determined not to be caught!

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determined not to be caught!

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    04-03-2012, 05:58 PM
determined not to be caught!

Just seeing the video that was posted of someone making a hash at catching a mini has reminded me to post friend recently got a loan of a mini for the summer for company for her mare from a neighbour but wanted to catch her the other day to worm her and its proving impossible!

When we did have a hold of her before she was put in the field she was fine. We phoned the neighbour to see how the heck he was able to catch her but he had her in a small garden so he could get her straight away, never had any problems.. but she's out in about 3acres now... any tips on geting near her?

Wev tryed loads of treats..sitting on the ground at her level for an hr or 2 at a time but she'll grab the treat and run and we'v tryed leading the other horse out so she'll follow but she's so smart.. knows exactly what wur up to lol anyone know how we can catch the we bugger?? ... extra info.. she's 10yr old, has been handled and ridden since she was 3, and had just come out of a heat before she went in with my friends mare..just incase that helps..

Any advise greatly appreciated!
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    04-04-2012, 12:04 AM
Yes, I too have a conniving mini. It would seem like the smallest ones would have smaller brains!? Noooo! I have played this game with my mini plenty of times. She needs to either be stalled daily and fed hay in the stall - so although she may not like it, that's where the food comes from, or you need to act like catching her is not a priority. That's the trick to catching skiddish or naughty horses. Patience and an indifferent demeanor. So - show you have the food, because that is a mini's strong weakness, but turn away like you are skiddish or weary as well. This makes a mini's curiosity go haywire! Curiousity gets the better of them, and their need for treats. So, squat down at mini- level, don't make eye contact, and just act relaxed and maybe even a bit subordinative - just a little. When she goes for the treat in your hand, slowly turn away, as if you arent super interested. Make her come around to you, and give the treat. Then show you have another, walk a few steps away, repeat. Do this a few times, and she will probably now be following you. Play around with this but at no cost do you let on that you want to CATCH her. They know better. This works wonders for abused horses as well!

Let me know how it goes! This works! Just spend some time, don't say a word, don't make eye contact, and only go for the halter really slowly when her guard is down. If she runs off, repeat the process!
Your only alternative is tricking her into a stall with goodies in it and creeping up on her once she is in and shutting the door. But you really haven't changed her mind at all that way - if anything she probably won't do it again.
    04-04-2012, 10:34 PM
Don't know how much patience you have, but I had a difficult mini mare and what I did is make not being caught more work then being caught. I'd make her move, no chance to rest til she was caught, over time the game was not nearly as fun for her.
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    04-05-2012, 02:27 AM
I like what haviris suggested or you could try to get her into a smaller pen if possible I don't have tons of experience catching horses the minis I know live in a petting zoo (plenty of room to pay and they get walks when there's time) and the horses are all in one big paddock and usually are to lazy to run away plus if they do they're options are usually limited because there are other horses in the way
    04-08-2012, 07:31 PM

We caught her!! Things wur getting abit desperate and I know its not ideal, but we managed to get her chased into a small pen we set up with jumping poles and wings, and basically just kept her cantering until she was ready to keel over, when we let her stop I produced a huge carrot from my pocket and I thought she was going to hug me lol ran straight over and stood until the whole thing was gone, we got a collar on her and put her in the stable to get her wormed and cleaned up. When she was in we went out and made the pen double the size and put her back out into it and tied a we bit of rope to the noseband of the headcollar, (about the length of your hand) and let her run around herself for 20mins and when we went back over to the pen she came straight up to us! Hopefully this will continue now that she's out in the big field again.. we'll just have to keep bribing her with carrots lol

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