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        11-14-2011, 01:15 PM
    I can see that. He was pushy when I was walking him on the lead yesterday and just a few back ups and me saying slow down really helped. Within a half hour he knew what I wanted when I said the words without having to back him up again. Very smart and willing and would be a very bad thing to offend him. He wouldn't like it that's for sure.
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        11-14-2011, 01:33 PM
    One view, Arabians are just another horse, nothing different from the rest of them. Now a lot of that is true, they don't need special equipment, for the most part, or any special training.

    Another view, Arabians are magically awesomely different, with their shiny coats and tendency to pee rainbows and fart butterflies. They need halters hand tied by arabian desert princesses, food created by the gods and servants by the thousand.

    The truth, I don't know, I can only tell about my Arabian, she likes a french link snaffle, not loose ring thank you, must be an eggbutt. The special Arab saddle I bought because we hoped it may fit my Haflinger stud, it didn't, didn't fit my Arab either. The beautiful Haflinger saddle I bought fitted the Arab better than any of the Haflingers.

    She is super smart, when she gets something, she gets it, and then will get bored if I keep repeating the lesson, so variety is the spice of life. She is all Arab, she loves to snort and blow at the world, that is her way, I don't try and correct it, and I never let myself get worried by it, it's communication. It's her way of saying "Hey did you see that big scary thing over there, did ya, did ya," My answer is, yup, I saw the huge scary thing, but you're an Arab, and you are awesome, so I know we will be fine. The snort and blow then turns right into "hey world I'm the best and I'm looking after my Mum here"

    Truly working with Ace is a partnership, I trust her and she trusts me, and it is a more equal partnership than with any other horse I have, but that is hard to explain. Just trust your boy, and let him learn to trust you, and you may find the same joy that I have.

    My one bit of 'hard' not try and run an Arab in a round pen or a lunge line to burn off steam, or tire them out, they do not appear to have a 'tired out' setting, you will just end up with a fitter and fitter Arab
        11-14-2011, 01:39 PM
    Arabs are just like any other horse. That can be a little more forward, and can be a little spookier. They an use any bit, as long as they like it, you'll have to experiment. My Arab needs an Arab saddle, but sometime anything will fit, get a saddle fitter if you are unsure. Gait wise they tend to be floaty and sometimes very up and down.
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        11-14-2011, 02:07 PM
    The problems you're encountering have less to do with breed and much more to do with handling and training (or lack of such.) My Arabian, "Corporal," (1982-2009, RIP) was the most intelligent horse I've ever owned. Arabians are very social, and they crave company. They don't come to you trained to follow like a puppy. Then, again, most puppies don't follow you around either, until they've been trained to it.
    Keep working with him, he will train in easily. I've trained several horses to neck rein by direct reining inside while, at the same time crossing over the outside rein. It will take some time but he'll pick it up. It will take a LONG time before he reliably neck reins when excited, but that's true of any horse.
    I rode Corporal first with an eggbutt snaffle, then a rubber-mouthed mullen mouthed Pelham, then a D-ring w/copper&steel rollers, a low port Weymouth, a low-port, s-shaped shanked cavalry curb, and (at home) a lot like one of these~
    Sims Cavalry Shank Medium Grazer Bit - 5" Curb Bits Western
    Can't find where I orginally got this bit, but it's rounded where the mouthpiece meets the shanks.
    Just measure his mouth. He probably takes a 4 3/4" sized bit. Enjoy him and give us updates. =D
        11-14-2011, 02:11 PM
    Hahaha golden horse... that was such a great description of arabs lol
    Just perfect. :)

    I don't think he will be going in the round pen anytime soon for a while atlesat... we did our bonding of walking together in there but that was it. But when I let him loose all he wanted to do was trot around and play. He even tried playing with me. It was so cute I never had anything like it before. We were in the pen he was loose with no halter. And I walked he walked I ran he ran. I spun and instead of him following me in circle he did a circle right next to me. I started laughing. Then he went away after a pat and started to run again... it was so funny. Plus I have already figured out he is most comfortable when he is trotting. He hates to walk. Canter not sure have not seen him in that gait yet.
    But he sure is different. I can't wait to work with him some more. :)
        11-14-2011, 02:14 PM
    Corporal - I will have to look into other bits for sure. But we will start slow. I only used a d ring snaffle and he didn't really like the stop command :/ go figure. So we have to do alot more ground work before I attempt any riding again. Time and patience.

    And I blame all you arabian lovers for making me think they are more then just a horse :) joking of course I have heard some crazy things about them. But he doesn't seem to fit the crazy arabian behavior thankfully :)
        11-14-2011, 02:18 PM
    Originally Posted by Golden Horse    
    ...Another view, Arabians are magically awesomely different, with their shiny coats and tendency to pee rainbows and fart butterflies. They need halters hand tied by arabian desert princesses, food created by the gods and servants by the thousand...
    I see you've met my mare! She agrees totally...

    I'll just add that the two Arabians I've owned believe in "Please" and "Thank You". Both the mare I sold and the one I kept would work hard for you IF you said please and thank you.

    But if you start cussing, even mentally, you'll find yourself with an opponent. After all, if you pee rainbows and fart butterflies, you shouldn't have to put up with rudeness!
        11-14-2011, 02:27 PM
    Of course they're more than just a horse. And, of course, they don't like to walk. Even when Corporal was in his last year, at age 26, we spent the last battle (at the 145th National Gettysburg Reenactment) jigging...or passaging...I was riding, not watching. I couldn't get him to walk, and my commander wasn't using us to run messages, as we usually did, so he burned off steam. BUT, he was flexed, on the bit, his tail was up high and he made happy noises.
    They are sensitive, but you should train for obedience or else he'll turn into a little monster. Watch your stall latches and your gate latches bc he'll learn how to open them, and he'll learn how to untie his lead rope, too.
    As you may know, the 100mile races, like the Tevis Cup, and all won by Arabians. They're pretty much the only breed that has that much endurance. Arabs are also raced. They race a lot of QH's, in that their first stride out is fast. TB's go through gears, instead.
    Not to discourage you, BUT, after Corporal was broken and worked into my lesson program, he was worked about 1,000 hours/year undersaddle for 9 years straight. I couldn't put a beginner on him until he was in his 20's, but anybody here on the forum who shows would have had an easy ride on him.
    Arabians can collect easily, and you do NOT want to sit their "road trot." They do not jump well, but many are driven.
    I gotta stop, now. If it was as easy as buying an ice cream cone, I'd go out and buy another one for myself. **sigh**
        11-14-2011, 02:29 PM
    Now do boy arabians pee rainbows and fart butterflies or is that just a mare characteristic ;)
        11-14-2011, 02:51 PM
    Kait18, I only listed the bits so you'd know that there isn't an "Arabian bit" standard--use what works. =D
    Honestly, I think I've gotten worse reactions out of my QH's than I ever got when disciplining Corporal--he was just a happy soul. My QH's clam up and get stubborn--he wouldn't.

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