Do you have ANY arena manners at all?

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Do you have ANY arena manners at all?

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        08-23-2009, 09:21 PM
    Do you have ANY arena manners at all?

    Okay, so I was out at the expo with Jester the other day for a reining show. I was in the warm-up area (And mind you, this area is huge. I mean, really big) and this girl on a giant Palomino stallion comes tearin' around the arena right next to me. She was well within kicking range and I almost wanted to reach over and smack her with my crop and tell her to keep her stallion away from mine, but of course I didn't. Instead I clenched my teeth and asked her to keep away from Jester because he kicks (Which is a lie. Jester's never kicked a day in his life) So, the girl just smiled in a rather smart-alec way and loped off again.

    Now, I was pressed against the arena rail as far as I could because I wanted to watch and warm up at the same time, plus I was only walking so I didn't need the inside of the arena.

    A few minutes later, who should I see but the palomino ad his jockey loping right up to my mom's mare Annie, who does kick. Annie has a red ribbon on her tail, so there was warning before she did a double barrel onto that horse

    The girl spent the next half an hour cussing out my mother for not staying out of her way. She accused her of cutting in front, which she did not. She was on the rail as well, in fact, she even tried to sidepass closer so she would stay away.

    I'm not going to pretend I was the perfect person, because I wasn't. There was a long string of cuss words aimed right at her from both me and eveyone else, although I think I was the most....outspoken.

    Next, I am done watching and I'm loping around and practicing his slide stops and lead changes. Next thing I know, I'm cutting down the middle to switch from the left lead to the right and who is to barrel into me but a pretty palomino stallion and his jockey. I was pissed. This time I whirled my horse around and yelled at her. Jester was flustered and afraid to go anywhere near her or the horse, and her horse was not friendly. He tried to bite Annie on the warm-up lap after the first incident.

    Yeah. That's my story for terrible arena manners. Fun, ain't it? XP
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        08-23-2009, 09:40 PM
    Green Broke
    Ughhh something like this happened to me once!!! I was livid! The only reason I didn't get off my horse and knock the girl out was because my dad was watching me at a show for the first time.
        08-24-2009, 12:34 AM
    *Shakeshead* Some people need to realize that they aren't queen's of the arena.

    I wish your mom's mare would have double barreled the stupid chick. If some chick was riding around too close to my horse and slamming into us she better believe that she is going home with at least a black eye and broken nose, if not worse and that she won't ever see me again because I would be banned from showing at the place.

    But that is just me lol. I have a horrid temper :]

    Good on you for handling it so well though, even if cuss words were thrown out that is nothing compared to what could have happened.
        08-24-2009, 11:40 PM
    Yea wow some people! Most of the reining shows that I have been to most people seem to have good arena ediquite, someone must not have informed her to look where she is going.

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