first job here i come!

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first job here i come!

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        04-02-2010, 09:09 PM
    Exclamation first job here i come!

    Ok, i'm sure we all know that horses are down right expensive. Im 15 years old, and pretty much rely on my parents to pay the bills. I work weekends for my trainer to work of lessons, but thers always board, tack, vet, farrier, and show entry's to pay for. At the moment my parents unhappily pay all that ( thank god), but im getting a bit older now, and my parents aren't going to do all this forever.

    Therefore. I need a job. I had a short summer job at a retail store. And I know that's not where I want to go. Im not much of a people person so waiter isn't for me. I don't do fast food.....

    I would like to work at the stables, but theres a relativly long story why im not working at the closest stables. So inorder to work at one, my parents would have to again, drive me 45 min. To another stables.

    My one talent is I won't argue. If you tell me to sit at a desk and stamp 1000 letters. I will with no question. However, im not the type that can just go to work randomly.

    So what was your first job? I need some ideas before my parents stop the cash flow!
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        04-02-2010, 09:24 PM
    I do odd jobs at a dentist office. Its random, but maybe its something you should look into. Its an amazing first job and I've been very lucky. Also I've been able to earn a bit of money online, you can PM me if you want details :) Also I've been babysitting forever, its a fantastic way to earn money and its really fun.
        04-02-2010, 09:28 PM
    First of all, don't put limits on what kind of job you will do. You're a teenager, so don't expect to be a manager. I'm sure your parents wouldn't drive you that far just for a job either. If you're so non-argumentative, then you should be able to manage in a waiting job or fast food industry.

    I'm not trying to sound harsh, but its your first job, don't be fussy. Its just work, you go to work, work hard, earn your money and leave. Money is money. And honestly the fast food industry is fun to work in as your first job.
        04-02-2010, 09:37 PM
    My first job was as a cashier at a supermarket. It months? I was 16 going on 17....then I had a little period of unemployment, and then got another job as a telemarketer. That lasted just a little bit longer than six months. Another little period of unemployment, and then I got a job working at a kennel. Now I'm in another period of unemployment, and I'm about to get a job at Subway....

    But, I'm also working at my boarding stable working off most of my board for my TB. Its quite nice.
        04-02-2010, 11:24 PM
    My first (and current job) is at a 'Wired Monk' a coffee shop "chain" in Canada. It's not like Star Bucks or other chains, and it's actually very personal, hard work, and a bit... higher end, I guess you could say.
    I had NO other work experience, my first ever job interview and I'm the youngest one there.
    I was VERY lucky, and if I didn't get that job I was prepared to get a job at the fast food place near my house, don't be so picky.

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