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Did I really do THIS to the lesson horse?

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        09-29-2011, 09:10 PM
    Green Broke
    I would say no you did not cause this because if that's the case then most of our lesson horses would have bumps and sore backs left and right, there is no way that at 130 pounds for 1 hour 5 times you could cause that kind of damage or any at all. Its more likely an ill fitting saddle or a mishap out in the field.
    Do not let her guilt you like that and don't ride her friends horse in case she tries to blame you for something on that horse.
    Also if you can't get another instructor I would suggest you carefully inspect your horse before and after you tack up and untack and tell her of any bumps/marks/weirds spots no matter how small so she can't blame you as she has been notified.
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        09-29-2011, 09:12 PM
    The instructor explaining what happened, as she believes it to be, isn't unprofessional. I would much rather have heard that, than *shrug* "I don't know."

    Do not beat yourself up about it. If it *was* you, the horse will forgive you, and whatever was wrong will heal. Your instructor did see a flaw in your riding, whether or not it was the cause of that little ordeal, and will be focusing on it until you are more correct in that area.

    My last day riding one semester in college, I was assigned a horse that I had ridden five or so times before. I knew him. He was a steady, lazy, plodder. A good horse.

    I tacked him up properly, went through the routine, got on him, adjusted my saddle, walked him off, and as we rounded the corner, that sucker took off bucking. Everything was in slow motion. I was thinking "What do I do? Um... One rein stop?" That turned him bucking across the arena. In the middle I heard "Get your legs out of him!" from my coach. I was not coming off in my mind, so I grabbed him, which more than likely prolonged the bucking. I aimed him for the wall. Luckily, he stopped completely at the wall and I jumped off him. My coach though it might have been the navajo thing that caused it. I doubt it, but the explanation was good enough for me.
        09-30-2011, 07:33 PM
    Even if you were constantly smashing down on the horses back when you were posting or even by some odd chance you did it when you were walking ( you'd have to have terrible balance) I don't see someone as light as you, who rode the horse for one hour hurting this horses back. Find a new instructor or else you're going to become the scapegoat for many other things.
        10-09-2011, 02:22 PM
    Thanks everyone. Its kind of what I thought but then I thought "no maybe im just too much of a newbie to know"

    I called her last night to see if she had time for a lesson today. Apparently she said 10, and I heard 10:30. Normally our lessons have been at 8:30. So I guess in my supremely stupid little brain I thought 10:30.
    She also commented on the phone that he has HIVES. Her horse. And she doesn't really know why, but he gets them every year. And then, at the end of the phone call...that the" bump" on his back? Was more than likely one of the first few hives. He'd rolled on it to itch it!. I didn't do it at all. No apology. No nothing.

    So today, I was running late for ten or early for ten thirty. I got to the arena we ride at at 10:20. She wasn't there. She hadn't called or anything either, so being the stoodge that I am I thought" good it was ten thirty."

    Twenty five minutes went by and then I called her. She said" no it was at ten. I waited fifteen minutes and left. Now IM riding."

    I felt so stupid! So embarrassed! I apologized profusely and got off the phone. I've had it.

    I live in a very small town, and there isn't much to choose from in the way of lessons. But there has to be something other than this. If I want to be around people who don't care about me, and just want to see me fail, I can find all the ones I want at college or at either of my jobs.

    I've been paying 40 per lesson, and 40 a month to use the arena (which isn't pro rated, so if you pay 40 on the fifteenth, you still have to pay forty when the next month starts.)

    Im just mad. And stupid.
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        10-09-2011, 06:41 PM
    Yeah, she sounds very unprofessional.

    If you can, find a different place to ride. If not, then try to make sure to confirm your appointments, and take everything she says with a grain of salt.
        10-09-2011, 07:03 PM
    If she hadn't been trying to make a dime of her apperantly half-broke dink then you never would have been on him to begin with. I wouldn't support her with one more dime. I weight 300lbs and because of the type of riding I do I am sometimes out of position and I have NEVER left a bump on a horses back and rarely have I sored one. You won't sore a horse riding it an hour per week very often.
        10-09-2011, 07:58 PM
    Green Broke
    Listen to all these people. They are correct.
        10-10-2011, 09:07 AM
    My advice: continue your English riding...but with another instructor. Don't lose heart and give up your English lessons. English riding is a fantastic benefit to your overall horse riding abilities.

    Keep up with it, you will be doing yourself a favor....just not with this instructor.....because in my own opinion, ANY instructor who does not recognize the damage that comments like the one yours made can do is really not very diplomatic or compassionate....or professional....

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