Friday coffee and bagles,,,

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Friday coffee and bagles,,,

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        08-29-2008, 06:14 AM
    Friday coffee and bagles,,,

    Good morning all. Happy Friday

    Never got a chance to post on the Thursday thread, and to tell the truth 1/2 the time I can't find the morning howdy thread. I'm always looking for it in Non-horsey threads.

    Spyder, loved your coffee poem! I stole it too. My siggie was shamelessly stolen from BrokenA, so what do ya expect? LOL

    Coffee is hot and fresh, bagels poppin' out of the toaster... your choice of cream cheese, honey, butter, and or blueberry jam.

    Got so much paperwork done yesterday.... have a couple sick animals to look at this morning.... they weighed pretty heavily on my mind last night. More in the duh, wut? Thoughts than flat out worry.

    Dreamed last night I was at MsEddi's house ( she is 1400 miles from my place) playing cribbage with her badself and Athena's Handmaiden. I dreamed she had a German Shep who sat right next to me, and kept slapping a big Frito smelling paw on my thigh, saying " Hey! Why did you stop petting me! Pet me more right now!"
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        08-29-2008, 09:16 AM
    Coffee smells good I am up for a cream cheese!!! My german shepherd smells like a dead bull frog-mower hit one and natch she rolled in it=a frito smelling dog would be really nice!
    Hope your animals feel better and thanks for breakfast-thats as close as I am going to get to food today
    Happy lobg weekend
        08-29-2008, 09:39 AM
    I missed the smell of coffee waking me up this morning - at least is was still hot (I set it up the nite before so it's waiting for me). I overslept and didn't get up until about 6:30 - "hey - where's my morning feed?!".

    I haven't had a real bagel since I left NY; they were decent in PA but worthless in SC - good lord, what is a yankee Italian Catholic doing in the Bible Belt?

    Well the horses, ducks, cats, and dog are all fed, I had my shower and breakfast, now it's time to saddle up for some exercise before getting to work (I work from home!).

    Great weekend coming up! Happy Labor Day everyone!!
        08-29-2008, 09:45 AM
    Super Moderator
    *yawn* My kittens have fleas... but they are too little so... I don't know what to do....

    My collie needs a good grooming but that's so much work...

    My hound rolled in poop... my paddock is flooded... I need pine shavings and alfalfa

    I'm really tired... why are there never any good movies out anymore? Are there no imaginiative writers out there anymore? I need to watch a life time movie I geuss.. there arent even any good books out there anymore...

    Why can't I find jeans that fit? Why does my butt keep growing and WHY is my hair always flat???

    Good morning......
        08-29-2008, 10:12 AM
    Oh farmpony-hope your day gets better and get those feas off your kittens! It does kind of feel like another monday hmmmm that is 5 mondays in a row- NO FAIR
        08-29-2008, 10:28 AM
    Green Broke

    Have to pick up oldest daughter's friend in a couple of hours. Yep, it's a sleepover. School starts again next Tues. And I'm kind of sad about it. I actually enjoy being home with the kids and my youngest will be in school full time this year. Whatever shall I do with myself...oh yeah, I'm going to be watching a bratty little boy half days. Having three girls I don't quite know what to do with a boy. I can just put him to work cleaning horse poop, right?

    Farmpony, chocolate makes everything better.
        08-29-2008, 10:38 AM
    Oh dear missed the coffee. Always the last to the table, guess I'll have the juice and some eggs. My chickens have been working overtime anyway.
    I left the water running in the garden last night. One less thing I will have to do today or for the next week for that matter Hubby said the side yard is a swamp
        08-29-2008, 12:24 PM
    Good Morning new friends!
    I am drinking the coffee and it is goooood.Took my freshman to his first of the day FB pratice, need to pick him up in a bit and stop by the feed store.
    Fed all the critters,horses,emus,chickens and ducks.
    I just bought flea drops for the cats and dogs yesterday, whew $$ and I threw in a bottle of MTG, can't wait to try that on the appy.(mane).
    Our kids start school on tues too.And that's back to work for me too, Im a schoolbus driver and lunch lady.Then I'll have no time to ride!Especially when it gets dark at 5 in the winter.I will live for weekends!
    Well hope everyone has a safe weekend and hope you get to ride.Have to scram for now.
        08-29-2008, 12:35 PM
    Green Broke
    Originally Posted by booner
    Especially when it gets dark at 5 in the winter.
    Ooh, I'm soo dreading that. :roll:
        08-29-2008, 02:12 PM
    Super Moderator
    Vet said use dawn dish detergent on the kittens... bought flea dip for the dogs... Booner you are not kidding! $$$$

    Watching stupid lifetime movie... not fun one... stupid murdering husband one...

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