Had an interesting ride today.

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Had an interesting ride today.

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        08-08-2011, 09:29 PM
    Had an interesting ride today.

    Today was my first ride in two weeks, I had been on vacation. My trainer was riding my horse every few days while I was gone, he rode her Saturday, and apparently she was AMAZING.

    I get on, and I'm a bit wobbly for the first few minutes, but then it snapped back. I wasn't in a lesson, I was just riding around. Well, once I started riding properly, Sasha was awesome and responsive, and when I cantered her, it was amazing. She was quiet, but had impulsion, and was really really good. Well, the beginner trainer at my barn was teaching so I asked if I could pop Sasha over a few jumps. I'm allowed to jump 2' and under if an adult is around and gives permission.

    So I pop her over a few crossrails, she's being really really good, just getting a touch quick at times, but a small half halt made her come right back.

    So I decide to do a little line. There's a 4, 5 stride diagonal line set up. The first jump is a crossrail, the second is a little box that I have done a million times. I go through the line, she's pulling a little bit, but not too terribly. She lands, and the beginner the trainer was teaching was on the rail, so I just cantered her to the inside. Well Sasha starts throwing her head around and bouncing, and I lost my balance. She hopped sideways and I got my balance back, but then I don't know what happened. I was still a little off in my riding I guess, and I just flew off her. My friend was taping me on her phone. I just flew out five feet and hit the ground really hard. Sasha stops, what a good girl, but I had the wind knocked out of me really hard. I couldn't breathe no matter what I did, and I couldn't stop moaning. I tried, but I couldn't stop moaning. I was rolling around on the ground, curling over, sitting up, everything I could to try and get my breathe back.

    The beginner trainer runs over and unsnaps my helmet and has me lie on the ground. Eventually, I could manage a breathe or two, and then I managed to breathe normally. It was awful. I have had worse pain from a fall, but this fall really scared me. I don't know why. Probably because I never just lose my balance like that, it's always some epic dirty stop, or a giant buck, or the horse suddenly decides to spin around. Plus, I couldn't breathe. I've had the wind knocked out of me countless times, but never for so long. I never felt so hopeless just lying there unable to breathe. Trying to breathe in and you just...can't. I haven't really had an actual fall in a year and a half. I had one saddle slip that I just kind of went *splat* and got right back up, and I've fallen and landed on my feet twice, but I haven't had a fall in a while. Last time I fell fell before this, I was thrown into a wall and smacked down on the ground really hard on my back and got the wind knocked out of me. Very similar feeling to this fall, and I was hurting for a few weeks after that fall, so maybe that's why this fall scared me so much. I was nervous for a month after that fall, and this fall had a lot of the same elements. I honestly can't figure out why I can't get over this fall already.

    I'm okay now, a little sore on my side and my neck, but fine. I literally ate dirt, I got it all down my back and over every inch of me. I pulled my gloves off and there was a line where the dirt ended. No, it wasn't a tan line. I just got back from a vacation that rid me of anything but a bikini tan line!

    I got back on and did another jump. She was so so perfect to it and after, it was the best jump of the day, that I let the line go. I have a lesson tomorrow, I'll do it then with my trainer.

    Alright. My whining is over now. ;)

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