Fallen off and feeling low

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Fallen off and feeling low

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        08-16-2010, 05:05 PM
    Unhappy Fallen off and feeling low

    Ok I have been riding for 4 years almost 5 and have fallen off 4 times.
    The first time was in my first year of riding and I got bucked off and still don't know why the horse bucked.
    But in the space of about 3-4 months I've fallen off 3 times and I fell off the 4th time yesterday and I feel kinda low now.

    I know what I did wrong and why I fell. The 2nd time I just wasn't concentrating that well and was cuaght by suprise when I jumped and kinda just slid-off mid jump.
    The 3rd time It was the first time I had ever cantered stirrupless and I got nervous lifted my leg and slid off the side, and when I landed I thought Id broken my pelvis because of how much it hurt. I got back on and tried cantering stirrupless again and managed to do it but I haven done it for 2 weeks now and still feel nervous about it. I was riding a new, taller, horse too so that's why it hurt
    The 4th time ,yesterday, I was riding another new horse who was about 16 hands and I was told he wasn't very keen on jumping. We managed to do a couple of 2"6 jumps but then on like the 3rd jump, I knew he wasn't going fast enough, he refused the jump and I managed to do a front flip right into the middle of the jump. I tryed it again afterwards and managed to do it.

    I know exactly what I did wrong on all 3 falls and I got back on immediately but I still feel kinda low because the 3rd fall I had about 2 weeks ago then another one yesterday and I feel really bad about it

    Any tips on how I can get my confidence back?
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        08-16-2010, 05:11 PM
    Don't get too down on yourself. In every fall there is a lesson to be learned. The more falls you have, the faster you learn. If you make safe, easy choices, you wont learn. You will be able to ride safe, easy horses. If you want to ride and train some day, you need to learn lessons. Lessons like speed on approach...cantering stirrupless....that riding requires concentration....and how to stick out a buck. Each fall is a piece to the puzzle. If you switch your way of thinking, it makes getting in the saddle that much easier.

    Ofcourse you shouldn't put yourself in harms way. Be safe before anything else. There are lessons to learn that you can't read in a book or have someone explain to you. If someone asked me how to sit out a buck...I couldnt *tell* them. Its something I have learned in quite a few falls of my own.

    If your confidence has really taken a knock...tell your instructor that you need to slow your progress til your confidence catches up. Sometimes you have to kick pride to the curb for your own wellbeing.
        08-16-2010, 05:19 PM
    It's not the riding im not confident about it's that I've had 2 falls in the space of 2 weeks
        08-16-2010, 08:18 PM
    I fell twice in two days and both of them were when the horse was standing still. The first time, I was getting off and leaned too far over the saddle to pull out my other foot and flipped over the side. The next day, I was using my stepstool to get on and overlaunched myself. I fell right infront of a few girls at the barn but laughed it off and got back on. It happens to us all.
        08-16-2010, 08:42 PM
    It does happen to us all. I have come off numerous times in one day before. Like Corino said, it is all a part of learning. You can become a good rider if you never fall off, but you cannot become a great rider unless you fall many times. That's how I learned to never post the trot on a greenie, always keep one rein shorter, and don't put my weight on my feet. Each of those very important lessons was learned when I hit the ground. Don't get down, you know what you did wrong, now you know what to work on and correct. That will make you a better rider. It is hard sometimes not to get discouraged, but keep in mind that you will be a better horseman for it.
        08-16-2010, 09:04 PM
    I have no idea how many times I've hit the ground. . . A few are especially memorable, most were my fault, and unfortunately, it is part of the learning process. Hang in there!
        08-17-2010, 09:00 PM
    Originally Posted by myQHpaul    
    The next day, I was using my stepstool to get on and overlaunched myself. I fell right infront of a few girls at the barn but laughed it off and got back on. It happens to us all.
    Lol I've done that one too! All you can do is laugh. =)
    Brit~don't take it too hard. I quit keeping count years ago. Sometimes you make mistakes and sometimes it's just the way things happen.
    For example, I got bucked off just this past Sunday. I was riding with my mom on a horse I don't usually ride. We're trottin' along-no big deal-right? Haha wrong! Mom was in front of me and heard me go, "what are you doin?!" She turned around and saw me on the ground. I looked at her and laughed. What else is there to do?
    Bottom line-it happens. That's why the expression goes-you get right back on. Don't feel too bad about it. Just get back on

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