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Ahh my horse is so high maintenance

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  • Lacey crumrine

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    05-25-2012, 09:02 PM
Green Broke
Originally Posted by Wallaby    
Well, in keeping with the spirit of this thread, Lacey just dragged me out of my house, IN A THUNDERSTORM, because she didn't have a blanket on.

I almost died.

She was thrilled (all nickery and snuggly).

I don't think she realizes that if I die, all her special care basically dies with me - she might actually have to suck it up like a normal horse!!

The things we do! Hahaha
Hahahaha oh that's hilarious. Did she call you up to tell you it's raining? Lol

Oh how they are pampered. I tucked Lizzy in her rain sheet tonight so she's all set. Although she looked at me funny as its not raining yet.

Oh yes and earlier when I went to get her out of her paddock she comes walking all the way up to..... the puddle. She just stared at me until someone dragged her out. She was not voluntarily walking in mud even if it ment treats, she really wanted treats as she was calling for them but that pesky horse eating puddle was in the way.

Ahh if it wasn't for her cute personality, she's lucky she has me, the boyfriend doesn't believe in all this blanketing and fly gear stuff. Unless they will die without it, which if you ask Lizzy, she will.
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    05-25-2012, 09:03 PM
Green Broke
Cin can be high maintenance too! First, if I don't spray him with SOMETHING as soon as I get him out he will snort and stamp his feet not stop and act extremely irritated as if the flies are just gobbling him up....even when there are NO flies near him and with or without fly gear. I went through a LOT of fly spray until the day I tried refilling the fly spray bottle with plain water....guess what....he stops stamping after I spray him down with the squirt bottle of water.... yup.

After spraying comes Peppermints. If I don't give him several peppermints within the appropriate time frame he will begin flipping his head in the cross ties, dancing around, grunting, gritting his teeth and giving me the dirtiest of looks. He is so **** spoiled.

Then I can groom him, and trust me if I miss a spot he WILL find a way to let me know about it.

When we bathe I MUST periodically let him play in the hose with his lips and get me all wet too. If I forget he will find a way to snatch the hose from me when I least suspect it.

If it is 50 or below and I don't put some sort of blanket on him when I put him in the stall he will refuse to eat his dinner (even his grain) and stand there shivering with an ever so sad look on his face. Yes, a sheet or fly gear will even work LOL.

When our farrier comes he is obligated to let Cinny play with his hair while he does his front feet. If he is not allowed to do this he will grow very bored and grump and be a pain in the butt. My farrier has learned this lesson and lets him... he now calles it "special Cinny hair gel" lol.

    05-25-2012, 09:03 PM
Green Broke
Originally Posted by Susan Crumrine    
My special girl after I cleaned her up today.
She went to a big girl arena and rode like a champ.

Oooo so clean and adorable. How long will she stay that clean? Haha
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    05-25-2012, 09:05 PM
Yeah, had a high maintenance guy, miss him terribly! I had to sit there and think of something to do when he was gone, couldn't believe how time consuming he was for his last 5 years.
Had to stay in the yard or else he'd refuse to go to the barn with the others and would stand and shiver at the gate. Once he was in he'd hop on the porch and get dinner. Here he is getting a dry quilt after JUST A LITTLE rain leaked through his rain coat and he acted like he was soaked and freezing. He's eating warm mash, would only eat it warm, with sugar on top. Didn't have any teeth to worry about rotting! LOL!

Then in the summer... too many flies/too humid/too sunny/too hot. Even though I sprayed him down liberally he figured out if he was on the porch the flies would attack the others in the pasture.

Love them to death!
    05-25-2012, 09:09 PM
Green Broke
Oh I love the horse on the porch. If I had a porch Lizzy would most likely stay on it. She has come to prefer standing in the barn hall instead of at the hitching post because the post has mud under it.

Cinny sounds like he just has a routine that he loves. I mean if I knew what time I got treats I'd sure expect them lol.
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    05-25-2012, 09:12 PM
My horses are the opposite! They are so low maintence it is insane. My QH has the best hooves I've ever seen. None of them have in problems or ANy trouble keeping on weight.

However, Holly, my QH mare, is super jealous of the others. And she is high maintenance in the way that she will ONLY let me catch her. She will run from anyone else and get aggressive. She loves to be scratched on her ears and demands to be first to be fed.
    05-25-2012, 09:28 PM
Green Broke
Ahh you are so lucky. But I still love my girl the same.
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