Allergies, Oh allergies, how I love thee.

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Allergies, Oh allergies, how I love thee.

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    04-02-2011, 09:53 PM
Allergies, Oh allergies, how I love thee.

Well, ya I have allergies. Spring is at our doorstep and all the horses are shedding, not to mention full of the mud and dust from the wonderful spring paddocks.
Well today I had a lesson, and Coco had just been brought in from her morning sun bath. All the loose hair and dirt got me sneezing. It was ok at first, but after the lesson when she was full of the arena dust, grooming her blocked my nose! Well ok first it started to run like there's no tomorrow, and then it blocked.

Thing is... it's still blocked! Quite annoying. ANyone else have allergies to these wonderful beasts? Anything you recommend to help? I don't like taking Benedryl because I get drowsy after, not exactly wise when you're riding.

I have nasel sprays my allergist gave me to use everyday, but ughhhhh, I can't stand those. First they wet my nose and give me that awkward feeling, then it goes down my throat and I taste it (ew), then my nose get's dry and sometimes it irritates me or hurts if I do some light cardio and I am breathing a little more heavily then usual through my nose.
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    04-02-2011, 10:03 PM
I feel your pain! I have to be very careful about touching my horse then touching my face afterwards... feel like I want to claw my eyes out!!
Allergy eyedrops and non drowsy allergy meds are what I do, wish I had a great suggestion for you!
    04-02-2011, 10:57 PM
Ya... I think I will get those reactin pills... but I hate popping pills... so maybe I'll just tough it out. Grrr

Ya I know what you mean about scratching your eyes out! Cats do that to me! Especially when it's a house that has a lot of them and their hair is all over the place! Horses will do that too if I rub my eyes. If I don't touch my face I'm fine. My nose is the victim.
    04-03-2011, 05:31 PM
Have you tried Loratidine ?? If its not called that in the USA im sure there is somthing similar - my partner is allergic to anything with fur and it is the only thing that works for him. He is also allergic to flowering plants , 6 different types of grass seed, mosquito bites and certian types of carpet and it does the trick. Comes in both pill and liquid form I believe but the liquid tastes like feet or so im told so he goes for the pill form.
    04-03-2011, 06:34 PM
I feel you on the nasal spray! I have horrible allergies to pollen, so my eyes and nose go crazy in spring and summer, and my doctor gave me some spray, but I hated it! It gave me bloody noses and it kind of burned. I switched to Claritin, and my dad and brother (who have similar problems) use Zyrtec. They work great for us, so maybe you could try one of those? Pretty sure you don't need a prescription for Claritin, but you might for Zyrtec.
    04-03-2011, 06:40 PM
Green Broke
Try the Alka-Seltzer Cold Multi-Symptom. I am on Claritin and Singulair every day, but when my allergies get extra bad, like they did this AM, that's my go-to medicine. It is nothing but aspirin, antihistamine, and a decongestant. It works wonders for me. I am not allergic to horses, but I am to cats, and we have two housecats. I'm also allergic to dust, mold, certain grasses, and pollen of nearly every kind. So I get most of that at the barn.

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