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farrier rant - long

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        08-09-2008, 09:24 AM
    Green Broke
    farrier rant - long

    <begin rant>
    Ok, Boo (saddlebred) has two cysts in his navicular bone; he is shod like a navicular QH to help alieviate (sp?) pressure ( I really want to get him barefoot, but we have no barefoot people around here) - so he has the round shoe with a 2 degree wedge...

    Well 2 WEEKS ago, I noticed that Boo's foot was outgrowing the shoe - hard to explain, but I know you know what I mean. Called the farrier - said he would be out that same week, no problem at all. Made sure to tell the farrier that horse was not going 100% sound...

    So yesterday - - 2 WEEKS later, Boo throws the shoe (of course) - and wears down his shaley little foot to a blessed nub. Call the farrier (8th time in two weeks; 4th message in two weeks) to tell him that we had no shoe....of course no answer (again).

    Spent yesterday afternoon in a shear panic trying to find a farrier who can tack on the shoe...was worried that Boo had changed the angle of his foot by not having the wedge and wearing down all of that foot (at least a solid inch). Found a farrier that would put the shoe on today. Then was in a panic for the rest of the evening and through the night thinking that by having "tack on shoe guy" reset the shoe, My farrier would have an ego trip and outright quit coming (egos and farriers...UGH!)

    This morning woke up, still stressed, decided to call my farrier from my home phone (does not know number) - no answer - did not leave message. NOT 5 MINUTES LATER the dude calls me back I'm pretty sure I guilt tripped him into coming out later today, but WHY THE DRAMA? (and why didn't I do that earlier?)
    <end rant>

    Ok, now that i've got that out :) I really like my farrier. He does a really good job at diagnosing things, takes his time to explain the whole process to me, and helped me get a world class vet to diagnose Boo with his cysts at a tiny fraction of usual cost. I have been using him for 5 years...he is hands down the best farrier in the area - period. That said, there is no real option to "switch" and I don't know that I'd want to...I just wish he was better about calling people back...and following through on emergency commitments.

    Now if you've read all that, please have a cookie or two (unless you're in the riders weight support group, then please have some fresh fruit or a rice cake :) )
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        08-12-2008, 03:35 PM
    I read all that! Woo hoo! Cookie for me! :)

    I definitely sympathize with you!!! I got my mustang in January, he's my first horse, so I've never had to deal with farriers before. Got referred to one, and she came out, did a great job, really helpful and informative, told me to call her in about four weeks.
    So I did.
    And she didn't answer so I left a message.
    And then I waited a week, and Rowan's hooves were lookin' pretty long, so I called AGAIN and left another message.
    The farrier called me back right away, said she was coming out that afternoon (quick scramble for the car, drive to the in-law's).
    Come to find out she couldn't remember who I was so she thought I was one of those people who leave their horse alone all year, then call up and expect the farrier to drop all her regular customers and go see them. Lol. I was like, um, no...you told me to call you...lol! She was pretty sheepish....;) But now I know why I was getting ignored....haha!
        08-14-2008, 04:23 PM
    I think alot of farriers get very full of themselves when they get to be in high demand, then again most people do. But since its hard to find a good farrier and they know it..... they hold the cards in most situations.
        08-14-2008, 04:45 PM
    Just like Surgeons just because they are good at their job doesnt mean they have people skills.Just as any business person should-you should have had a call back immediatly especially since your animals health depends on them

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