:30 AM
Unhappy Agressive miniture after gelding

Hi everyone .... we need a bit of advice / help , my daughter & I have taken on a rescued miniature x .... he was gelded about 4 weeks before we got him ....hes great with people ` .. and has been ok with my TB and the old mare ( 31 year old) ... but he is terribly aggressive with our other pony gelding Calippo . He is always running at him , rearing up at him ... poor Calippo is now getting very fed up with it all ... we have separated the little man off by using electric fencing .. and calm returns ... after a week of calm ... we tried again yesterday .... and it was nearly as bad ... the little man is herding the other two away from Calippo ... he wont let them near them ... this morning , I have put the two oldies in another filed ... and left the two gelding - Calippo & Baz together in one field , BAz is more concerned about getting out to get to the other two , but is still charging at Calippo when he get close .... Calippo is the friendliest horse in the world ... and just wants to be pals with BAz ... but Baz is having none of it .... my question is ... is this normal behavior that will settle with time ....or is this how it will remain ? We don't want to send BAz back , but as Calippo is my daughters show & dressage pony , we are concerned that injury could occur....some one told me that he will still have the hormonnes of a stallion racing around his body ....i breed gundogs and advise my puppy people that before they castrate the males dogs later , to have an injection called Tardak ... that kills off or suppresses the male urges .... is there anything like it for horses .... I don't want to look foolish to the vet if there isn't !!!! ... its looking like Baz`s days with us are numbered if he doesn't get his act together!!!! Thanks for listening to my ramble ....
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    06-26-2013, 01:57 AM
I talked to an experienced horse person and they told me that if a colt/stallion was recently gelded then yes, it could take some time for the testosterone to run out of his system and calm him down. The older the horse ( especially if he was introduced to mares at some point) the longer it will take. I'm not sure how long it takes for that hormone to go bye bye though. This could just be how he is too... hating a particular horse but loving the rest. I'm not really sure if this helps or if it is accurate but good luck and I hope he settles down in a couple months. ( ideally earlier)
    06-26-2013, 02:15 AM
It's normal, and the more you separate them the longer it will go on, but as newly gelded, it takes time.

If I were you, I'd use paragraphs when you type, it's easier to read - and then keep them apart until the former stallion settles down. He will, given time.
    06-26-2013, 10:08 AM
Every horse is different, whether before gelding or how they behave after the fact.

How old is the Mini? Has he always been aggressive? Did he live in a herd or by himself, before? Has he been a stallion who was bred many times?

Some of the above will make a difference. Certainly keep him separated, since it might take several weeks before he calms down and is unable to successfully impregnate a mare. Remember too, he might never become a truly calm gelding. Some geldings remain studdy, all their lives and will separate or herd females and keep other geldings away from their chosen ones. Minis might be small, but can certainly be just as aggressive and dangerous, as full size horses.

You might have to introduce him to each horse separately. This, within fences where they can be close, but not within the same boundaries. Make sure you have Mini proof fencing, so the little one cannot get through or climb over. He seems like a very determined little fellow.


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