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The "Black Stallion" Syndrome - Vent

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        12-14-2012, 06:39 PM
    I do agree that horses are their own species and they do not act on their feelings, they act on their instincts.


    I do know that people and horses are capable of having a special bond like that. (well, maybe not that romantic, but still).


    That special bond doesn't come from how much you love them or whatever. It comes from working with the horse, respecting it, and teach it. Learning with the horse. It may not be a 'me horse loves me' type of bond, but it is a 'my horse trusts me' kind of bond.

    For example, I have a appaloosa that when I got him, he was pretty much as nuts as he could be. He was worried, anxious, and just spooky. After working with him, he calmed down and looked to me to show him what to do when he was confused instead of just throwing me. So that 'bond' is real, just not as romantic as people think it is, lol
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        12-14-2012, 08:42 PM
    It occurred to me today that "raising" a horse is probably a lot like raising a child. You need to be loving and supportive, but you also need to be consistent and set clear boundaries and expectations. It's not magic, it's just the nature of the situation. Horses are herd animals and are predisposed to a leadership hierarchy.

    In my opinion, the "bond" comes from having a mutually respectful relationship with your horse. You show them respect by being fair (ie. Not abusing them, not asking too much, etc.) and a good leader and they show you respect by abiding by the boundaries you set and looking to you as their leader. If you spend hundreds of hours working with ANY horse (or other animal, or human!) there will always be a "bond" to some degree. As with anything else, certain combinations of horses and people will "get along" better than others, just like in social situations.
        12-15-2012, 11:13 PM
    Originally Posted by Casey02    
    Speed racer, that's what im trying to get across to people, that its not magical and a lot of peoples horses do that (not because they have this bond)
    They are like cows when you ride by on a horse:

    I LOVE the cow to the right at the back. I realize he's mooing. But he looks AMAZED.
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        12-15-2012, 11:20 PM
    Hahaha, CdnCremello, you're so right!
        12-16-2012, 06:08 AM
    Excellent thread. Except you have it slightly off, seem to have missed the REAL REASON Alec and The Black bonded nearly instantly, seemingly following the "feeding of the seaweed" experience...Nooo! In the movie, it happened much earlier (enter dreamy tinkling of chimes and low drum-beat to set the "flashback" scenario )....

    You see, in the veeery beginning of the movie, when Alec was investigating the ship and snuck into the hold where they were keeping The Black? The Arabian men were attempting to "contain" The Black's uncontrollable power with what looked like a billion ropes; strapping him down, as he incessantly reared, screamed pitifully and violently... striking out with his hooves, biting the men, all in attempt to free himself ...there was Alec! Hiding, watching the whole experience from afar. The only human not participating in the cruel treatment of The Black...

    THIS, my fellow HF readers, WAS "THE" MOMENT when the true, inescapable b-o-n-d was created between Alec & The Black. Because (wait for it...) The Black COULD, IN FACT read Alec's mind!!! The horse telekinetically just KNEW he was good, kind, and trustworthy! Much unlike the nasty men in the robes and turbans with all the ropes and cruelty! was this--THE MOMENT--the basis for all to come between the boy, (pregnant pause) and the happened before they had even--truly--MET! (Du-dum-DUUUM)!

    All of you who intimated that horses cannot read minds of humans, and just KNOW instantly who is good and bond instantly to them were wrong!! You know how I know?? Cause Disney said so, dammit!
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