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        03-11-2008, 05:46 PM
    Ha Ha that is funny!
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        03-11-2008, 07:14 PM
    Green Broke
    Originally Posted by upnover
    haha, these are too funny! I love the fact that we're all weird.... :)

    -as a child I have tried to halter break my dog.

    -my best friend and I used to canter around the entire playground together and compete in 'shows'. (how did we ever make friends?!)

    -I check and every single day to see what came up for sale that day in my area.
    I tried that with my dog too.... didn't work.... I tried to lunge her but she eventually just sat on her butt.... I even had a little saddle from a toy horse I had and put it on her.... (she was too fat for the girth so the martingale held it on) I even tried to make her a bridle with a shoelace bit :roll: I was a crazy little kid

    We used to canter around too...... haha, we were odd

    Amen to checking horse adds!! I always do that, but then it makes me sad and I stop
        03-11-2008, 08:16 PM
    I ALWAYS check horse ads, and then I find one I really want, even though I already have three!
    Then i'm sad when I can't get it.
    Like atm,
    There is the most beautiful QH filly, she is almost a pally roan, she's actually appaloosa but its the awesomest colouring ever, and four even socks!
    Only 2,500...
    I want her :(
        03-12-2008, 02:16 AM
    I havent read through many yet but I just couldnt wait to add mine :d

    Im obsessed with tack as well. For 3 horses I have all up 4 saddles, 7 bridles, 6 saddle cloths, 8 lead ropes and halters, 6 rugs, about a gazillion brushes, every horse shampoo and mane detangler/shiny stuff you can think of, 3 lunge lines, 2 lunge whips, 2 dressage whips and tonnes of bits, reins etc laying around. If I see something that would look gorgeous on one of them I buy it even if they already have something similar just not as pretty :)

    My cell phone, laptop, pc and anything else always has horse screensavers, stickers etc even the back of my car lol

    Im always daydreaming of accepting the honour of representing australia at the olympics :roll: well, maybe on jarred lol

    I sit on the edge of a car seat whenever I see a float coming or someone riding along the ride so I can see what their horses are like

    Every grass paddock/piece of land I drive by with nice grass makes me think about how nice it would be to let the horses munch away there

    Ill watch a movie that is totally boring because it has like 3 seconds of someone riding a horse in it

    I don't have many pictures of family on the walls at home but there are plenty of horse photos, ribbons etc

    Id rather smell of horse poop than any designer perfume

    I eat the sunflower seeds and mollasses when im feeding

    If I had to chose between my husband and my horses I would have no idea what to do

    When the dogs are running around the backyard I narrate as though they were running a race...'far out in the lead is the tan ridgeback cooper followed closely behind by polly pocket the tiny black sausage dog wonder who is literally snapping at his heels. Goldie isnt far behind but she seems more interested in the garden shed full of rats. As they come round the corner and onto the straight its cooper in the lead by a tail. Polly pocket is closing in now and ooooooh, 5m from the line she grabs coopers tail and whizzes over the line while cooper stops to chase his tail. Polly wins by the tiniest of margins but has forgotten to stop and is running the race again...alone!' lol it often goes something like that lol

    When its too slippery to ride the horses we sometimes set up small jumps and see who can finish the course with the least penalties and time errors

    I've given up spending time with my best friend because I would rather ride (dont get me wrong I love her to bits but I would always rather be on a horse

    When my dad died in january and I had to go away for a few days, I think I missed my horses more than my hubby. Probably thought about them more too aaww poor hubby. I do love him though ;)

    When we are slowing down in the car I stretch my heels down and put my weight into the seat lol
        03-12-2008, 06:41 AM
    We are all a bunch of horsey addicted goofs aren't we
        03-12-2008, 07:31 PM
    Originally Posted by Vidaloco
    We are all a bunch of horsey addicted goofs aren't we
    Yup, and I wouldn't have it any other way!
        03-12-2008, 09:15 PM
    ^^ me either.

    I was like the only one in HS, well atleast my grade that rode, and I was **** proud of it too. I feel that riding has taught me a lot about life.
    Maybe that's why Tom and I go so well together, because he gets my crazy horsey stuff

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