Dog Experiences! long story but some funny parts

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Dog Experiences! long story but some funny parts

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    02-12-2012, 12:56 PM
Dog Experiences! long story but some funny parts

I had no idea where to put this topic. Riding? Trail Riding? Horse talk?

So I picked one.

I was always taught that if your horse is afraid of something it is always best to make your horse FACE it and/or follow it to encourage confidence

. Especially in the case of loose dogs on trail,in the ring,etc.

And if needed to chase it the dog so it will back down. I was drilled with DO NOT RUN AWAY FROM A STRANGE DOG (on foot or on horseback)

I am truly astonished that so many people do not know this common piece of knowledge.

One day while out trail riding with my friend and her horse, we came across a GSP who came charging out at us and barking. My friend proceeded to turn her horse around and start heading back but her horse started to prance in place, the GSP kept coming up after us, I told her to turn around but she didn't. This is when I took matters into my own hands, since my own horse was starting to get nervous with a dog barking at his heels.

I told my friend to turn around with me and chase the dog and she responded "I think we will just go"

I turned around,raised my dressage whip in my hand and to this day it is still an inside joke that I "the dog chasing warrior(ess) " has a battle cry of : SHI______T! " ( I don't know what I tried to yell,but apparently that came out first? )

I chased the dog and it ran away with its tail between it's legs back the yard...

I'm not going to lie, I felt triumphant in my victory!

Isn't this common knowledge to not run from a dog that is bothering you on horseback?

Another time a long while ago (again me and my friend were trail riding) a person walking her dogs in the metroparks as we passed the dogs, she asked " what would your horse do if my dogs chased them?

My friend replied " my horse would probably kill them "

Not 2 minutes later after we already passed without incident here comes the same two dogs at full run behind us!

We both proceeded to turn around and chase them back to the owner!

She was not happy with the incident and yelled " WHY DID YOU CHASE MY DOGS" my friend is a Smart Alec and told her " Because I thought you might want to keep your dogs alive,instead of them being stomped or being sued for killing two horseback riders! "

Any dog experiences out there?

Lets here your canine encounters ? (funny or not)
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    02-12-2012, 01:22 PM
Sometimes I ride with this person who has this huge dog (blanking on the breed, something with Lab and other big dog breed mix) and he LOVES Casey... Maybe it is because she is short (13.3 hands) but he is always dancing around Casey, which Casey HATES. She tries to bite him and kick him but he always gets away. So.. I went to the beach, and I ran into them, and they had their dog (named Bear) and their three horses, one of which was just loose running along with them (their is no rules about horses being loose and the beach and she always sticks with the other horses), and they went into dunes and I was along the ocean.. And Bear was running back and forth between us and then he jumped up with his front paws on Casey.. Casey flipped out and reared. I stayed on luckily (people call me velcro butt... !)
    02-12-2012, 06:14 PM
Yes, I've always heard the same advice as you about how to deal with loose dogs. Sadly, I used to have some horsey neighbors who found it easier to run away from the dogs, which of course reinforced the dogs for chasing horses (whheeee, fun!). Sigh.

But I've found with dogs, as with most things in life, if you don't run, you can't be chased.

I've only ever had one somewhat scary dog encounter. Once years ago I boarded my horse near a dog owner who got into a feud with the owner of the boarding stable. So Dog Owner encouraged her dogs to be aggressive with horses ridden by boarders. My old draft cross Bram and I were riding past Dog Owner's property one day when she and her Rottweiler appeared at the side of the road. Dog Owner and I exchanged nasty looks as Rottweiler stalked closer to me and Bram. When I noticed the dog, I turned my nasty glare upon him.

Dog responded by climbing up the fenders of my saddle, roaring and showing me every tooth in his head.

Brammie very slowly turned his head and gave Dog a long, curious, somewhat amused gaze, as if to say "Why, little fellow, just what do you think you'll accomplish by climbing up there?" It was such an unexpected reaction I burst out laughing. At which point the Rottie dropped to the ground and slunk back to his owner looking thoroughly embarrassed.

Years later when I read Professor Lupin's lesson on dealing with boggarts, I remembered Bram shaming a Rottweiler into silence using the same technique.

Conjure, my present riding horse, is very brave about dogs. When one comes running out at us, I point it out and ask Conjure if he doesn't think it's just the cutest little thing. Works like a charm.

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