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Green Broke
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Am I right in how I think about this?

They have started a saddle club in county where I live. Had maybe 5 meetings, I've been to 3 of them, (one was canceled due to weather but some showed up to ride.)

Fairgrounds in behind us, wanting to get more horse events at NW MO State Fair as the end result of this. Have said will build bleachers, concession stand, pens for cattle, roping boxes, and purchased the land to west of fairgrounds to do this on, and there is now a semi permanent arena, consisting of some fence sunk in ground, and some movable panels.

At present there is nothing there but arena, and that is not drug well at all, and 3 barrels. Nothing solid to tie off to really, and arena in middle of maybe 3 acres, rolling hills, and on south are the back yards of a lower end subdivision, whose yards border the "grounds" and are not fenced.

I've been to two meetings where horses have been, and there is one kid, whose whole concept in his 9ish year old brain is to scream YAH as loud as he can and run his horse the whole time, which has been 2 hours or more. (Kid is idiot at school and on bus too from what girl who knows him said)

His dad, does not seem to understand much about horse etiquette, or horse safety, or horses in general? He rides, and has some natural ability and dumb beginner's luck with his horse, but has no real training. He also isn't watching kid much to see what trouble he is causing.

First meeting kid was only kid there, and ran horse like I said, his method of "stopping" is to run horse at other horses, people, cars, fence, trailers. He runs out the gate when other riders were trying to enter, comes up behind horses and screams YAH and rockets past. You get the picture I'm sure. He also came up running behind me and one of my horses, while I'm on ground and just missed crashing into Bonanza by a foot or so. I told him then he was going to get hurt, and to stay away from me and my horses.

We had one rider there with only 4 rides on her horse, our horses hadn't been ridden since last summer and I could tell it made her apprehensive with her horse and how it was acting under here. Our horses were watchful, but none of them acted badly. Friend and I were talking about the kid, and how maybe a clinic???? Held by us two, stressing proper horsemanship....ring etiquette?

The next meeting was one we had called off because of weather, but this kid and his dad and another person did show up, and my friend said the kid did better so had hopes someone must have talked to dad?

This weekend??? Whole other story. 3 kids there that were boys, and 13 year old girl that rode friends horse for a while, who has only ridden sparingly, and with no formal training, although "rides" grandpa's horses, she plow reins and is scared.

3 boys ran and raced around the outside of arena over and over. I had to leave and go get gas and tack, but when came back? I just didn't even tack up, it was 2, and friend had to leave by 3, so just offloaded horses and tied to trailer. I got back just in time to see the 3 boys, outside of arena, have one horse start bucking and bolting, ending up getting an older boy off behind a long trailer with 2 horses tied to it and at neighboring yards border.

Kids have no helmets by the way, that is not the norm up here to wear helmets.

I also noticed several of the homeowners out in their yards watching us, so imagine at some point, if this continues? Complaints will be made about the kids, horses, and no helmets issue to Fairgrounds committee and Welfare too and possibly police?

Kid who was thrown, did get on another horse, but his father had no clue of how badly this all could have ended. Horse could have fallen under tied horses, or kid could have, or tangled them all up together too and killed horses and kid.

This kid did stay with dad rest of time, but the younger brother, and other boy raced and whooped the whole time still. Had to get on them during meeting, because he would not shut his mouth.

As I wrote, I did not tack up, nor ride, and was standing by another woman's car who was pulled up towards arena, and sitting in chair, her daughter was the leery 13 year old on friend's horse.

She got me a chair out of her SUV, and there we are sitting, and all of a sudden the boys come tearing around the front of her SUV headed right for me, the worst kid in lead, he didn't move horse to keep it from hitting me, the horse swerved on its own and came within 1 foot of running straight over top of me in the chair.

I got up and laid in to them, telling them that they were dangerous, and were going to get someone killed, or someone's horse hurt, or kill themselves, that if they wanted to run, they needed to stay on far side of arena and away from all of us, but they were not showing good horsemanship, nor good ring etiquette by the way they were acting. Also told them NOT to come around the other horses/riders again.

They rode off about 50 feet, and were talking about me "yelling at them" between themselves. They don't realize just how good my hearing is, they were not talking loud, but I could hear what they were saying. Just didn't feel like walking over and discussing it again with them.

The thing is, since these kids have no concept of any control, or sense? Doesn't matter how far away you park trailer, or how safe you try to be, these kids can still end up bothering your horses at trailer, as was evidenced this past Sunday. And their parents don't seem to be able to get handle on them either for various reasons.

I'm the VP of the darn thing too, but am really seriously considering just not going again, I will unlock gate this Sunday, but don't want to take my horses, or bother with staying at all. Let someone else lock it and do VP.

My friend and I talked about it again going back to barn and she said maybe do a clinic so idiot kid doesn't feel singled out, but I told her at this point I am not caring if he feels singled out or not.

We also had an older couple there that I got impression from that they didn't like way kids were doing either.

I've got too much invested in my horses and tack, not to mention me, to risk getting one of them hurt, or having to put one down due to being injured because of these ignorant kids. Just in board I've got 15,000.00 tied up over past 5 years, and that is pasture board too?

SO...tell me oh wise ones.

Am I wrong to feel like this whole thing is headed south, and someone will get hurt? Or am I "too sensitive" about safety issues? Or just being an old biddy here?

Would you bow out of this too, or stick around and try to "help", which I feel is a waste of time, as most of these if not all, have no real background in horses in terms of formal training and are what here is referred to as "I'm self taught and don't need to know anything else, as I know it all."

And to top it off? They are planning to go to trail ride sponsored by a BAR that has 50 people or more there...

Horses make me a better person.

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You have every right to complain. I believe you should talk to the people who run the place and tell your concerns to them. They should be able to manage the people who are there. Besides, safety ALWAYS comes first. Who cares if the kids think it's funny and has a father who doesn't do anything about it?
This is just a WRECK waiting to happen. I believe these kids need a good talking to before someone gets killed and a lawsuit comes in action. D:
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Where are the coaches/leaders? If no one is teaching these kids to handle their horses, id be gone.

There are 2 solutions.
1) people step up and help them in a very firm fashion
2) the group kicks the boys out

Id be for kicking them out. That is completely disrespectful, they are giving the place a bad name, and...they are dangerous.
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Well, I agree with both BubblesBlue, and CLaPorte432. You DO have every right to complain. I know exactly how you feel. And you DO have two options. Option #1 is:You tell the kids parents and hopefully the pull them out of the group. If they don't, thenyou tell the president of the group and hopefully they do something about it. If they don't, then I say you pack up, tell them to not expect you to attend to any further meetings or activites, and leave.Kind of hard core right? But here is option #2:You can have two private meetings with the kids, and another one with their parents. Here is what the main line should sound like:" You have just been causing to much trouble. And if you continue to ruin any more meetings, I am going to have to kick you out of the group. You don't want that to happen now, do you "?And the Main Line for the Parents should be something like this:" I mean no offense, but your children are causing to much trouble. They are endangering the lives of the other club members, and many horses. Including mine. Which I have so much money, blood, sweat, and tears invested in. All I am asking is that you talk with them, andif their behavior does not improve, then I am going to have to kick them out of my club ". If the kids act like they don't care, then tell them how they are endangering the lives of people and horses. If this was my situation, then here is what I would do. I would NOT leave because of THEM. I would stand my ground, and not be kept from the things I enjoy just because of some careless kids. I would report them to the president, and explain the situation to him/her.I hope I helped! And please message me with what you do! Thanks!HorseCrazyGirlForever

Hello! I wish I had a horse of my own.... I am working hard to earn $1500 this year though! There just doesn't seem to be very many good horses on the market though......
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Also, I would NOT let them go on the trail ride as a punishment. Please stand your ground! I know you can do it! :)

Hello! I wish I had a horse of my own.... I am working hard to earn $1500 this year though! There just doesn't seem to be very many good horses on the market though......
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Wow. That is definitely a serious situation in the progress of happening. When I was in riding clubs all the parents knew better than to let their kids endanger the horses and fellow members. After all, it is an investment that those kids didn't pay for. Their parents did. My daughter is 4 years old and has better riding etiquette than those boys.

I agree with the above suggestions. Being part of a kid dying or killing someone else's horses is NOT something you want to be involved in. Bring up all your concerns to the other officials and if there is no action taken, then wash your hands of it.

There should be solid rules and consequences that all members should abide by. I have a printed sheet of rules and regulations I give to all boarders and riders on my land and I make them sign it and keep a copy. If the kids can't behave, then they need to be told to get off their horses and go untack them not to be ridden again until they can abide by the rules.
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Green Broke
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It does not sound like this organisation has any structure.

There needs to be Codes of Conduct and rules. If that kid causes an injury who is going to pay? Does your insurance state that children can ride without helmets? I know lots of riding clubs require children under 18 to wear helmets. Have their parents signed indemnity forms? Whose care are the children under, the chief instructor?

Then next riding club have an unmounted meeting. Propose all the rule changes and responsibilities and explain it to everyone. Then if the situation doesn't improve demand they leave.

This isn't a little get together. People could get hurt and you, and others, could be liable.

If you're serious about having a riding club have a meeting with the other board members. Draft a code of conduct, get insurance forms. Have separate rules for children, if they are under the care of the chief instructor have a clause where the instructor can demand they put their horses away until better behaved. If they don't do that have it say they must leave the premise.
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Well, I know nothing about saddle club, but I'm a Pony Club mum. If this were at PC, the children and parents would have been spoken to at the first meeting and told to get in line and behave, or to leave.

Their behaviour makes it unsafe and no fun for everyone else. Whoever is in charge must do this otherwise I think the whole thing will fizzle out and fail, or worse with a serious accident.

Does VP mean vice president? Are you the one in charge here, or are there instructors on the ground?

Good luck with it.
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I think you definitely have to have some formal "rules"...

For starters - how about a minimum age of 16 ? Short of that - any rider under the age of 18 MUST wear a proper helmet at all times.
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I agree with Saskia. Rules must be codified and enforced. Make every member sign a release and code of conduct. If they don't like it they can leave. If you're the VP and one of the most senior members present at these meetings, you are the one in charge and you must enforce the rules for everyone's safety. I work for an attorney and trust me, this situation is a lawsuit waiting to happen.
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