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Anyone Else Dream Last Night?

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        04-21-2013, 06:53 AM
    Green Broke
    Anyone Else Dream Last Night?

    I had a dream Alahna was stolen and then sold to me and the guy wanted her back.

    So anywho I guess my boyfriend and I ended up moving north near his camp because I got a job at a big barn. Obviously I brought my mare with me.

    So, we're just sitting near the lake, fishing, and I get a text asking me for more information from my craigslist ad(I have like 3 up) and to text a different number back about it. A day or so goes by and I get another text that says, "Your horse Alahna is mine. She was stolen." I then freaked and I guess I accidently caught my truck keys on my fishing line and tossed them in the lake. And to top it off, a fish caught my line and decided to take off. Me and my boyfriend I guess got it reeled in and my uncle called it a brown It looked like a brown giant flathead catfish and after we plopped it on the ground, I get another text. While I'm reading the text my uncle's digging around inside the fish for my keys. Text reads as, "I know you're getting these messages. I will come get her myself if I have to." I'm like..the hell if some random guy is going to come pick up a horse I put a huge amount of time and work into. So, I end up replying with, "Alright, listen. Alahna is my mare. I bought her after seeing the bill of sale to her owners, and another bill of sale to myself. Not to mention, she's worth more than 10x what she was before, and I have a feeling you don't have that kind of money." And then my keys were found and I woke up.

    I shot up in my bed and instantly went for my phone to see if any of this went on. I almost died.): Obviously I'm not going to be able to sell this mare, lol.

    Anyone else have any pony dreams last night? Lol
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        04-21-2013, 09:17 AM
    No Pony dreams, but it weird what we dream sometimes?
        04-21-2013, 09:51 AM
    I dream nearly every night, but I usually forget them if I turn on my TV right after I wake up. I had a dream on Thursday/Friday that I lost my chickens or they were stolen, something, but they ended up in a cave. My dogs were out running on some ice, so they couldn't help me, so I had to herd my 30+ chickens through a huge cave! Thing about my chickens is, they don't herd well at all. Some are to friendly, others are too flighty. But I dreamed all night about getting my chickens through that cave and they would just stop at a wall, or walk around me. -.- Not nearly as heartbreaking as your dream, but it's something.

    My latest horsey-dream was a week or so ago. If anyone is familiar with The Sims, once animals or people reach a certain age they are considered "elderly" and from that point on the could pretty much pass away of old age any day. In my dream I was out by Tenakee and she apparently transitioned to elderly, and I was worried about having to raise Takala as an orhpan. Tenakee is only 18, and I have another mare who is 22+ so my dream was pretty much stirred from my own constant worries. I think I've dreamed about Tenakee more than any other horse, especially while she was pregnant I constantly had nightmares about the foal. (Irrational ones such as one time she had three foals, then another the foal was born with transparent skin. 0.0)

    Some people say I'm lucky for vividly dreaming so often, but I wouldn't say so because most are ones that just get me worked up!
        04-21-2013, 07:29 PM
    I have vivid dreams too. I usually remember the long ones.
    It would be hard to herd chickens.
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        04-22-2013, 09:47 AM
    Anybody here tried lucid dreaming?
        04-26-2013, 12:19 AM
    Well, I dreamt about chasing some Dracula look-alike around with a lunge whip to get him away from my horse last night.

    My dreams never make any sense...
        04-26-2013, 03:26 AM
    Originally Posted by AnalisaParalyzer    
    anybody here tried lucid dreaming?
    I've tried it multiple times..and failed. Lol the farthest I've gotten to is "Hey, I'm dreaming!" and then I usually fail to control my dream, or I wake up. Have you ever done it successfully?
        04-26-2013, 04:07 AM
    Not long ago for the first time ever I dreamt seeing so much colour and with so much clearness I was amazed.


    Last night I Dreamt that some really mean and violent people where out to catch me, so I called down from the sky a unicorn and instead I happened to get a little white sheep, they said " You can't fly on a sheep !" And in that moment they came lunging towards me, I hugged the sheep with all my life.

    And the sheep hovered of the ground up to 2 metres, than 3 metres and than wooooosh up into the sky we flew. Over my whole little beach town Aspendale where I live, and the sheep popped me of into the ocean into safety and I landed in the clear warm water of Aspendale beach.

    Before me was a good looking man and some other people, they surrounded me and watched me with curiosity, probably wondering how I landed out from the sky.

    I than used all my energy to hover above the ground myself, because if the little sheep could do it I sure could ! And I tried as best as I could and reached a couple of meters. I think I was showing of, but than I realised the people out to get me were close by, so I flew down the streets past restaurants houses and kept flying above the side path until.

    I sat down at a restaurant with some one I was feeling hesitant towards, paranoid they were a bad person out to get me, but he wasn't and then we had lunch together at the table, I stared at the man with the black hat who I had lunch with and woke up to go to school.
        04-26-2013, 04:11 AM
    I vivid dream all the time. I was purposely flying last night but couldn't control everything (couldn't get to ride a unicorn but atleast I had my noble sheep!) . I know when I am dreaming usual im like hey im dreaming lets not get scared.
        04-26-2013, 08:25 AM
    Jenna- the best I can do is realize im dreaming lol I can follow along, but I can't really do anything about it XD its fun though. I feel like I get to go on all sorts of adventures!

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