Former owner suddenly wants him back.

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Former owner suddenly wants him back.

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    04-04-2010, 01:56 AM
Former owner suddenly wants him back.


Well this is just annoying.

We got an email today from Pickles' former owner demanding him back. According to her, the terms of the contract "have not been met" therefore she has "folded" the agreement. She wants his registration papers, etc.. returned immedietly.

She handed him over for $100. Yes, we were wise enough to have a bill of sale, signed by both parties. "Terms" were clearly written -- she can see him, from the road, with our permission for up to one year (because we were feeling just a teensy bit sorry for her...shouldn't have even given her that much leeway.)

So she shows up a week ago when we're not there, without us knowing, and learns from BO that we're moving him to a professional barn where we can get one on one consultations and help from a very successful and knowledgeable trainer, as well as access to the proper facilities (arenas, round pen, lessons and professionals available on the spot, etc..) Location was not disclosed to her at that time. Apparently, this is what set her off. let me get this straight. The horse was a 2.5 on the body condition scale according to the vet. He had worn a deep path in the little corral she kept him isolated in from his ceaseless pacing. Neighbors were constantly asking if they could feed him for them, but she seemed too proud to say yes. We have been told there were times when he had absolutely no access to water. She told us all she ever did was toss a small amount of hay over the fence twice a day -- this was the extent of her interaction.

A month with us...he is just about returned to a normal weight, sans some muscling. Hasn't paced once. We have spent quite a lot in vet and farrier fees...and both people, by the way, agreed he was neglected. He gets proper amounts of high quality grass alfalfa mix, expensive supplements, regular excersise and grooming, tack that actually fits along with high-tec boots and pads in preparation for his re-entry into riding. Farrier and vet agree he will need corrective shoeing on his backs...a result of her neglect...which, omg, we will actually pay for! Happily!!

And now...she demands him back? How dare she. She admitted to us that if we didn't take him home that day, she was going to send him to the auction house within a week.

I know there isn't anything legal she can do. We have the signed bill of sale, receipts, and his papers are in our name. I just can't believe she has the absolute gall to send us a snotty little threatening email that we need to give her back the animal she neglected for so long. I freaking stood in the noisy, rattling, bumpy, frightening as **** trailer with him on the ride over to the trainer's place, because he was starting to freak out so much that he needed someone there to gently wax and wane pressure on the leadrope and provide a soothing presence. Longest three miles of my life!! But I did it because I fricking love this old man. I have already put so many hours into him...just helping him learn how to become a good citizen. This horse has mental issues we are slowly overcoming...I KNOW he will turn out just fine, but there is no way he will ever, ever go back to that woman's hands.

She SOLD him to us, signed him over, bill of sale and all, we have witnesses and everything. All because we happen to MOVE him without her permission (which, by the way, we don't need because he is OURS!), and she can't learn to move on with her life and let go of the horse who was slowly starving to death under her "care"!

ACH. Some people!
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    04-04-2010, 07:34 AM
She has nothing, court wise. This is why I hate some people. If she keeps harassing you I would get a restraining order.
    04-04-2010, 07:50 AM
Now he's looking good, she wants him back. Shame on her!
I would send her an email back reminding her of the bill of sale, and tell her to stop sending emails, and formaly warn her not to set foot on your property or you will have a trespass notice set against her (for your property and the "new facility) Keep a copy of your email, and the one she will probably send back so every thing is documented just incase she turns nutty.
I new a girl like this lady, she stole her horse back!
Don't want to worry you, but some people are CRAZY.
    04-04-2010, 07:59 AM
I would get all my docs together, including the vet report when you got her, and everything else you can think of. It's not that she has a legal right to the horse but you never know how these things go.

I would send a letter, certified if you think it's necessary, telling her that there has been no breech in your contract and that anything further needs to go through legal channels. As White Foot suggested, it may come down to a restraining order.

In any case, I would certainly make sure the BO in both barns, and any help know of the situation. You never know when someone like this will show up with a trailer and claim ownership or that she is moving the horse for you.
    04-04-2010, 08:06 AM
Dont humour her,just tell her to do one
    04-04-2010, 11:24 AM
Thanks for replying...really needed to let off steam last night. I couldn't believe it!

Everything is already located in a folder. Fortunately she doesn't know where the new place is, but I'll alert the BO there just in case -- it certainly did occur to me that she might try to steal him back. The old BO has told us she will not be allowed on the property where Lilly is staying at the moment.

An email was sent in reply stating the cold hard facts. This horse was starving and lacking medical attention, and there was no way we would return him to her. She was reminded that no "terms" had been broken and we were fully in the right, and that we would not respond to any further attempts at communication. Basically told her to p*** off.

The few times I met this lady, she was crazy and acted very unstable, and her husband was downright creepy. So every precaution will be taken. If she continues to harrass us, we will certainly take the next steps in getting a restraining order or something of the like.

Yeah...the horse is at a normal weight and is well on his way to becoming sound again after who knows how long, and she shows up rudely threatening us with legal action unless we give him back. We'll see how much good that does her. I have no sympathy for the woman, no matter how long she had had him...she lost moral rights to this animal the minute she started to let him starve, and legal ones as well when she signed that bill.

And her main reason for giving him up? Couldn't afford him. I understand that...and there are rescues and places that would've taken him...heck, the neighbors even offered to feed him for free!! So a month later she can suddenly afford a horse again, when even just a week ago she told the BO they were still having major financial issues??!

What is with all these crazy horse people in this darn state! The only honest one was Lilly's former owner and even she neglected to tell us that this mare had been bred five months earlier, the exact details of which are still in the dark. *headdesk* I think we need to become a family of hermit recluses deep in the hills on some other planet...if only to be spared from this silly drama!
    04-04-2010, 11:57 AM
Gotta love people like her, they make this world interesting eh? She sounds like a whacko!

I would be making sure that lady wouldn't beable to step foot on the property of where your horse currently is, and ensure that the psycho has no ability to beable to harm, steal, effect your horse in any way.
    04-04-2010, 10:24 PM
Nice. That would piss me off too. I would just email her saying,He's my horse stay away from him!
    04-04-2010, 11:04 PM
Green Broke
I think you are handling things quite well, good for you.
    04-05-2010, 12:57 AM
Thank you...getting this email was just the last straw on what has been a stressful few weeks. But this is what this forum is good I can irritate all of you with my horse-related rantings and not my decidedly non-horsey friends. ;)
If we happen to get a lawyer's letter (as I doubt, since taking us to court would cost her quite a bit of money), I will be all too happy to show up. She hasn't a foot to stand on.

Alternating month ago and recent/today...

He always has to be getting into something.

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