Arabians in Alberta

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Arabians in Alberta

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        02-03-2008, 01:32 PM
    Arabians in Alberta

    Hey guys,

    I was offered an Arabian colt, that will be sold as a gelding for about 2 grand, it looks like a pretty decent deal, I'm just thinking how long before you think I could start getting it trained? I'm just looking at it for pleasure riding. And can Arabians adapt to the harsher Alberta climate etc.

    The Arabian is from the states though, I'm assuming they are cheaper there then here in Canada......unless I'm mistaken?
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        02-05-2008, 12:30 PM
    Arabians are not necessarily cheaper here.. at least I find. But the Equine market is in a HUGE slump right now.. you can go to an auction in your area and get a well-broke good-looking horse for about $500-$700.
    Where is this colt coming from? It's not like we don't have Arabian horses here in Alberta, they are quite popular, however ANY horse coming from a different climate might have troubles adapting, not just an Arabian.
    As for the Arab colt, they need time to grow up and I wouldn't recommend breaking him till he's around 3. I would definitely geld him, if he isn't being gelded before sale.
    Just wondering, why would you want to buy an unbroke Arabian colt from the States when you could purchase a well broke horse here in Alberta for the same price? In today's horse market you can buy a really decent horse for $2grand, and not have to worry about shipping or import fees. :)
    What happened to getting a horse in India?
        02-05-2008, 02:53 PM
    Lol hows it goin, yeah the India plan is still going ahead, only thing is I've been taking lessons and yeah you know I think I might not like the idea of the horse being overseas because I wont get to ride when I want but only when I go there. I'd still want the horse there, but I think I am considering the possibility of a horse here as well, I already have looked at places that would board here etc.

    My insructor says the way I've already learned to control and ride is remarkably quick, it was only my third time on a horse in my life and she says usually people take upto 13-15 lessons to even start being as comfortable, ride with control and confidence as I've been..........I'll just take her word for it haha

    The horse is from some place in the mid-west or something, I can't remember the website right now because I'm at work, but they specialize in Arabians, I think or something.

    Can you recommend any places in Alberta that sell Arabians? And what kinda price ranges I'm looking at it for a trained mare or gelding?
        02-05-2008, 09:14 PM
    I have not really worked with the breed much (I deal more with Warmbloods) but I know there are some specialty Arabian barns here in Alberta too.

    I can recommend web sites to go search for a horse:

    And that's just the tip of the iceberg. However, I do know that you will probably be able to find a really nice Arabian for as much as you were willing to spend to ship one up from the States for.

    Here are some examples:

    Do you have your heart set on an Arabian? Willing to consider other breeds? What is your price range?

    P.s. If you're just starting out riding, I would suggest getting a well-trained horse. There's nothing worse than a green horse + green rider combination.
        02-05-2008, 11:04 PM

    I think the colt idea wouldnt be the best. Even though you are picking things up well there is a lot more to training a young horse, especially with the fire of an arabian, than being able to ride well. No offence intended but I had to say it :)

    If you are going to choose an arab be very careful and ask to ride the horse a few times before deciding. While many arabs can be beautiful to ride, many can also be a little too spirited for a newer rider. (im probably going to get pounced on by some people for that but it is the truth. I love arabs so im not being an arab hater they can just be a handful for the unexperienced sometimes :)) but having said that, there are some lovely ones that would be A OK as a first horse :)

    Just take your time and maybe even get your trainer or someone else to go with you when you have a look at horses. Another perspective is always good especially if horses are new to you

    Good luck with whatever you choose
        02-06-2008, 12:37 AM
    Hey thanks for the links! Thing is I've really been reading up on Arabians and seems like they are the horse breed for me, they are basically how I pictured the horse I wanted to buy to be, but yeah the price range seems reasonable like 3-5 grand is something I'm fine with spending, and yes I'm looking for a very well trained mare or gelding, regardless of how my riding is.

    I am thinking to wait till the summer to actually go ahead with a purchase.

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