Desperately NEED A NAME! Here we are again!

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Desperately NEED A NAME! Here we are again!

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    02-26-2012, 03:40 PM
Exclamation Desperately NEED A NAME! Here we are again!

Alright, so I'm sure there will be those of you seeing this thread and ask:

"Really?!" "What is she doing?" "Again??!"

...Yes, again.

Nope, I haven't figured it out. A new name for my filly, pretty much mare now.

I think a horse's name should reflect on their personality. At least that's what I think now. When I first named her, after she was born, I had some funny ideas in my head and was influenced heavily by other people. (I shouldn't have let that happen.)

I have been thinking back hard on what kind of state of mind I was in when I named my new little filly "Sasha" and I believe I have come up with the answer. When I named her, she was very young and of course didn't have a fully developed character. I tried to imagine what she would be like in the future, and I couldn't get the image of her mom out of my mind. Sasha's mother, "Dandy" is an older mare. A very gentle, sweet, and reliable flea-bitten grey. With THIS in mind, I chose a name for her. Yes, it's crazy. At the time I'd never really named an animal before -besides a dog or two that we didn't keep for long. --So, Sasha.. Yes, it fits my mare Dandy to a 'T'. Too me, it's a gentle almost grandmotherly name fit for a gentle, calm, and quiet horse. (No offense to anyone else associated with the name Sasha. Don't get me wrong, I like it! But it does NOT fit my filly!!!)

With this said, I posted a very similar thread last summer on this topic. I was given some very pretty names, but for some reason they just didn't quite fit her! I tried, but nothing I found or came up with stuck. I became a little discouraged with the idea of re-naming her and I let it fall off a little. (Even though each time I see or read her name I can't help but internally cringe.) So, I'm back. Because I believe my filly DESERVES a different name.

I know it's not going to be easy changing her name, in fact it will be down right weird because even though I don't like the name. It's her name! If I can't change it now though, I never will! So please, I am asking the help of you wonderful, creative, people of the horse forum to attempt in helping me again!!

I haaave made a little headway since my last post. I think a name from a Hawaiian or Native American origin would fit her best! The names I have come close to choosing have been from those origins!

Her personality:
She is a 100% in your pocket kinda girl. She's VERY loving, and quirky! Happy to see you always! First one to greet you at the gate. If she's loose, she will follow you around like a puppy dog. (No joke, she will chase the truck out of the yard when you're leaving). She also comes when you whistle (no matter the distance as long as she can hear you). She LOVES to nibble on things, your clothes, shoes, brush bucket, anything she can get a hold of. She is VERY trusting. I can completely cover her head with a noisy table clothe or anything and she'll just stand there totally relaxed like "I know you won't hurt me mom. :)" I started breaking her this last summer, never once has she offered to buck me off or rear. Once the bareback pad I was riding her in was itchy (all I could figure) and she laid down and started to roll [with me on her] But, she wasn't worked up at all. Once she was done, she stood up, I got back on, and we were good! (Tried that one more time a few days later, but we corrected her because that's not a good habit!) She's courageous as well. We were doing a desensitizing course this summer for the horses in training at the barn. (Air horn, coffee can with coins, long shiny crackling streamers, plastic bags, banners, balloons, pom poms, ect...) The horses did well, but were a bit nervous / jumpy. We worked them through it (older more experienced horses). When I started to put her through the test she didn't bat an eyelash. Everyone was like :O Even the balloons she just sniffed like "Hmmm... Can I eat that?!" Needless to say I was very proud She loves to just stretch out on the ground and sunbathe (quite a bit). During these naps, I can go out and sit on her and she's just like "whatever". I absolutely love her to pieces. I will have her forever, because she is my girl! We click so well! I just want a name for her that she deserves!

She was born a chestnut and is quickly greying out. Right now she looks similar to a red roan with a hint of dapples. Please help me find a name! As I said from what I've seen I think Native American and Hawaiian Names would fit her best! Right now I like the name "Kiawani" (Kee-ah-wah-nee) :) A friend of mine's show name when she did some work with horses she played an Indian on horseback.

I am not only limited to Native American and Hawaiian names. Anything that is bubbly, happy, has two do with possible famous horses or characters in movies / shows that'd fit her personality.

I even went as far as to look at Lord of the ring names! Like the hobbits? Because she is short around round (14.2 -14.3)? I liked the name Pippin (one of the names of the funny little hobbits haha) I even like the name "Shadow" because she follows me everywhere. :)

I know there are a lot of pretty and cool names out there!! If it happens to be a difficult name to figure the pronunciation could you please post that too? If not, that's okay too! No required :) Thank you!
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    02-26-2012, 03:48 PM
Oh and a quick P.S. -She loves to do tricks also! She has learned how to bow, (dropping a knee, head completely on the ground). She is also learning how to stand on a pedestal. I am also going to teach her to lay down, yes / no, pick things up, and shake. (Still debating shake, I've heard some horses can get overbearing with that.)
    02-26-2012, 03:59 PM
Here are some of my ideas:
Aiyana - Eternal Blossom
Aquene - Peace
Kachina - Hopi, Spirit, Sacred Dancer
Lomasi - pretty flower
Here's where I found em:
Native American Names & Meanings
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    02-26-2012, 04:10 PM
I like Pippin!! I was bad and looked at the pics before I finished reading and the name Katie Popped into my brain. Haha.
    02-26-2012, 04:19 PM
Here are some of my ideas:
Aiyana - Eternal Blossom
Aquene - Peace
Kachina - Hopi, Spirit, Sacred Dancer
Lomasi - pretty flower
Here's where I found em:
Native American Names & Meaning
Those are pretty! I really like Aiyana and Lomasi -great site! :)

I like Pippin!! I was bad and looked at the pics before I finished reading and the name Katie Popped into my brain. Haha.
Awesome! I'm making a separate list of names I am seriously considering! You know, I like the name Katie! But I have a close friend named Katie (she actually has boarded her horses at my house haha) And while Katie's personality is much like my filly's, ;) I can't do that! Keep them coming though! I like it! And I don't blame you! I didn't realize until after I posted -my post was huge!!! haha I'm so happy I'm getting replies, I thought people may be done with trying to re-name her haha
    02-26-2012, 04:35 PM
Kalea (kaw-lee-a) means "happy" in Hawaiian,I believe..
And I think you couldn't go wrong with Pippin,she looks like Pippin would suit her. :)
    02-26-2012, 05:27 PM
LOVIE! You could call her Lovie Dovie also- or that could be her show name if she doesn't yet have one. Or Dove/Dovie. Not native american, but just what came into mind. I also like Pippin!
    02-26-2012, 05:29 PM
Kalea (kaw-lee-a) means "happy" in Hawaiian,I believe..
And I think you couldn't go wrong with Pippin,she looks like Pippin would suit her. :)
Oh my goodness!!!!!!! That is my little sister's name! Same exact spelling! How funny is it that you would come up with that?! I believe it means "clear" though? :) I do love the name, but it would be very confusing to have a horse and younger sister with the same name! You are on the right lines though! And you do like pippin! Hmm!! I may need to try this, it's getting good reviews! :)
    02-26-2012, 05:58 PM
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    02-26-2012, 09:05 PM
Fagen (fay-g-in)
Leona (ley-own-na)

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