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to buy, or not to buy

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        04-20-2007, 11:35 PM
    to buy, or not to buy

    I have loved horses all of my life and have been riding since I was in 1st grade. I am interested in buying a horse but I don't know how much it would cost per year to own. Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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        04-20-2007, 11:47 PM
    The price/cost of a horse depends on many factors.

    Would you board or do you have your own property? If you board, what does it include? Some places have "full" board, where everything is included, some places have "rough" or "pasture" board where you have to come and clean your own stall and feed/water/hay your own horses. Prices are also dependant on what part of the country you live in.

    It costs less to worm yourself and give your own vaccinations. You can do most yourself. Rabies must be done by a vet. (we buy our vaccines and wormers off the internet, buying in bulk saves you money too.)

    There's also hoofcare. My daughter has an equine degree and has learned how to trim the horses feet herself. For any shoeing, or correctional trims, we pay a farrier. A trim costs anywhere from $20 - $50 again, depending on the area.

    If you are able to do simple first aid care, (I'm a nurse, so I do all the simple stuff) that will save money.

    Do you know anyone with a trailer you can borrow in an emergency? Buying your own trailer is another expense. Many people do without. If you don't know someone, you'll have to pay for a "farm call" from your vet. Anywhere from $50-$150 + whatever was done to your horse.

    I'm not trying to talk you out of a horse. We are breeders, so give me a call! But there are several things you want to think about before you jump in, so to speak. I hope I've helped.
        04-21-2007, 12:12 AM
    There are a lot of things you have to buy.
    I haven't got a horse because it just costs to much money, but I do ride them.

    Some of the things you have to buy when you have a horse include:

    Stirrup leathers,
    Bit (these come separately)
    Saddle blanket,
    Lead rope,
    Grooming Kit,
    Rug-Cotton sheet (if required)
    Set of floating boots,
    Approved hat with chinstrap,
    Gaiters,(if required)
    Gloves,(If required)
    Pony Club uniform,(if required)
    Bale grass of hay,
    Pre-mixed bags of feed,
    Brand 1,
    Brand 2,
    Bag of chaff, (for bulking mixed feed)
    Salt/mineral lick,
    Worming paste, (need every6-8 weeks)
    Price per full set of horse shoes,
    Price for horse trim only,
    Horse dentist,
    Agistment cost, (Weekly and if required)
    Pony club joining fee,
    And anything else you can think of!!!!

    Now that's a lot of money!
        04-21-2007, 06:30 AM
    A lot of that depends on what discipline you're riding in. I ride western for pleasure mostly so a lot of that I don't need. A pair of jeans, boots and a helmet. You will need a saddle, pad, halter, headstall, bit, leadrope. Girth. Most western saddles come with stirrups.

    I don't need blankets, and don't use flysheets. I do spray them with flyspray though. My horses are kept barefoot, so I only need trims. You don't NEED a uniform to own a horse. Um, pony club fee? I don't think so. I've never used chaff in my life. (what exactly is that?) Jumps? Please, you can build those yourself easily. And most first time horse owners aren't out jumping. If they are, they are usually at a barn that has them. (along with the instructor.)

    Although I did forget to mention equiptment, the original poster asked what it cost to own a horse per year. Most of those tack purchases are one time purchases and you don't need to buy them all at once. Some people don't even buy a saddle right away. Many ride bareback or use a bareback pad (less than $50 for one) until they can purchase a saddle. Also, you can buy a lot of this stuff over the internet (can you say ebay!) very reasonable.

    Good luck horselover101 I hope you can get your very first horse!
        04-21-2007, 01:46 PM
    first horse

    If I where you lease a horse for a few months....that will give a idea of what your monthly cost should be, it should also give you a idea of what kind of horse you want.....yes if you ride western you just need a saddle (pad) and briddle and away you go....but if you choose to ride english it can get expensive. I have to admit that my tack is worth more then my pony that I have now...( i
    Know it's sad) I strongley agree with RACH, if you do ride english you do need most of that stuff...but you for got to include indoor arena time if not included in your board or if you have rent time in the barn next door for there arena, trainers time if you choose to have one, as for the horse trailer you don't need one, I have 2 and we barley use them, when I rode for a big show barn we had a horse trailer that the stable own so we never had to worry so don't worry about that. Yes a vet can get very expesive and you can do shot's your self which I do, we have a very good vet that comes to our farm and doesn't charge us extrea for that, start checking out your local tack stores for saddles new or used (they often carry them) use saddles are my choice because they don't have to be worked in that much, SO TRY A LEASE ONE BEFORE BUYING...IT'S THE BEST WAY TO GO
        04-23-2007, 12:37 PM
    I don't know what the local charges are where you are but if you feed hay in the winter you can figure a ton and a half a year to get you through. If you feed local grass hay you will probably want to figure a couple of lbs. Of grain a day if you are working him hard. If not working good grass hay is all they need. You can also mix a little alfalfa in for a bit more protien. If you are not rideing on hard or rocky ground you can probably get by leting him go shoeless but if you are rideing rough terraine figure a set of shoes every 8 to 10 weeks. This will need done if he is shod, if to do nothing more then to keep him trimed. If the shoes are not worn out they can be reset. Again where you are will determine the vet care you will require each year. Worming, shots, ext. Tack is another expense that can vary and all I can say is you don't have to buy the top of the line stuff and spend a fortune but please buy good sevacible gear for safety sake.

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