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Does anyone else think their horse has a sense of humour?!

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    04-16-2010, 02:53 PM
My horse really does have a sense of humor. Or she's just a brat. Haven't decided yet.

Her recent most favorite thing to do is to put her head between my legs while I'm picking her hooves to try and grab the hoof pick. It makes me laugh everyting cause she just looks so silly.
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    04-16-2010, 04:05 PM
Of course horses have a sense of humour. It is just that some humans don't recognise when they are being kidded.

On our yard there is a big shire mare,Tara, who really is in trouble. Hopefully she'll make it. She got caught in the electric tape and both of her hind legs are a bloody mess. When the wounds have healed more she is off to the vets for the fitting of a cast on her left hind. In the interim I have been giving her some TLC. She is a 750 kilo treasure really. It has been painful for me to watch her suffering.

Yesterday I took her out into the paddock where there is some spring grass. Understandably she has lost condition over the last few weeks of misery and she needs some of that green green grass. Getting out was fine, we hobbled along at a snail's pace until she realised where she was heading. Then she speeded up the hobbling. The problem came when it was time for her to come back in.

I went out, slipped the head collar on and gave her a bikkie. She ate the bikkie.
So I said: "Come on then Girl" - would she move? - no, not never, not no how.
She merely looked down at me and said "Nope, I ain't going". And there was nothing I could do. So I left her there.

About an hour later, her regular rider: a nine year old, lightly built boy reached the yard and went out to her in the paddock. Luckily I had left the head collar on. He reached up, clipped on the lead rope and she followed him like a lamb. As the couple passed me by at the gate to the field, I'll swear she smiled at me.

Heavy horses are of course something different. Either Tara agrees to do something or it doesn't happen. And sometimes she tries it on. It is not real disobedience it is just her being mischievous.

I just hope that leg heals. I'll forgive her anything so long as she gets better,


PS That Dracula is magnificent but you know that.
    04-17-2010, 12:15 AM
Cougar is always doing things that are simply to be funny. He's such a clown. You know he's 100% comfortable with you when he sneaks up behind you and steals your hat off your head and throws it into the water bucket without you being any the wiser.
    04-18-2010, 09:34 AM
Green Broke
Oh yes!!! Yesterday Love Story swerved real sharp while I was on her, deliberatly to get me off, and I landed on a jump. Ow!! Lol. And then she just stood there with a really smug look like "Well, not MY fault you can't hold on" Silly mare lol *shakes head*

Oh, and this is her attept at a glare:
Lol. Ay my girl ^^

And catching her? Oh please. More like, run around for an hour trying to lol.

We also have a pony at our barn called Shorty. The other day he grabbed my friends bag and took off. Lol

OMG is your horse really 18.3 hh? Wow! But he is drop dead butifull lol. If he goes missing I PROMISE you it wasnt me heehee
    02-05-2012, 07:54 AM
Oh yeah, my horse is bursting with it.
One of her favorite things to do, I think, is try and play mind games with me.
Like I swear things that should make her jump she pretends like nothing happens.
One time some birds flew out from under her when we were walking threw some tall grass, she did not even flinch, I wet myself a little, and the whole time I could just hear her though process "Birds, what birds? Okay mom this can only happen so many times before I have to report you to your orderly, AGAIN."
    02-05-2012, 01:37 PM
Sam definitely does! Last fall he was grazing, and noticed a little cat sitting on a fence post across the pasture.. his eyes popped open ( he has appy eyes! ) and he sloooowwwwly snuck up behind it, thunked it off the fencepost with his nose, and took off running! =)
    02-05-2012, 05:47 PM
^^ that's hilarious! My horse does, but I think its twisted :/
He likes to unzip my jacket when its freezing cold
If you have money, he eats it. Like I have actually lost 20 bucks.
He likes to inspect his grooming things by grabbing the bag, dumping it on the ground then sorting his pile one way, the other pile the other way...
If we are in a hurry, and im stressed, there is alwasy a tantrum.

But you gotta love them, even when that make fun of you!
    04-04-2014, 05:37 PM
Oh yes. I was in an indoor arena starting to teach my gelding how to bow. I decided to quit after a little progress, he seemed to be getting the hang of it but wasn't going all the way down. I let him loose in the arena and immediately he goes over to a gate where there is hay stored on the other side, he bows down PERFECTLY to reach under it to get at the hay. After that, I've seen him bow a few times on his own..........little s***! :) here's one while we wait for the farrier.
    04-04-2014, 06:30 PM
My girl can smell a carrot from a mile away. When you're paying attention, she'll act like she doesn't care you have a pocket full of them. But the minute your back is turned, she'll sneak one out of your pocket and then pull her head up straight and act like she has no idea what just happened. Cheeky cow.
    04-05-2014, 12:33 AM
Some more than others. One of the many things JC finds funny is to get in front of me if we're walking in the pasture, raise his tail up and fart right in my face. Then he waits until I'm in front of him again before we continue on our merry way. And while he should get in big trouble for that, well, he's 29 years old and doesn't have much in the way of amusement anymore so I let him find it where he can.

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