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        07-14-2010, 03:16 AM
    Green Broke

    Okey sooo this is about fury and I

    So when I first met her I fell in love the first ride was pretty good but now that i've had her for awhile i've noticed our personalities clash a lot! She deffinately can do what I want her for but if we don't get along as a team then im not sure that will be any good.
    I love her to death but im starting to doubt that we will be able to compete as a true team.
    On top of it all im not sure if she will be able to be just a nice trail horse outside of the gymkhana ring. She can deffinately kick but in competition once trained but out on trails she acts like a psco horse with absolutely no training.. I have to one rein stop her every 5 steps she wont walk. When she trots she tries to canter when we canter she tries to gallop. I do alot of one rein stops and try to keep her attention but nothing seems to work with her I get blisters from trying to fight her on the trails. In the arena she's a whole different horse . Still jumpy and forward moving but more responsive even then we have a whole lot of clashes and recently she's picked up bucking. I do ground work with her before every ride but still she is extremly pushy when leading but in a arena again she's completely different. I don't know what to do anymore.
    I'm starting to doubt that I made the right desicion or that I jsut jumped into it to early before trying her out more.
    I know its my fault for not doing more research on her but she honestly has done a transformation from the day I met her she was easy to control there veyr forward but controllable
    Here I dread going to ride her because its never relaxed its always a fight
    I duno what to do
    If anyone has any advice it would be great.. if not I might just have to find her a home with someone she can get along with better ..maybe an endurance home...
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        07-14-2010, 03:55 AM
    Green Broke
    I've been told by many people that it takes about a year for a real connection to form - and its generally true. It takes about a year for a real solid understanding to develop.

    I think virtually all horses can be used for trail and competition. Whether in the ring or on the trail the horse should be calm and controllable. You just have to give it more work.

    If you really don't think she's the right horse then by all means consider selling her but be aware each horse will come with its own set of problems and with each horse it will take a fair bit of time to get that real relationship.
        07-14-2010, 04:13 AM
    Green Broke
    Saskia- oh I kno. Out on the trail she is a wreck she wont walk wont stop wont turn..unless of course I go completely 'hulk' on her face because outside of the yard leg aids are non existant no matter how much I work on them in and out of the arena she just goes faster (say I put my right leg on her and my left leg is not even close to touching her she doesnt turn she accelerates) in the arena she's very good with her leg aids

    And I understand what you mean about every horse but im just considering the fact that shemay not be the horse for me.. she's a bit small and she's needs LOADS of work that im not sure I have the time for its in the 100s here till about 6:30 7 and then I only have about an hour to do what I need to and I don't drive yet so I don't always have a sure way there so that's also another thing im considering is the time to pretty much retrain her. Im not totally giving up on her just doubtful

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