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Animal hoarders?

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        07-02-2012, 04:11 PM
    Originally Posted by Speed Racer    

    A hoarder believes no one can take care of their animals except them, even when it's not true. Plus, real hoarders never have only a couple of animals; they always number in the dozens up to triple digits. The animals as well as the people tend to be living in squalor.

    Hoarding is a mental illness. It should never be confused with people who are in over their heads, know it, and are looking for a solution.

    Hoarders have a dysfunctional belief system and often think they are "rescuing" animals - even if they aren't the slightest bit capable of caring for them. It's the "beliefs" and not the number of animals that define hoarding.
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        07-02-2012, 04:15 PM
    My aunt is a hoarder, and like Speed Racer said, it is absolutely a mental illness. The way my aunt is about her possessions, there is just no sane reasoning to it at all. She lives in squalor. She has been evicted from two homes already because they were deemed unsafe by the city (later demolished) and she's working on her third. You can't help her, she doesn't want to be helped. She doesn't have a specific thing that she hoards as she hoards everything...trash, food, items, and animals, specifically cats. She has had animal control called on her multiple times, but nothing ever happens. These cats are inbred and do nothing but multiply. There is no litterbox, so you can only imagine the filth and smell. She doesn't take them to the vet, they're just there living in filth, being sick, breeding, and dying. It's a continuous cycle.

    So anyway, that's hoarding to me, as I've seen it first hand. It's sad, but the hoarder will always claim to love the animals and I'm sure they do, but they are blind to the animals' well being and appearance. I have a lot of animals, but I live on a farm so there is plenty of room to be spread out. They also all receive the care they need, the cats and dogs are neutered so no breeding. I also don't take on anything that I know that I can't afford.
        07-02-2012, 10:20 PM
    My MIL has a number of cats I'm not willing to list but they're all fed, and when sick they get vet attention and get medicated. They're all spayed and neutered and come from a rescue that can't get them adopted (she tries to get them adopted, but it's like a long term foster)

    We help hoarders, who have double digits of animals who aren't spayed or neutered who are living in squalor, often filthy and almost always sick. That's what hoarders have.
        07-02-2012, 10:31 PM
    Hoarding has nothing to do with the numbers, or else farmers and breeders would be considered hoarders. It is a mental crisis where you cannot physically and emotionally let go of the animal, no matter what condition you allow them to be in. It's like obsessive compulsive collecting with no thought to the condition you live in, the condition the animals live in, the condition of the situations between the animals (uncontrolled breeding, fighting, etc). The only thought is of the animals you say you love, that you say you need, and having them under your care (as questionable as it is).

    Hoarding is most often seen in poor areas, that is the reputation it has gained as it is seen most often. But wealthy people can hoard too, they can seemingly afford it however, so no one thinks anything of it.

    It's pack ratting to the extreme, with living, breathing creatures.
        07-02-2012, 10:33 PM
    Originally Posted by Silent one    
    Well, I had a friend who is now an ex-friend (due to this and other things). I don't know whether she is a hoarder or just has a problem of some kind. As she has gotten older she has gotten worse too, she didn't used to be nearly so bad. Of course, she was married to a pretty good guy and I think he took care of a lot of the animals, but now she is divorced.

    She still has to have 8-10 horses around at all times. And dogs, cats, chickens, goats, you name it. She will sell them, but turns right around and will replace one with two. She has some pasture, and some of the easy keepers do ok (just) in the summer, but not all are easy keepers. So most of the horses are VERY thin. Dogs look ok, but have fleas and ticks.

    No shots for anything. No shoes or trims for horses. Often little or no feed or hay. And no animal control or humane society in the county she lives in. Most of the time, in the summer, she skates by on the edge of abuse. In the winter, they get pretty darn thin. And there is no medical care for any of them, because she owes all the vets in the area so many unpaid bills. Actually, she owes about everybody she knows, and all of the check loan cashing places are looking for her.

    So what is this behavior? Is it hoarding when she will sell them? Its a shame, because when she was married they had a really nice setup, with some good stallions to offer. Now she seems to live hand to mouth but still has to have lots of animals.

    So what would you call this situation then? Doesn't really meet the criteria of a hoarder from what I'm hearing, but something else weird?
        07-02-2012, 10:42 PM
    That's not hoarding. More like she's as cheap as manure.
        07-02-2012, 11:32 PM
    I have 17 horses right now, but I'm in a position where I can care for them, even though I'm a contract worker and I'm not at home all the time as I should be to see them daily (I do have someone at home while I'm gone).
    I've been called a hoarder, but I've never had an animal that's been in distress, and, I'm not going to lie, I did resent it.

    To me, a hoarder is someone who has animals that are in poor condition yet they refuse to see that they have a problem, and throw up a stink when either someone mentions something or animal control is brought in.
    Alot of these people have huge security issues which is why they keep these animals around - in their mind they might have lost control of a lot of things, except the "care" of their animals - and it's hard for them to let go of that.
    It's sort of a touchy thing that even though we might see as absolutely dispicable, they don't think they have done anything wrong.

    Even though we might be going in to rescue animals, we still have to take into consideration the human aspect of it, which a LOT of people have problems doing. Which is reason why I really don't like it when people jump all over other's when they have a skinny horse when they have no idea of the situations surronding it.
    I'm not condoning hoarding, or animal abuse of any sort, but sometimes we tend to jump the gun as a general population.
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